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If you’re looking to buy hemp flower online for an affordable, great-tasting alternative to oils, from a company that genuinely cares about your CBD experience, Tweedle Farms is the one for you.

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Today, we’re looking at hemp CBD flowers. Not oils, topicals or gummies, just full-spectrum, smokeable CBD buds. One of the most exciting companies currently producing this green gold is Tweedle Farms. But who are they, and why should you consider hemp flower for your CBD needs?

The name Tweedle Farms conjures images of gently rolling hills, organic crops, and luscious green buds. Amazingly, this is closer to the truth than you might expect. Tweedle Farms began as a 10-acre farm owned by Jason Evans and James Green in Oregon, and they have been producing some of the finest hemp flower products in the USA since 2016. In recent years they have expanded to a collective of like-minded hemp growers, allowing them to offer a wider variety of strains.

They both grew up in environments that encouraged green thumbs, and that love for growing has clearly been passed on. Their motto is “We love what we do and we think that you will too!”, and we’re happy to agree with them. Tweedle Farms is passionate about what they produce, and a quick look through their instagram shows gorgeous buds, open green spaces and even a friendly peacock or two. 

However, for all their rustic charm, Tweedle Farms is still serious about the hemp they grow. All products are grown without the use of pesticides, sprays or synthetic fertilizers, and the lab reports for each strain are some of the most comprehensive we’ve seen. These guys really do love what they do, but why are they such ardent promoters of hemp flower?

Once dried, hemp flowers bear a striking resemblance to pot. They won’t make you high, but instead, give you the therapeutic benefits of CBD in a smokeable form. The advantages of smoking hemp over more traditional methods are pretty compelling- it’s faster acting, is absorbed by your body more efficiently, and can be a fair bit cheaper too. In addition to fast-acting CBD, you also benefit from what’s known as the entourage effect. Ingesting other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in the plant help them work together more effectively, and studies have shown that this can be more effective than just CBD on its own.

A large portion of the cost of CBD oil is in extraction, so when you remove this process entirely, the end product tends to cost less. In the case of Tweedle Farms, a LOT less. The strain we’re enjoying at the moment is Cherry Wine, which comes in at a very pocket-pleasing $6 per gram. While admittedly it’s not as concentrated as oils, the CBD content in this strain is still more than up to the task. There is also nothing stopping you from creating your own oil from the flowers if you prefer a more artisanal approach.

Tweedle Farms Discount

Tweedle Farms have created an effective, fast-acting product that doesn’t break the bank, while still ensuring it’s grown to the highest standard possible. The love and care that goes into each plant and its surroundings are evident in everything they do. From their 100% plant-based packaging to their carpooling scheme, these guys care about the environment they work in, and that translates directly into high-quality, well cared for hemp flowers.

But does the humble hemp flower stand up to scrutiny? Let’s check out our favorite strain by Tweedle Farms, Cherry WIne.

The Product: Cherry Wine, damn fine.

Tweedle Farms Cherry Wine strain arrives in a 100% plant-based biodegradable bag, with a convenient resealable zip lock to keep it fresh through multiple uses. It also ships with an informative packet of all relevant lab reports, and for those concerned about receiving it through the post, a notice for law enforcement. This is thoughtful, to say the least, and small touches like this really add to the whole experience of ordering from Tweedle Farms.

At first glance, this outdoor grown bud is dense and dark, with a subtle aroma. Break the buds open however and you get a pungent, resinous fragrance of berries and citrus with the intoxicating blend of chocolate and earthy notes. To say it looks and smells appetizing is an understatement, and Tweedle Farms customers agree: “I recently ordered an ounce, and I was impressed. The flower looks and smells great” writes one satisfied customer. Another clearly doesn’t want the strain to ever disappear: “I recently ordered an eighth of cherry and I was definitely blown away by the smoke, taste, aroma- the whole nine yards. I really hope Tweedle keep this strain forever, this is amazing!” It’s reassuring to see this kind of openness and transparency from Tweedle Farms, ensuring each customer interaction doesn’t stop at the point of sale.

Whether you’re putting this in a bowl or using your favorite loose leaf vaporizer, you’re in for a treat. The smoke is full-bodied, drawing on those citrus and chocolate flavors present in the bud. If you’re not a committed smoker don’t worry- the hit is smooth with no harsh ‘bite’ at the back of your throat. It’s not every day that you get a hemp flower strain that makes you pause for a second and say “oh wow, that’s nice” from the moment it hits your mouth, but Tweedle Farms has definitely succeeded here.  

You can purchase a variety of different weights, from as little as 1 gram all the way up to an ounce. As opposed to measuring by mg of CBD it’s done by percentage- Cherry Wine currently contains 15.4% CBD and below 0.7% THC. Unfortunately, Tweedle Farms can’t guarantee a completely THC free product, even if the levels are extremely low. This, of course, is of no consequence in legal states, but definitely worth bearing in mind if you’re purchasing anywhere outside of these.

The effects are fast-acting and last a long time due to the increased bioavailability of the hemp flower, meaning that your body absorbs it more efficiently than CBD Isolate oils. It works brilliantly when used to help with sleep and stress- it’s currently our go-to for both insomnia and anxiety relief. 

Tweedle Farms Discount

This is a seriously cost-effective product that really draws on the benefits of using the whole flower. It smells and tastes fantastic, works quickly and addresses a lot of our CBD needs. Not to mention that sometimes, there’s just nothing better after a hard day than kicking off your shoes and packing a bowl. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or a green veteran, Tweedle Farms Cherry Wine Hemp Flower is the way to go.

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Tweedle Farms Final Thoughts

Tweedle Farms have been extremely active in the CBD industry for quite some time and that wealth of experience has gone into each and every bud. We love their Cherry Wine, but it doesn’t stop there. Their online catalog is constantly updated, with a variety of strains to suit your own individual tastes. Choose from a collection of outdoor-grown varieties such as Bast, or opt for something slightly stronger like their greenhouse-grown Suver Haze.

With all this variety, you’d be forgiven for having a long list of questions before settling on your preferred strain. Thankfully for each strain, Tweedle Farms has you covered with full lab reports, customer reviews and an in-depth flavor profile. There’s a helpful FAQ section for common queries and an extremely responsive customer service team who are contactable by phone, email, and DM. As Tweedle Farms puts it: “What really sets us apart is transparency and dedication to our customers. We show our lab results, pictures of our farms, greenhouses, plants, machines, peacocks, pets, etc. We are our own call center and fulfillment center. We answer every phone call, text, email, and IM we get.” 

Overall, we’ve got to agree with Tweedle Farms. They really do love what they do, and we definitely love it too. If you’re looking to buy hemp flower online for an affordable, great-tasting alternative to oils, from a company that genuinely cares about your CBD experience, Tweedle Farms is the one for you. Head over to their website to check it out for yourself!

Tweedle Farms Discount

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