Cannabis has been legal for recreational use in Nevada since 2017, beating even California to the punch. Visitors to Las Vegas who are over 21 years of age are used to discreetly lighting up their favorite cannabis products on their hotel room balconies, but are you sure you’re buying the best weed Las Vegas has to offer? Discover the best THC products to buy in Las Vegas, find out where to buy them, and get answers to all the most common weed in Las Vegas questions. 

Best THC products in Las Vegas

Plenty of the same cannabis products that are popular in California are also popular in neighboring Nevada. There are lots of cannabis products produced in the Silver State, though, that give California weed a run for its money. Let’s take a look at the six most popular THC brands you can find in Las Vegas dispensaries:


STIIIZY has rapidly become one of California’s favorite vape brands, but this multi-state operator also sells its fair share of vape cartridges in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Offering dependable quality for a reasonable price, STIIIZY isn’t quite the connoisseur choice, but it doesn’t need to be. In addition to vapes, STIIIZY also offers reliably mid-tier THC flower and pre-rolls.


Oregon-based Wyld has rapidly become one of the biggest national names in cannabis edibles. Sold in California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and Michigan, Wyld’s distinctive fruit-flavored THC gummies are widely available in Las Vegas dispensaries. In terms of ingredients, Wyld isn’t always our first choice, but it can’t be denied this brand makes delicious, effective weed edibles you can depend on whenever you’re in Vegas.

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters is known for its distinctively branded line of ultra-potency THC vapes, concentrates, pre-rolls, and tinctures. Based in California, Heavy Hitters products are also available throughout Nevada. If you’re looking for the most potent and delicious THC vaping experience available in Las Vegas, Heavy Hitters is the answer.

Nature’s Chemistry

Based in Las Vegas, Nature’s Chemistry is one of Nevada’s most notable cannabis producers. Sticking to the basics, Nature’s Chemistry only offers THC flower products, and this brand’s buds are simultaneously some of the dankest and most affordable nugs you can buy in Vegas.


FloraVega is another contender for the title of “best weed in Las Vegas.” This brand’s nugs might not be as high-end as those offered by competitor Nature’s Chemistry, but they’re often offered at better prices.

Swift Lifts

Multi-state THC operator Verano’s Swift Lifts have made their way to Vegas, and they’re among the best cannabis pre-rolls you can buy in Nevada. Offered in beloved strains like Gelato #33 and G-Wagon, a pack of Swift Lifts is just the type of cannabis product to get your hands on if you plan to entertain a small group in your hotel room.

Where to buy weed in Las Vegas

It’s hard to walk two blocks in Las Vegas these days without coming across a cannabis dispensary or two. Some recreational THC dispensaries in Las Vegas, though, are more popular and respected than others. Let’s take a look at the 3 best places you can buy weed in Las Vegas:

Planet 13

Open 24 hours and offering delivery between the hours of 9 AM and 12 AM, Planet 13, located at 2548 W Desert Inn Rd Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89109 is hands-down the easiest weed dispensary to shop at in Las Vegas. Featuring a wide selection of both local and out-of-state products, getting your hands on high-quality weed is easy whether you shop at Planet 13 online or in person.

Pisos Las Vegas

Pisos wins the contest of “best dispensary in Vegas” in terms of the sheer number of customer reviews. More than 28,000 people have reviewed Pisos on Google, and this dispensary has a further 20,000 reviews on WeedMaps. Pisos doesn’t offer delivery, but you can pick up online orders or shop in person at this dispensary’s spacious, convenient storefront found at 4110 S Maryland Pkwy #1, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary

Like Planet 13, Jardin now offers delivery in the Las Vegas area, and this popular dispensary might stock products local competitors do not. Offering an upscale, designer-esque cannabis shopping experience, Jardin is the place to buy weed when you’re visiting Vegas with someone who you want to impress. You can find Jardin at 2900 E Desert Inn Rd Suite #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121.

Weed in Las Vegas FAQ

1. Is weed legal in Las Vegas?

Yes, recreational cannabis is legal in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. You must be over 21 to purchase or possess cannabis in Nevada, and the state has imposed rules restricting the quantity of cannabis you can legally possess. Adult cannabis use is generally legal on private property with the permission of the owner.

2. Which Las Vegas weed laws should I know about?

In the state of Nevada, you can possess up to 1oz of cannabis flower at a time. Possessing any more than this amount of cannabis flower is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $600. You can gift up to an ounce of flower or up to 1/8oz of cannabis concentrate without any penalties, but transferring ownership of any larger quantities of cannabis without proper licensing is a felony punishable by anywhere between 1 year and lifetime imprisonment and a fine of $5,000 to $200,000 depending on the amount of cannabis trafficked.

You can grow up to 6 cannabis plants per person (maximum 12 per household) if you live more than 25 miles away from the nearest Nevada cannabis dispensary. Under any circumstances, growing more than 12 cannabis plants is a felony.

3. What is the best weed lounge Las Vegas?

Planet 13 isn’t satisfied with just being one of Nevada’s best dispensaries. This Vegas dispensary has also shared plans to open a cannabis consumption lounge sometime in 2022. At the moment, the Vegas Tasting Room claims to be the only cannabis consumption lounge currently in operation in Nevada.

4. What are the best weed-friendly hotels in Las Vegas?

Consuming cannabis in hotel rooms is not legal in Nevada. This law is not, however, commonly enforced, and many visitors to the city smoke cannabis on their hotel balconies, in designated tobacco smoking areas, or even openly on the street. Generally, any Vegas hotel that still allows cigarette smoking in rooms will look the other way when it comes to cannabis consumption, but remember that discretion is your friend.

5. Is there a THC-infused restaurant in Las Vegas?

The Vegas Tasting Room occasionally holds THC-infused culinary events, but we aren’t aware of any dedicated cannabis restaurants in Las Vegas. Even though it’s owned by Planet 13, the restaurant Trece only offers conventional food and alcoholic spirits.

6. Where do I find weed-infused food in Las Vegas?

We aren’t aware of any good sources of cannabis-infused food in Las Vegas. Most dispensaries sell edibles like gummies and chocolates though, which you can serve on the side with meals. Also, adults over 21 years of age are free to experiment with making their own THC edibles in Las Vegas.

7. Where can you smoke weed in Las Vegas?

You can smoke weed in Las Vegas on private property if you’ve received the permission of the property owner. Cannabis cannot be consumed publicly, and it is not technically legal to smoke cannabis in Vegas hotel rooms. If you’re caught consuming cannabis publicly in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada, you could be on the hook for a misdemeanor charge and a $600 fine.