Cannabis is a versatile plant. Its fibrous parts have countless applications, and its dried flowers can be ground and smoked.

This much has been known for millennia. In recent decades, however, humans have started getting crafty with their cannabis ingestion.

It’s reached the point of becoming a bona fide art. ABX (sometimes stylized as either AbsoluteXtracts or absoluteXtracts) exemplifies the art of cannabis gummy-making to the utmost, and this California THC giant is far from alone among the ranks of competent cannabis gummy manufacturers.

So, they’re new and cool. Why else would you want to eat a cannabis gummy? Even more importantly, what is a THC gummy in the first place?

What is a cannabis gummy?

A cannabis gummy is a sweet, squishy snack that contains some form of high-THC cannabis extract. All cannabis gummies share these attributes, but that’s where the similarities end.

Most THC gummies are encrusted with sugar and come in delicious, fruity flavors. There are countless ways to achieve these well-paired culinary effects, however, and in our experience, no two cannabis gummy ingredients lists are exactly alike.

Just as they vary widely in components, THC gummies are also all very different when it comes to potency. Some cannabis gummies, like those offered by ABX, might only contain 5mg THC each.

Others, like those offered by Smokies and WYLD, contain 10mg THC, and certain THC edibles in the California market and beyond are even more potent. Cannabis gummies often come in childproof packaging since they can easily be confused with conventional candy.

  • Sweet, squishy, chewy THC edible
  • Can be made in lots of colors and dosages
  • Ingredient quality varies widely
  • Commonly contained inside childproof packaging

Why should I try a THC gummy? We can think of a few reasons:

They’re tasty

Come on, admit it. You’re looking for an excuse to eat some candy.

No, no, it’s to relax and enjoy a light buzz, of course. We understand. Let’s just say that THC gummies are designed to be tasty for a reason.

Not everyone wants to smoke a joint or hit a vape cartridge to get high. THC gummies are there for you if the idea of another THC molecule entering your lungs makes you feel like coughing manically.

Some THC gummies are tastier than others. Personally, we prefer gummies that contain simple, all-natural ingredients. Sometimes that means making sacrifices on potency, price, and product quality, however.

They’re often super-effective

If you aren’t used to taking THC by the oral route, watch out. Edibles are no laughing matter, and the effects they deliver last for hours and hours.

For people with chronic pain or other ailments that often persist continuously, the extended effects of THC gummies are ideal. THC gummies can also be fun for both veteran cannabinoid users looking for a slightly boosted experience and cannabis newbies who feel ready to get well and truly baked for the very first time.

They’re discreet and convenient

Don’t want to broadcast your THC use to everyone around you? We don’t always either.

Leave your fatty joint and dreadlocks at home, and throw a container of ABX gummies in your bag on the way out the door. Anytime you like, chew a delicious gummy to conveniently indulge in the benefits of THC without anyone even noticing.

What to look for in a THC gummy

Ready to start looking for a good THC gummy? Keep the following four variables at the forefront of your mind:

1. Ingredients

What you do with your body is your choice. Trust us, however, that there are certain substances you’d rather not ingest.

Learn what each of the ingredients in a cannabis gummy is, and find out if you should ingest it. Then, compare the gummy you were considering to a different formulation by the same brand or another brand’s formulation.

2. Type of THC extract

Some cannabis gummies contain isolate THC. While it’s unclear if isolate THC is less effective, it definitely tastes worse.

It would be a waste to put live resin in gummies for a number of reasons, but cannabis gummies are better if they at least contain full-spectrum cannabis extract like ABX or cannabis distillate like Smokiez. You may also want to look into the extraction method that was used to produce the THC concentrate in your gummies.

3. Dosage

You’re in for a shock if you switch from taking a 5mg THC gummy every day to a 10mg gummy without noticing. Some cannabis gummies contain even more THC than that, so take a careful look at the dose each gummy contains before you purchase a product.

You can change the dosage of your gummy just by cutting it in half. If you want to get serious about it, you can even use a kitchen scale to make sure each half weighs the same.

4. Compliance

By law, THC gummies must be accompanied by third-party lab reports. It’s what gummy manufacturers offer willingly that matters.

Bigger, more popular brands with increased revenue have more capital to invest in the high-grade processing equipment needed for advanced production procedures. As a result, they’re more in compliance with laws and regulations while also producing better products.

All ABX gummy flavors reviewed

At this point, we’ve tried every ABX THC gummy flavor. Here’s what we think about each of the gummies this brand has to offer.

Product line overview

  • Gummies come in cylindrical white containers
  • 5mg THC per gummy
  • 20 gummies per container
  • 100mg THC total per package
  • Retailers charge between $12 and $25
  • Reasonably simple and natural ingredients
  • Contain full-spectrum cannabis oil derived from outdoor-grown plants

ABX gummy effects

Since they all contain the same extract without any terpenes added, each flavor of ABX gummies delivers the same effects:

  • Generic THC effects
  • Lasted around 1.5 – 3 hours 

ABX Chile Lime Piña Gummies 100mg

  • The surprisingly sweet, but then intensely spicy flavor
  • The extract is not particularly bitter

ABX Mixed Berry Gummies 100mg

  • Tasted like conventional mixed berry candies or drinks
  • No distinct berry flavors distinguishable; they’re all blended together

ABX Strawberry Gummies 100mg

  • Very strong strawberry flavor
  • Appealing-colored reddish-pink gummies

ABX Key Lime Gummies 100mg

  • Slightly creamy, zesty lime flavor
  • THC aftertaste is most apparent with this flavor

Other top THC gummies in California & beyond

Let’s not end without mentioning some of the cannabis market’s other most popular gummy brands:


Smokiez knocks it out of the park in the deliciousness department. ABX wins, however, with its somewhat safer and more natural ingredients.

If you’re switching from ABX to Smokiez, make sure to notice that Smokiez gummies are twice as strong.


WYLD is the winner overall when it comes to ingredients. Unsurprisingly, however, this brand’s 10mg THC gummies aren’t quite as delicious as offerings from ABX or Smokiez.

& More

There are at least a handful of excellent THC gummy manufacturers in each state that has legalized cannabis. Browse our directory for in-depth cannabis gummy product reviews.

Picking a THC edible FAQ

Let’s wrap up any lingering questions about CBD gummies:

1. What does a Sativa edible do?

The effects of Sativa gummies are similar to the effects Sativa strains deliver when smoked. Expect a heady, intense high that might make you unexpectedly want to hike to the top of a mountain.

2. Are THC gummies the same as CBD gummies?

Absolutely not. THC gummies are intoxicating and can only be sold in state-sanctioned dispensaries. CBD gummies are not intoxicating, and they’re sold widely on the internet and shipped around the country.

3. Is AbsoluteXtracts safe?

ABX products meet the modicum of safety necessary for eligibility in the California cannabis market. This producer’s products are generally higher than average when it comes to quality and safety.

At the same time, not all ABX products occupy the pinnacle of quality. In some cases, adequate yet less expensive ingredients are substituted to reduce costs, potentially ruffling connoisseur feathers.