Blessed by its memorable name, Where’s Weed is still the app that many recreational and medical cannabis users pull up when they want to get the details on a new dispensary. At Best Dosage, we sometimes cite Where’s Weed when we’re writing about dispensaries and other cannabis-related topics.

Learn why we believe Where’s Weed is a reliable source of cannabis information.

Where’s Weed quick facts

1. Founded in 2011

2. Site officially launched in 2012

3. Based in Denver, Colorado

4. Excellent dispensary-finder

5. Robust, well-written blog

Highly successful dispensary finder app

The Where’s Weed platform is built around a zippy, informative dispensary finder app. For most dispensaries throughout the country, everything you could ever want to know is displayed in a simple, intuitive format.

Each dispensary page is separated into a Dashboard with basic info, an up-to-date Menu, ongoing and upcoming Deals, customer Reviews, and customer-uploaded Photos. It’s easy to switch to another nearby dispensary’s profile or find a new dispensary in a different area.

It’s true that Where’s Weed isn’t the only app you can use to find dispensaries near you. With WeedMaps being founded three years before Where’s Weed was even a company, it never was.

At the same time, Where’s Weed remains just as good as some of its larger competitors. Certain quirks of this dispensary info app provide it with an enduring place in the cannabis community. 

The definitive source of state-specific cannabis data

Some cannabis sites are relatively skimpy on their state-specific legalization information. The first thing you’ll see on the Where’s Weed homepage, however, is a big, green, clickable map.

Simply click or tap a state to be led to a lengthy, informative article about that state’s position on cannabis. You might have pulled up Where’s Weed just to find a good dispensary in a new town, but it often pays to learn more about cannabis law in your area.

Robust, informative blog

The Where’s Weed platform is primarily separated into a cannabis business finder, a database of state-specific cannabis law and culture information, and a blog. The Where’s Weed blog is a treasure trove of information on both run-of-the-mill and obscure cannabis topics.

Among guides to making cannabis cupcakes or writing an application for a dispensary license, you’ll also find the Where’s Weed blog to contain up-to-date information on the latest cannabis events, products, and legal updates.

We won’t lie. The Where’s Weed blog is essentially a souped-up version of well-curated cannabis or CBD brand’s blog. It’s not the core service of Where’s Weed, but this platform’s blog is nonetheless highly polished and informative.

Internet’s best source of dispensary reviews

Cannabis consumers go to Where’s Weed to rant and rave about dispensaries around the country. You can often learn a lot about a dispensary with even a cursory glance at its most recent reviews, and a more intensive search of Where’s Weed reviews is usually all you need to decide if a dispensary is worth visiting.

On both mobile and desktop, Where’s Weed dispensary reviews are easy to navigate, and you can sometimes find promising new dispensaries in your community just by browsing other users’ posts. Dispensaries are accountable to their Where’s Weed profiles; they have to closely monitor their presence on this platform to manage unflattering reviews and keep menus updated.

In essence, Where’s Weed is an early Colorado dispensary finder that has grown a few new appendages over the last decade or so. As people who used Where’s Weed back when this site’s mobile app first launched in 2014, we can say firsthand that the Where’s Weed dispensary review finder has also become a lot more polished and streamlined in recent years.

Reasonably robust strain dossiers

One of the new appendages that Where’s Weed has grown over the last few years is a promising strain finder. It may never aspire to the likes of WikiLeaf, but it’s nice that Where’s Weed now has an integrated function you can use to research strains without going off-site.

While it might be indirect evidence, the presence of new functions like this strain finder is one of the reasons we trust Where’s Weed as a source. Unlike some of its competitors, it doesn’t appear that Where’s Weed will ever land multi-million dollar venture capital deals, but it’s steadily climbing to success in its own way.

We respect that. We also respect the clear dedication to excellence that Where’s Weed displays in its user-generated content moderation and original content writing.

Exhaustive delivery and doctor information

Where’s Weed supports recreational and medical cannabis users equally. That’s why this site has a built-in doctor finder for people who want to take the medical cannabis route.

You can also use Where’s Weed to find out which dispensaries in your area deliver, whether they let you order online, and whether they’re open now. With delivery becoming an increasingly desired service among cannabis users, this additional functionality is undeniably useful. 

Where’s Weed overall score

Upon detailed analysis, we give Where’s Weed an overall score of 4.94 out of 5.

Authority: 4.9/5

Clarity: 5.0/5

Sourcing: 4.9/5

Topics: 4.9/5

Community: 5.0/5

It’s a bald fact that Where’s Weed hasn’t built up the same degree of gravitas as some of its more heavily funded competitors. This site’s content is clear and easy to navigate, however.

Where’s Weed content is almost always robustly sourced, but every once in a while, you might need to look up a study for yourself. This site’s dispensary reviews are well-moderated and informative.

Compared to some competitors, the Where’s Weed website doesn’t cover quite as wide an array of topics. With services that help medical cannabis patients find doctors and homestuck recreational cannabis users access delivery, Where’s Weed is an undeniable boon to the cannabis community.