URTH CBD Review + 2 Best Products

Urth CBD Review
Written by Chad W

In this review, we taste the delicious products by URTH CBD for the first time. In this review, we vape the wedding cake CBD cartridge and take a full dosage of the peppermint CBD oil. The vape cartridge is perfect for anxious moments that require an immediate fix. The peppermint oil offers ~17mg of CBD per dosage. URTH CBD products are made using only CO2 extracted, clean-sourced, domestic, lab-tested CBD.



The Two Best URTH CBD Products 💨💧


#1 Wedding Cake CBD Cartridge 

This hybrid blend doesn’t taste like a wedding cake. The flavor profile is tanginess with a hint of creamy icing. I love it! This is my favorite flavor vape cartridge by URTH.

📍600mg of CBD
📍Full Spectrum
📍Lab Tested
📍Flavor profile: OG Kush tanginess and a delicate aftertaste of creaminess

⭐️Shop URTH CBD Wedding Cake CBD Cartridge: http://bit.ly/2J5mo7X


#2  Peppermint CBD Oil 

I don’t love peppermint, but I do love this tincture. The peppermint flavor is subtle and doesn’t get old after a few weeks of use. That’s a huge plus in my book. If you’ve ever take CBD oil for over 14 days straight then you know flavor is important. 

📍300mg, 500mg and 1000mg
📍Hemp seed oil + CBD distillate
📍Lab Tested
📍Full Spectrum

⭐️Shop URTH CBD Peppermint CBD Oil: http://bit.ly/2x98YW5


Lab Tested 👩🏻‍🔬🇺🇸🌲

American made and domestically sourced from US hemp farms. Non-detectable (0.03% ) THC, drug test friendly. Lab Tested CBD, all URTH CBD is sent to a third party lab for purity testing. C02 extracted with no toxic residue, solvent-free. Read URTH lab results here


Product Range 💨💧🌲

You can choose between raw CBD flower, CBD vape cartridges, CBD vape juice, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD tinctures. If you’re looking for flavorful CBD that is lab tested, URTH is right for you. 


Online Shopping Experience 🛍😃

The overall ease of use on desktop and mobile is a huge plus. All you have to do is find a product, click add to cart, enter your details and click ship. Shipping is fast and cheap. If you have any questions you can reach them to via email, Facebook and Instagram. 


Pros 👍

– Lab Tested

– Great Flavors

– Clean Sourced Hemp 

Cons 👎

– Need more online reviews

– Flowers nor offered in 1 oz packages


Do We Recommend URTH CBD? 🤔

In short, yes. We love that URTH is lab tested, offers clean-sourced hemp that tastes great! We are currently working on getting a coupon code. Check back on April 10th for the update.

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The cannabis industry is an analytical chemist's dream. Hi, my name is Chad, and I'm the head chemist at bestdosage.com. My job here is to determine if CBD brands are honest. My recommendations sitewide are based on data. A brand must have visible lab reports, trusted customer reviews, and quality ingredients. Over the past 3 years, my team and I tested over 150 CBD brands. Explore bestdosage.com to find the handful we recommend.