After voters legalized adult THC use in 2020, recreational cannabis sales began in Arizona in January of 2021. Recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in Arizona will coexist for the foreseeable future, but getting your medical card in Arizona no longer offers significant benefits above and beyond the right to use cannabis every Arizona resident now has.

In this guide, familiarize yourself with the best THC products currently in Arizona, and discover the best places to buy weed in the Grand Canyon State. Then, we’ll finish up by answering common questions regarding weed in Arizona.

Best THC products in Arizona

A few well-known California brands have already made their way across the desert mountains into neighboring Arizona, and the state is also home to a handful of prospering home-grown cannabis producers. These are the best four brands to look for on Arizona dispensary shelves:


STIIIZY is one of California’s biggest names in vapes, and this brand was recently proud to announce its expansion into Arizona—STIIIZY’s fifth state. Every STIIIZY product we’ve tried has been excellent even if the brand usually falls something short of “connoisseur.”

Watch out for STIIIZY products on the shelves of Arizona dispensaries. In addition to vape cartridges, STIIIZY also offers awesome edibles, pre-rolls, and flower.

Mohave Cannabis Co.

Arizona natives Mohave Cannabis Co. are giving encroaching California weed giants a run for their money. Offering an excellent array of flowers, pre-rolls, and concentrates, Mohave is Arizona ingenuity at its best. This brand’s THC products are definitely in the “top-shelf” category.


Renowned throughout the Golden State and beyond for its delicious, low-price THC edibles, WYLD has now put down roots in Arizona. You can find WYLD products in most Arizona dispensaries, and examples of WYLD gummy flavors you can find in Arizona include Raspberry, Huckleberry, Marionberry, and Pomegranate. There aren’t many good edibles producers in Arizona right now aside from WYLD, so you’ll be stuck with this brand for the time being whether it’s your favorite or not.


Kiva Confections makes some of the world’s best THC chocolates, and you can now buy Kiva products in Arizona. There’s a lot more to Kiva than just weed chocolates, though.

This brand also makes some of the cleanest and best-tasting gummies around. Of special note are Kiva’s Lost Farm gummies, which contain live resin THC extract combined with all-natural ingredients. The only catch is that Kiva edibles are often a little bit more expensive than competing products.

Where to buy THC weed in Arizona

Unlike the case in neighboring California, weed delivery isn’t widespread in Arizona yet. A couple of dispensaries, most notably Nature’s Medicines in Phoenix, offer their own in-house delivery services but expect to get in the car if you want to buy weed in Arizona. Here are the best dispensaries to go to in Arizona’s 3 biggest cities:

Best dispensaries in Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the American West’s major metropolises, and the majority of Arizona’s dispensaries are located here. Some of the most popular cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix include Nirvana Center on N 35th Avenue, Bloom Dispensary Phoenix on 41st Place, and Harvest HOC of Phoenix on W Indian School Road. Each of these Phoenix, Arizona, dispensaries has received more than 2,000 reviews on Google Maps, and they have all managed to maintain a 4.5-star aggregate rating or higher.

Best dispensaries in Tucson

As the second-most-populous city in Arizona, Tucson is home to its fair share of popular cannabis dispensaries. Prime examples include Bloom Dispensary Tucson on N Oracle Road and Harvest HOC of Tucson on E Grant Road.

Both of these Phoenix-based dispensaries may have thriving branches in Tucson, but the city’s own Earth’s Healing South and North locations are even more popular. With over 5,000 5-star Google reviews between these two storefronts, Earth’s Healing is definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for good weed in Tucson.

Best dispensaries in Flagstaff

At nearly 7,000 feet up, Flagstaff doesn’t have the desert biome you expect from Arizona. Amid the sparse pines, you’ll find a few dispensaries setting up shop in this Northern Arizona resort town. One great example of a flourishing Flagstaff dispensary is High Mountain Health in the University Plaza shopping center, and competing GreenPharms Dispensary has also received quite a few positive customer reviews.

The big chains from Southern Arizona haven’t made their way this far north yet. But, as cannabis commerce in Arizona normalizes, expect to see a lot more “metropolitan” dispensaries in Flagstaff and surrounding towns.

Weed in Arizona FAQ

1. Is weed legal in Arizona?

Yes, both recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Arizona. Recreational cannabis law in Arizona is pretty lenient: Adults can grow cannabis in their homes and possess large quantities of cannabis flower and processed THC products. The recreational cannabis market in Arizona is still very new, though, so it will be a while until it’s comparable with the thriving legal weed economy in neighboring California.

2. Where are the dispensaries in Arizona?

Most dispensaries in Arizona are concentrated in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. There are also a few places to buy weed in smaller towns like Prescott and Taylor. Cannabis dispensaries are definitely not as plentiful yet in Arizona as they are in nearby states like California and Colorado.

3. Are weed prices high in Arizona?

No, weed is not particularly pricey in Arizona. You can get a decent eighth of THC flower for around $25 to $40, which is standard nationwide. Other product types are priced in similarly reasonable brackets, but of course, top-shelf weed costs more wherever you buy it.

4. What are the regulations for cannabis in Arizona?

Cannabis regulations in Arizona are pretty straightforward. Adults over 21 years of age can possess up to an ounce of cannabis flower and grow up to six plants at home. They can own up to 5g of cannabis concentrate at a time, and the same goes for edibles (counted by the milligrams of THC in the product). You can even legally give another adult up to an ounce of weed in Arizona—sharing is caring!

5. Can I smoke weed in the streets of Phoenix?

No, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public spaces in Phoenix or anywhere else in the state of Arizona. If you decide to smoke THC outdoors in Phoenix, discretion is your friend. Plus, have you ever heard of these things called balconies? 

6. What happens if you get caught with weed in Arizona?

The penalties for most types of cannabis infractions in Arizona are very mild. If you are caught with up to 2.5 ounces of weed (two-and-a-half times the legal limit), you might have to pay a $300 fine. The amount you pay goes up from there, and Arizona doesn’t take kindly to illegal marijuana trafficking. Average cannabis users, though, have little to fear when lighting up in the Grand Canyon state in 2022 and beyond.

7. Can you go to jail for weed in Arizona?

Yes, you can go to jail for cannabis-related crimes in Arizona, but only if you possess enormous amounts of cannabis or manufacture and traffic THC products illegally. Otherwise, penalties for cannabis infractions in Arizona are quite minor and don’t involve jail time.