Vape Bright Battery Review

Vape Bright Battery

This is the only vape battery you should consider buying online.

  • Price - 100%
  • Reliability - 100%
  • Battery Power - 100%


  • Price
  • Reliable
  • Battery Power
  • Fits All Cartridges


  • Only one color

I’ve used the Vape Bright battery for over 12 months, I have to say, it’s the most reliable product I’ve found in the CBD space. I’ve never had one issue with the battery, I’ve charged it in multiple outlets at different voltages. I’ve used over 20+ CBD and THC cartridges. This battery is the only battery you should purchase for all cartridges, not just CBD.

Here are 7 Reasons you’ll love the Vape Bright Battery:

1. It’s $20. That’s a great price for a product that has lasted over 12 months. for $20 you get the vape battery, a USB battery, and an incredibly sturdy and stylish case.

Vape Bright Bundle

2. No button, just inhale. This is an awesome feature that I misjudged. I always had batteries with buttons, buttonless will forever be my battery of choice. It’s just so convenient. After a few uses, you’ll agree with me.

3. The battery is ridiculously strong! Vape bright states on the product page, that each charge gives you about 100 inhales, I guess I agree with that. Here’s what I can say, I charge my battery once every two weeks for about three hours and it has juice for 14+ days, around 60 – 70 pulls.

4. The case. Great for traveling. The material has not cracked, the leverage that opens the case is great, no issues. Vape Bright Battery Reviewed5. Strength. The battery not only lasts for weeks, but it also pulls like a champ. Every pull can either be “Hulk-Sized” or micro, it’s up to you.

6. Fit. So far I’ve attached 20 different CBD and THC cartridges to the battery and have had zero issues with any. All cartridge sizes seem to work.

7. The Brand. Vape Bright has been around for a few years. From what I’ve seen and read online, Vape Bright is a very transparent brand with products that work well. I really appreciate their honesty with pricing and lab reports. A+ for me. If you’re interested in Vape Bright’s cartridges, you should check out their lab results first.


If you vape and want to vape cartridges you’ll need a battery. Before Vape Bright I went through around 4-5 different big name vape batteries. They all had issues with something.

After all of the failures, around 12+ months ago I tested Vape Bright for the first time, it’s the only battery I’ve used since.

If you love electronics as I do, you know before the performance, you have to factor reliability. If a laptop is not reliable, you would never purchase it. Treat vape products like an expensive purchase, do your research and invest in something that will last.

Luckily for you, I’ve done the research. Go check out Vape Bright, and please comment below if you have any questions about the battery.

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