Veteran Suffering From PTSD Protests CBD Laws

Veteran Suffering From PTSD Protests CBD Laws

Veteran Suffering From PTSD Protests CBD Laws

PTSD suffering veteran protests CBD laws by drinking 2 bottles of CBD oil in court. Here’s a weird story that we simply couldn’t help but bring to our readers’ attention. It comes out of Israel of all places and is the perfect example of why CBD is so important.

It turns out that in Israel, CBD laws actually not very friendly. There is medical marijuana there, and that does include CBD oil, but otherwise, CBD is outlawed for everyone else.

This is the cause of much consternation for Israelis who are suffering from ailments that don’t qualify for medical marijuana.

One of the most prevalent would be posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD. In a country that has seen a lot of war, it isn’t surprising to find that many military veterans suffer from PTSD.

What is surprising is that they don’t qualify for CBD. It is especially shocking since it was actually an Israeli scientist who made the biggest breakthroughs in the research of cannabinoids.

That would be Raphael Mechoulam, who is thought of as sort of the godfather of CBD.

Well, one army veteran in Israel has simply had enough of the country’s CBD laws. While testifying at a hearing in the country’s parliament, called the Knesset, he called out the lunacy of being given prescription pills for his PTSD instead of CBD.

He then proceeds to down an entire bottle of CBD oil, apparently to prove that it was safe and the laws against CBD are misguided, if not entirely crazy. Here’s the video of that interaction, after which he is tossed out of the hearing:

Unfortunately, there are no subtitles. But as you can see, things got quite testy. He actually downed not one, but two entire bottles of CBD oil. This is not to be done at home folks. Always use the proper dosage for your needs and slowly increase that amount if you aren’t getting the effects you are after.

CBD Laws Better In America

Thankfully, here in America, we do not have the same problem with CBD laws. Medical marijuana first became legal in California in 1996, and a slew of states followed. Colorado and Washington then legalized recreational marijuana two decades later, and we’re seeing more states follow their lead.

Yet even if you don’t live in a state where either of these has happened, you can in all likelihood get your CBD anyway.


CBD laws in America

In all but four states (Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota), you can legally get CBD. Even if you live in those four states, chances are you can still get your CBD.

That’s because most online retailers of CBD products will ship anywhere in the country. They continue to ship to all 50 states because the federal government has declined to take any action against them.

Don’t expect that to change either. As more people understand the benefits of CBD and the market grows, there simply isn’t a reason to mess with it.

In short, we’re in a much better situation than that veteran in Israel. We’re sure there are other countries around the world that also enact CBD laws that are less than friendly to those that need it.

It’s a shame, as we know for a fact that CBD products can be truly life-changing. We’ve seen that ourselves, and we hear stories every single day attesting to it.

The hope is that the rest of the world catches up to what CBD can do and allows people the right to lessen their pain, anxiety, and depression in a natural and organic way. In the meantime, we’ll be thankful for the situation we have at home and the freedom that exists for us to purchase and use a variety of CBD products.

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