The Best CBD Products For Sleep

The Best CBD Products for Sleep
Written by Chad W

The Best CBD Products For Sleep

The research shows that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and body that regulate things like sleep and the immune system.


There are few things worse in life than laying in bed for hours on end tossing and turning while finding oneself in the grips of insomnia.

There isn’t much more a frustrating and annoying state to be in than that when it comes to falling asleep at night.

However, most insomniacs know that sleeping pills are a tricky route to go down and can lead to some seriously bad consequences.

And that’s exactly why so many people suffering from sleeplessness regularly are turning to CBD Products for sleep, and some swear by its effectiveness.

While some people suffer from pain associated with arthritis which makes falling asleep a challenge, others find it hard to fall asleep because of invasive thoughts that whirl around in their mind for hours on end.

For those people, the only real option is things like alcohol or sleeping pills and both of those options are toxic, addictive and problematic in the long-term. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is neither toxic nor addictive but it does give some people remarkable relief from their symptoms, and that includes things like insomnia.

One of the things CBD does is that it works to reduce inflammation and general discomfort relating to some medical ailments.

Even though CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant, it won’t get you high or leave you feeling confused or groggy.

While most studies on CBD have been carried out on rats and mice, they have shown promise when it comes to assisting humans with a variety of health conditions.

The research shows that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and body that regulate things like sleep and the immune system.

The great thing about CBD is that it works in an anti-inflammatory way and offers painkilling effects similar to some prescription medications but without the nasty side effects.

That’s the other great thing about CBD as it’s considered to be non-addictive as well as non-toxic. That essentially means that no matter how much CBD you take, you’ll likely feel zero negative side effects and could be left feeling calm and stress-free, as well as ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

CBD has helped many people suffering from arthritis pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety, as well as other conditions and, is also great for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Cancer patients who want to counteract the negative side effects of chemo and radiotherapy also increasingly use CBD to help them with their appetite and to regulate things like mood and sleep.

That’s why we’re happy to bring you some of the CBD Products for sleep available on the market, and they come from some of the most reputable and best CBD vendors in the industry.

Canna Comforts Raw Hemp

Canna Comforts Raw Hemp

One great way to get just the right amount of CBD into your system is by smoking or vaporizing CBD Buds or CBD Flowers. These look similar in appearance to regular cannabis and are smoked or vaporized in much the same way, however as these are CBD Buds, they won’t get you high or stoned at all.

Canna Comforts is one company at the top of their game when it comes to the CBD industry. And while their mission is all about “healing your mind, body and soul with the finest all-natural products on earth,” according to their mission statement, their founders battled cancer on a personal level and treated their symptoms with CBD for many years.

Their finest quality CBD Buds won’t get you high as they contain zero THC, but they could deal with your pain and leave you feeling relaxed and sleepy.

You can also buy CBD Products for sleep like Canna Comforts’ Purple Gas CBD strain. Containing more than 16% CBD, Purple Gas comes in handy bags of 1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams or even 113 grams and is a cost-effective and economical way to take CBD, especially for regular users.

Canna Comforts sell up to ten strains of the finest CBD flower available on the market depending on the stock as well as the season. Purple Gas is a CBD Hybrid that is grown outdoors in Oregon, USA. and is ultra-smooth, making it an all-day favorite for many people. Offering a piney aroma with hints of citrus, many use this strain for effective pain relief as well as muscle relaxation and anxiety.

Select CBD Relax Vape Pen

Select CBD Vape Pen

For those in the know, Select CBD is a company you can trust to provide the finest quality CBD available anywhere. The Select CBD Relax Vape Pen is one product that is extremely popular among customers, and there are some good reasons for that. While Select CBD encourages its customers to “Exhale Tastefully,” that feat is easily achievable with their Relax Vape Pen.

This CBD Vape Pen contains the finest refined Lavender essential oils alongside the best-quality CBD Extract to leave you feeling calm and relaxed with immediate effects.

That’s because when you vaporize CBD in something like a Vape Pen you get the medicinal effects immediately and without delay.

When CBD is taken through the lungs instead of being ingested via the stomach, it takes effect fast and can lead to a great night’s sleep, as well as effective relief from things like back pain and anxiety.

Offering 1-2 mg per 3-second puff, Select CBD claims that their Relax Vape pen contains the purest CBD Extract available anywhere. The ceramic core technology inside this product is also a significant bonus as it delivers the right amount of heat to perfectly vaporize the CBD oil inside the tank, for a perfect puff every time.

As well as the best CBD and finest Lavender Extract, this product also contains fractionated coconut oil (MCT) which is natural and 100% organic.

Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD Drops

Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD Drops

Erth Hemp is another reputable online CBD vendor you can trust. They offer a range of great CBD Products for sleep but their water-soluble CBD Drops are among their most popular these days.

This nano-emulsified hemp oil isolate is special as it blends easily into any beverage and provides increased bioavailability over standard CBD oils.

This means you feel the effects of the CBD quickly and with full effect. Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD Drops are unflavored and one serving of 10-20 drops can be added simply to a bottle of water or your favorite beverage.

Containing nothing more than Nano-emulsified hemp oil isolate and purified water this product is considered by many to a CBD Product for sleep that is unsurpassed according to those who’ve used it.

If you want to take fast-acting CBD but don’t want to smoke or vaporize it, Erth Hemp’s Water Soluble CBD Drops are the perfect fit for you, and once you find your sweet spot, it’s plain sailing to the perfect night’s sleep.

For people who want to get immediate relief from their symptoms, CBD Flowers and Buds are a great choice but that’s only if you’re into smoking or vaping your CBD.

For people who aren’t into taking CBD via the lungs in any form, products like Erth Hemp’s Water Soluble CBD Drops are a great alternative, and they also offer effective relief for a range of different issues.

If you are interested in trying some of the most premium CBD Products for sleep, the three great products featured here are all solid options. For the smokers of vapers among you, Cann Comforts’ Raw Hemp and Select CBD’s Relax Vape Pen are good options. For those who prefer to take their CBD via the stomach, Erth Hemp Water Soluble CBD is also a fantastic choice.

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