Representing many of California’s most popular brands, this big dispensary is only outclassed by its equally massive parking lot. Of course, Urbn Leaf’s own products are represented more than any others, but this retailer goes out of its way to present all of the most impressive California cannabis producers as equally as possible. Our experience at Urbn Leaf was excellent, and we’d recommend Urbn Leaf as one of the best cannabis dispensaries in San Diego.


  • Parking: 5/5
  • Bud tenders: 5/5
  • Selection: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

What is Urbn Leaf San Diego?

Urbn Leaf is one of the most sophisticated cannabis producers in the San Diego area. As one of the legacy medical collectives that converted into a recreational shop after cannabis was legalized, Urbn Leaf still produces a lot of its own products, which are features prominently in the Urbn Leaf San Diego menu.

  • Excellent chain of 7 dispensaries in SoCal

Where is Urbn Leaf San Diego located?

As one of the most successful cannabis retailers and producers in Southern California, Urbn Leaf now has 7 locations. The one we’re talking about, though, is the flagship store in downtown San Diego at 1028 Buenos Avenue. As far as dispensaries go, Urbn Leaf San Diego offered some of the best parking we’ve ever seen, and the overall vibe at this dispensary was highly professional.

  • Located in downtown SD
  • Great store

Is Urbn Leaf San Diego a good dispensary?

In terms of looks, selection, pricing, parking, and every other category we can think of, Urbn Leaf is certainly one of the best dispensaries in San Diego from an objective perspective. When you go inside Urbn Leaf, you feel like you’ve just walked inside an upscale coffee shop, and the responsive, helpful staff further enhance the classy vibe.

  • One of the most beautiful dispensaries we’ve ever been in
  • Excellent selection

What products does Urbn Leaf San Diego carry?

Some medical dispensaries turned recreational shops tend to focus on their own products to the exclusion of others. Urbn Leaf, though, appears committed to representing all of California’s best cannabis brands equally. 

We actually haven’t seen such a great selection of products from excellent brands in any other dispensary. Each product appears curated with care, and nothing you pick up will disappoint you.

Urbn Leaf is a great cannabis producer

  • This dispensary features an excellent collection of products from multiple producers, though

What is the best thing to get at Urbn Leaf San Diego?

If you’re going to Urbn Leaf anyway, you might as well pick up some of this brand’s signature flower products. Whether you want something from Jungle Boys, STIIIZY, Raw Garden, or any other popular California cannabis brand, Urbn Leaf is almost guaranteed to supply what you’re looking for.

  • You can get pretty much anything at Urbn Leaf
  • Top-shelf brands are emphasized

Is Urbn Leaf the most popular dispensary in San Diego?

Urbn Leaf San Diego has received more than 2,000 reviews on WeedMaps alone, and this dispensary’s popularity has spawned six additional locations. We can say with some confidence that Urbn Leaf is the most popular dispensary in San Diego, and if it isn’t, it should be.

  • Yes, the Urbn Leaf empire reigns supreme

Is Urbn Leaf the best dispensary in San Diego?

Out of the 3,500+ Google reviews Urbn Leaf has received, this impeccable dispensary has managed to maintain a perfect 5-star rating. Based on this evidence alone, we’d be likely to say Urbn Leaf is San Diego’s best dispensary, but we’ve also seen what Urbn Leaf looks like on the inside. Yep, if Urbn Leaf isn’t the best cannabis dispensary in San Diego, we don’t know what is.

How many locations does Urbn Leaf have in San Diego? 

Urbn Leaf has 7 locations in California:

San Diego – 1028 Buenos Avenue San Diego, California 92110

San Diego – 658 East San Ysidro Boulevard, San Diego, California, 92173

La Mesa – 7339 El Cajon Boulevard, La Mesa, California 91942

Vista – 909 W. Vista Way, Vista, California 92083

Grover Beach – 239 South 3rd Street, Grover Beach, California 93433

Seaside – 680 Broadway Avenue, Seaside, California 93955

San Jose – 2943 Daylight Way, San Jose, California 95111

Does Urbn Leaf deliver? 

Yes! You can order online and schedule a delivery to your door.

Does Urbn Leaf offer a discount code? 

Receive a 25% off discount on your first order. Click here to access all of the current discounts.