TruCure CBD Review

Tru Cure CBD Brand Review
Written by Chad W

TruCure CBD

TruCure CBD Oil, Tru Cure CBD Gel Capsules and Tru Cure CBD Cream are all designed with one goal in mind- to work and to work well. The fledgling CBD industry has its fair share of gimmicky products and promotions already, and it’s clear that TruCure wants no part in this.


Today we’re taking a look at the TruCure range- who they are, what they offer and most importantly why they’re right for you. TruCure specializes in full-spectrum CBD topicals and oils for both pets and humans, and in a crowded market-place, they’re holding their own for good reason.

The main thing that catches our attention when looking at the TruCure brand is just how professional everything looks. We’re not trying to say their competitors aren’t, but from the branding to the research, you could be forgiven for thinking that your purchases are going to arrive with a team of lab technicians. Clear, sleek graphics and colors adorn their packaging, which comes with a reassuring ‘PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE’ stamp of approval on each bottle.

Every product created by Trucure is derived from a proprietary high CBD but low THC hemp strain, with the active ingredients being extracted by CO2. It may be more expensive and take longer but the end results are worth the extra time and cost. We’re seeing an increase in companies that are using CO2 as a way to create a pure, clean, quality oil. It’s an effective method that involves little to no post-processing, and the quality of the end result is second to none.

While the hemp strain owned by TruCure is low THC, the final products themselves are completely THC free. This means that any of their range can be used stress-free, without any concerns that you’ll fail your upcoming drug screening. Great news for CBD users as this means they ship to all 50 states. Everything from TruCure CBD Oil to the TruCure CBD Cream contains their proprietary strain, resulting in a CBD oil that is full-spectrum for maximum effect.

As we look further into the company and its products a definite theme emerges- TruCure is serious about the work they undertake. Their products are described as having ‘a robust medicinal profile’ and the focus is on the effects, not the presentation. Minimal packaging gives you exactly what you need to know with no fuss, and a lot of what is on offer wouldn’t look out of place in your medicine cabinet.

Thankfully, this isn’t all just slick marketing. TruCure is all about quality. Each product comes with a full 3rd party lab report, as well as an easy to access reviews section. As always we look for transparency in our CBD providers- half of the battle is picking a product that you trust. It’s fantastic to see TruCure stepping up and submitting their products for honest feedback, which has definitely worked in their favor. A quick readthrough on the TruCure CBD Gel Capsules reviews section shows that customers love them- ‘My go-to one a day’, or ‘super convenient’ are the kind of accolades we can all identify with.

So which of these no-nonsense products are we loving right now? Let’s check out some of the range, and see how TruCure can fit into your daily regimen.

The Products: TruCure CBD Oil, TruCure CBD Gel Capsules+ TruCure CBD Cream

We’ve picked a selection of different products, all with separate day-to-day applications. The brilliant thing about different delivery methods is that they all help with different issues- targeted pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia can all be addressed using a mixture of what TruCure provides. If you want to see the products in action, check out our review video as well. As always make sure to like and subscribe for more great content!

The first up is the TruCure CBD Cream. It comes in 3 strengths- 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. This kind of choice is exactly what we’d expect from a company so focused on providing the right product for the right customer, and is the same throughout their product range- you have the freedom to pick what’s right for you. The 1.75 oz air-canister is high quality as well, with a mess-free cap that allows you to measure out your doses easily. Another nice touch is easy to follow instructions on the back!

TruCure CBD Cream Review TruCure CBD Cream is a topical, best used to target specific areas of pain. Simply rub in a small amount to the problem area, give it 45 minutes and begin to feel the benefits of choosing a company passionate about the topicals they create. The formula contains ingredients like organic shea butter and arnica, so it’s great for different skin types. We found it especially helpful post-workout, so make sure it’s in your bag before a gym session.

It’s also super-absorbent and non-greasy- in fact, the only downside is having to re-apply every 2 hours to maintain the full effect.

This is something that is unavoidable with topicals and shouldn’t cause too many issues if used in tandem with another product, like the TruCure CBD Oil.

Like all TruCure products, TruCure CBD Oil is 100% Organic, NON-GMO and gluten-free. The BPA-free containers come in 30ml measures, with a whole range of strengths to choose from. Depending on your own needs, you can select 7 different concentrations- from 250mg all the way up to 6000mg of full-spectrum CBD per bottle. This is fantastic for users with chronic pain and inflammation while keeping it accessible for those of us with lower tolerances. This is a high-quality oil that does exactly what you need when you need it to.

While some companies have branched out to candy and gummies for their edibles range, TrueCare has stuck to tried and tested formula. Efficiency and efficacy are their watchwords, and nothing quite sums that up like their gel capsules. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, as well as 10mg of curcumin. Curcumin is derived from Turmeric and is the compound responsible for Turmeric’s strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is an excellent addition to an already strong product- we found that they were quick and easy to take, and the effects stayed with us for up to 8 hours. The reviews for the capsules are further proof that TruCure has understood their customers’ needs- the words that appear most frequently are ‘convenient’ and ‘super-easy’. No extra equipment needed, no mess, and no fuss. Pop one (or more depending on your dosage) in the morning alongside your other supplements and you’re good to go!

Final Thoughts- it does exactly what it says on the tin (or bottle)

TruCure isn’t going to win any prizes for flashy presentation, but with a range of CBD products like this, it doesn’t need to. TruCure CBD Oil, TruCure CBD Gel Capsules and TruCure CBD Cream are all designed with one goal in mind- to work and to work well. The fledgling CBD industry has its fair share of gimmicky products and promotions already, and it’s clear that TruCure wants no part in this. What they’ve focused on is what we’re all ultimately after- a range of CBD products to suit a busy lifestyle. They’re confident that their creations are the best because they work the best, not because of any accompanying bells or whistles.

Overall, we like this no-nonsense approach. The support available is extensive as-well- a dedicated customer service line and a thorough FAQ section are ready to answer your questions, and free shipping on orders over $60 is a great feature on their online store.

Their business comes from consistently high quality, effective products you can trust, and the reviews of many of it’s satisfied customers speak for themselves. Head over to their website to learn more.

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