WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies

WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

WYLD is one of the nation’s most well-known producers of both CBD and THC gummies. Distinguished by both the quality of the gummies they produce and the distinctive shape of the boxes these gummies come in, WYLD has gained product placement in dispensaries throughout California and beyond. Recently, we had a chance to try the marionberry-flavored THC-rich gummies that WYLD produces, and we were thoroughly impressed with the results.


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  • 10 mg per gummy


Convenience: 4/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 4/5
Effects: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 4.4








Head High Medium

Body High Medium


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We give the WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies an overall score of 4.4 out of 5 due to the delicious flavor, impressive effects, and low price of these convenient THC edibles.


Flavor Profile

Marionberry has a unique taste that’s both mild and very sweet. While marionberries can be somewhat tart, they’re nowhere near as tart as strawberries. Instead, these berries are primarily sweet with slightly sour undertones.

We felt that the WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies effectively mimicked the flavor of fresh marionberries. WYLD only goes so far as to say that it uses “natural flavoring” to flavor it’s gummies, so we aren’t sure exactly where this flavoring comes from. Anyone who has ever tried fresh, purple marionberries, however, would say that these gummies are a good match.

If you haven’t tried marionberries, you’d say that the taste of WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies most closely resembles the flavor of blackberries. As we chewed our gummies, we felt that they melted in our mouth, and there was no strong cannabis taste before, during, or after chewing.

Activation Time

As with all THC or CBD edibles, the effects of our WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies took around 30 minutes to set in. Once we started feeling the effects of our gummies, they lasted for around two hours

Each WYLD gummy contains 10mg of THC, which is a relatively low dose. We ate three gummies at first, and the effects were relatively mild. With the next dose, we ate five gummies, and the effects were much more notable. Regardless of how many gummies we consumed at once, however, the activation time of our WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies remained the same.

The effects of the gummies completely wore off within around 3 hours.

Since WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies are enhanced with indica terpenes, these edibles have significantly relaxing effects. Since edibles, in general, have relatively low bioavailability, we didn’t experience any significant couch lock or any of the more overwhelming effects of intense indica highs.

Let’s summarize the activation time and primary effects of the WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies we tried:

  • Did not stick to our teeth
  • No strong cannabis taste
  • Effects set in within 30 minutes
  • Effects lasted around 2 hours
  • Reasonably strong indica effects with no couch lock

About the Product

Based in Portland, Oregon, WYLD is a CBD and THC company with a national reach. This brand started producing THC edibles to enhance the experience of enjoying the great outdoors, and WYLD remains true to its philosophy of producing high-quality products that accentuate the high points in life.

Expanding its THC line to also offer CBD and CBN products, WYLD also recently launched a line of THC-infused chocolates. This brand’s Marionberry THC Gummies are one of WYLD’s original products, and they remain a favorite in dispensaries in Oregon, California, Washington, and beyond.

WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies contain simple, natural ingredients like gelatin, coconut oil, and tapioca syrup. In fact, the only less-than-natural ingredient we could find in these gummies was citric acid, which is used as a preservative. While “citric acid” is simply the chemical name of vitamin C, this substance is usually made in a lab when it’s used as a preservative.

Here are a few product highlights:

  • Eco-conscious, sustainable Portland company
  • Wide range of accompanying products
  • Simple, natural ingredients
  • Impressive effects
  • $20 per box of gummies

Target Audience

WYLD has branded its line of gummies to appeal to a younger audience of outdoors enthusiasts, but in reality, these gummies are appropriate for any adult. With unique, convenient packaging and reasonably low doses of THC per gummy, it’s easy to take your WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies with you and enjoy controlled THC experiences anywhere you like. THC users who plan on enjoying outdoor activities or getting work done, however, should be cautioned about the indica effects of these gummies, which can be relatively sedating.

Best Dosage

We found that the best dosage for WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies was 3-5 gummies. This dosage is ideal for experienced THC users, and novices to cannabis should stick with 1-2 gummies the first time they chow down. Given how delicious these berry-flavored gummies are, however, you might not want to put them down.

  • BatteryExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • After 1 YearExceptional
  • Charge TimeExceptional
  • ExperienceExceptional
WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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100mg THC

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35 minutes

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WYLD Marionberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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