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WYLD CBD was founded in 2015, fast becoming Oregon’s leading cannabis edible brand. Not long after their THC range became so popular, they also turned their attention to CBD. WYLD CBD soda and CBD gummies took Portland by storm and rapid expansion, backed by high-quality CBD and practices, was inevitable.

All WYLD CBD products contain broad-spectrum CBD and are THC free, meaning you get high-quality CBD without any psychoactive effects. Broad-spectrum CBD benefits from the Entourage Effect, where the inclusion of a wider range of cannabinoids, and their ability to work together, may actually increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

WYLD produces some of the best CBD gummies available, and their CBD soda is well-loved as well But why use CBD edibles? Well, their activation time may be longer, but the effects usually last for far longer than vaping CBD. CBD gummies are also easier to dose accurately with. Every WYLD CBD product comes with a full 3rd party lab Certificate of Authenticity, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and how much.

WYLD has spent the past few years honing their flavors, and the results speak for themselves. Their consistency and an unwavering pursuit of high-quality CBD edibles have planted WYLD squarely at the top of the CBD edible market, and we’re excited to see if it lives up to the hype. Check out the video below to see the products in action, and carry on reading for our WYLD CBD review.


WYLD CBD Gummies

Each WYLD CBD gummy contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, with the option to purchase either 10 or 20 gummies per bottle. There are four flavors to choose from- Blackberry, Huckleberry, Lemon, and Raspberry. There’s also an option to buy all four in a CBD gummy bundle which offers a solid 25% discount. So far, so good- there is a decent variety, with competitive pricing.


Our favorite flavor is Huckleberry- it’s tart, slightly sour flavor profile works well with the CBD and the all-natural real fruit flavoring makes it a healthy alternative to candy. This isn’t to say that the other flavors aren’t also brilliant- these CBD gummies have something for everyone.

Customer reviews back this up- across the internet, WYLD is getting a lot of love for these tasty CBD snacks. As one customer puts it: ‘We love these gummies!! They taste great and work even better.’ We couldn’t agree more. They take a while to take effect, but when they do, you know you’ve bought the right CBD gummies. One reviewer even went so far as to call them ‘euphoric’-  ‘My body felt more relaxed, which almost felt like I was euphorically floating’.

High praise for a little CBD gummy, but it’s well earnt- whoever WYLD employs to create these flavors needs a raise. The vegan-friendly pectin gives these gummies a perfect texture that is just chewy enough, without the need to pick sticky bits out from your teeth for hours after.

Overall, WYLD CBD gummies are a strong product from a strong brand, loved by its customers. The 3rd party lab results show a premium, broad-spectrum CBD being used to great effect, and your tastebuds will love every bite. These are some of the best CBD gummies we’ve tried, and we’ve tried a lot!


WYLD CBD Sparkling Water

Each WYLD CBD Sparkling water comes with 25mg broad-spectrum CBD in a 12 fl oz can, available in 4, 12, and 24 packs. The 4 flavors are all fruit-based- Lemon, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Blood Orange. 

Blood Orange is definitely our favorite, giving a refreshing, citrusy hit with each mouthful. The raspberry flavor is a close second, with a light, fruity taste. Lemon and blackberry are also both great tasting CBD soda’s, and we’re sure some of you will find your own tastes put these at the top of your list. 

Just like the gummies, each CBD sparkling water is infused with real fruit. These two CBD edible products work well together, giving you a fruity CBD regime that can take care of your CBD needs throughout the day. The CBD sparkling water tastes best when chilled, making the flavors really stand out. 

As with any CBD edible, the effects come and go later than other methods. As these CBD drinks contain broad-spectrum CBD, WYLD has been able to take advantage of a whole host of beneficial cannabinoids. These sodas may look pretty, but there’s some serious science going on in the background. 

Market research shows the CBD market could be worth $22 billion by 2022, and CBD soda is a large part of this. Investments from big brands such as AB Inbev and Coca-Cola mean we should expect to see CBD drinks on shelves in greater amounts over the next few years, so WYLD is definitely backing the right horse. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing, naturally flavored CBD soda, WYLD CBD should be one of your top picks. They taste fantastic, work effectively, and contain high-quality broad-spectrum CBD. A definite thumbs up from us!


Final Thoughts

WYLD may have made their name with their amazing THC edibles, but that hasn’t stopped them from approaching the CBD edibles market with the same dedication to high-quality and full flavor.

This attention to detail is also apparent on their website, with a clean, minimalist interface that feels as calming as the CBD WYLD produces. They have a helpful FAQ for any queries about deliveries, and their customer support actively encourages feedback to help them improve. 

Every CBD product WYLD makes is vegan, made in the USA, independently tested, and THC free. Head over to their shop to see for yourself. Whether you love CBD gummies, are curious about CBD soda, or just love fruity treats, WYLD has what you need.

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