As you peruse the cannabis and hemp information we curate at Best Dosage, you might come across citations of the cannabis database AllBud. Learn more about AllBud, and find out why we consider this source to be reputable.

AllBud quick facts

  • Free for all users
  • Resource for cannabis patients seeking relief from their ailments
  • Features strain reviews and news
  • Annual revenue of $4.8 million

AllBud is one of the internet’s most abundant sources of strain reviews

AllBud is widely known as one of the best resources for detailed strain reviews. This site’s homepage consists almost entirely of attractive, close-up pictures of an endlessly scrolling list of reviewed strains.

Every strain listed on AllBud comes with a detailed description written by AllBud’s staff. These reviews include valuable information like:

  • Indica/Sativa ratios
  • Cannabinoid content
  • Effects
  • Appropriate conditions
  • Flavors
  • Aromas

Below all this information are user-generated reviews and a place to leave a review of your own. Many strains have dozens or even hundreds of reviews on AllBud. The popular strain Girl Scout Cookies, for instance, has received over 150 user-generated reviews.

AllBud is a great place to get an idea of what the general public thinks of a particular strain. It’s also a useful resource for looking up profiles on new or obscure strains that more authoritative sites like Leafly and Weedmaps haven’t gotten around to writing about yet.

Emphasis on review visuals

AllBud goes out of its way to make visuals a central component of its strain review structure. At first glance, the AllBud website is certainly visually striking. The homepage consists of a sea of multicolored, frosty buds.

What’s truly genius about AllBud is that users can submit their own pictures of particular strains. AllBud moderates these pictures and features the photos that best represent a particular strain.

Users can compare their strain pictures, building a sense of camaraderie (or, in the case of growers, competition). This feature differentiates AllBud from its competitors, which usually only have minimal bud shots in their strain dossiers.

Simple and intuitive strain review interface

The simplicity of the AllBud user interface is a breath of fresh air. Alternative cannabis info sites often feature cumbersome graphs or other non-photo visuals that dominate large portions of strain review pages.

Each AllBud review page, however, just features clearly delineated areas for:

  • A staff-written strain review
  • Some strain facts
  • An area where you can write your own review
  • A list of user-generated reviews
  • A gallery of strain pictures

As researchers, this format allows us to get in, get the data we need, and get out without any hassle. For cannabis consumers, each AllBud review page is like the Amazon page for that particular strain.

You learn everything you need to know about a strain, you get to see what other people think about it, and you get to engage with high-definition, user-generated pictures. AllBud isn’t the definitive source on the latest cannabis science, but it’s designed to help patients get their medicine as simply and easily as possible.

Impressive core principles

The AllBud “About” page details this site’s core principles. AllBud is intended to be easy to use, and it’s also supposed to be accurate and reliable.

AllBud emphasizes making its platform easy to use for mobile users, and the information AllBud delivers is intended to be rigorous. As a company primarily focused on delivering results to patients, AllBud is careful about the quality of its information.

Engaging user-generated review sections

User-generated reviews can be useful for a variety of purposes. They can be referenced in articles, they can provide product data, and they can inform you about the popularity of a product.

AllBud is, without a doubt, a definitive source for user-generated strain reviews. At a glance, it’s easy to see how many reviews a strain has, its overall score, and the number of reviews other users have posted.

You can click a button to view all of a strain’s reviews on a single page, creating a seemingly endless line of stars and text blurbs. AllBud isn’t the only place on the internet with user-generated strain reviews, but it’s one of the most popular and easiest to use.

Cannabis news and blog articles

AllBud regularly posts blog and news articles about a variety of different topics. These articles vary significantly in quality, but they’re often about obscure or interesting topics.

Some articles are well-sourced, making them useful places to find links to scientific studies. It’s possible to find articles by topics or search for particular articles by keyword.

Exhaustive scope of information

With a single search bar, users can search for strain reviews, dispensary reviews, doctor reviews, or ailment information. While centered around its strain review function, that’s hardly all there is to AllBud.

Easy signup for new users

As an AllBud user, you can leave your own reviews for strains and save strain information for later. We often save favorite strains that we want to write about later or peruse the other functions that become available to registered users.

Dispensary management for owners

Dispensary owners, doctors, and other cannabis professionals can claim and manage their business profiles at AllBud. This function allows cannabis professionals to interact with consumers and improves the cohesion of the cannabis community.

AllBud overall score

Within its niche, AllBud is unmatched. We give this cannabis information resource an overall score of 4.88 out of 5.

Authority: 4.7/5
Clarity: 4.9/5
Sourcing: 4.8/5
Topics: 5/5
Community: 5/5

AllBud isn’t a place you’d cite in an article about the scientifically proven benefits of a particular cannabinoid. It is, however, a great resource for accessing basic strain information, reading user-generated reviews, and checking out strain pictures.

The cannabis community benefits from the presence of AllBud. With an unrelenting focus on the medicinal properties of cannabis, AllBud helps patients connect with doctors and dispensaries to boost the healing potential of cannabis in communities around the country.