Steve’s Goods CBG Oil + CBD Gummies: SO GOOOD! (We Love This CBD Brand)

Steve's Goods CBD Oil

Steve's Goods

We’re confident that just like us, you’re going to love Steve’s Goods CBG Oil and CBD Gummies. A commitment to quality product development and a mission to give it’s customer base the power to make an informed decision

98%- What Steve’s Goods lack in size, they more than makeup for with the quality of the products they’re selling. CBG may have been around for a while, but it’s companies like Steve’s Goods that are really pushing it to the forefront with thorough research, provable results and an attention to detail that should have their competitors taking notice. We’re confident that just like us, you’re going to love Steve’s Goods CBG Oil and CBD Gummies. A commitment to quality product development and a mission to give it’s customer base the power to make an informed decision come together here to form two great-tasting, seriously effective supplements.

CBD gummies have been around for a while now and for good reason. They taste great, are easy to take and give us that candy nostalgia boost right when we need it. The team over at Steve’s Goods has been busy recently, creating their own CBD gummies as well as CBG Oil. So who is Steve and what makes his company so special?

Steve founded Steve’s Goods in 2016. He first encountered the health benefits of hemp in Colorado but when he returned to the East Coast, he experienced difficulties. He found that finding a trusted supplier with a quality product was far more difficult than he was used to, and decided to do something about it.

Steve’s Goods has one main goal- to educate and spread knowledge about the benefits of hemp. They partner with farms in Colorado that have the same goal and maintain these relationships with a passion for organic, high-quality products and regular lab testing.  They also invest a significant portion of their revenue into research and development, which is clearly apparent in their product range. One of the things that caught our eye when looking at what they have to offer is the use of CBG, over and above anything we’ve seen so far.

You may have heard of it before but what is CBG exactly, and why should we be excited about it? CBG is a cannabinoid like CBD and THC. Just like CBD it’s non-intoxicating and is found in relatively low levels in most cannabis strains. What’s interesting though is that both THC and CBD actually start out as CBG- it’s effectively the parent chemical through which all oils, topicals, and e-juices are possible. 

Amazingly research into CBG is still in its infancy, with CBD hogging the limelight over the past few years. This hasn’t deterred the research team at Steve’s Goods though, and studies have shown that CBG can be effective in a whole host of applications, from IBS to depression (1). What really excites us is that it can also help with focus and clarity. Using the right techniques allows Steve’s Goods to infuse their CBG Oil with a 20/1 mix of CBD to CBG, without any THC or other psychoactive compounds. 

Steve’s Goods strive for transparency and education, so each CBG product comes with its own lab report. Steve and his team are so passionate about the positive effects of CBG they even hold ‘CBG Ceremonies’, where industry leaders are invited to take CBD together and compare notes. Add to this their extensive FAQ section and responsive live-chat on their website, and we’re beginning to see just how dedicated they are to hemp education. The benefit for us is well-researched, high-quality products produced by a company that is at the very front of the CBG pack.

The Products- Steve’s Goods CBG Oil + Gummies

The two main products we’re absolutely loving right now are Steve’s Goods CBG Oil and their CBD gummies, so let’s take a look. If you want to see the products in action, check out our review video as well. As always make sure to like and subscribe for more great content!

First up we have Steve’s Goods CBG Oil. Each bottle is 30mL and comes in 3 CBD strengths- choose from either 500mg, 1000mg or 2500mg of THC Free Distillate with up to 75mg-150mg of CBG per bottle. The packaging and bottle itself are simple, well branded and high quality, which is a great start. 

Steve’s Goods may be heavily invested in their research, but that doesn’t take away from the flavor. If anything it helps it- their FAQ even has a section on the terpenes they have carefully selected, which is essential for the underpinning aroma of their oil. It comes in 5 distinct flavors- the old favorites Blueberry, Pineapple, Watermelon, as well as two more earthy and rich flavor profiles, Terpin Gorilla and OG Hemp. The last two are a great nod to more traditional oils and taste fantastic in their own right. Overall, an excellent selection in both flavor and potency.

We mentioned that what intrigues us the most about the effects of CBG is the mental clarity it brings. Steve’s Goods CBG Oil is one of the few products on the market currently using CBG at these levels and that’s what really makes this oil unique. A lot of us suffer from stress and anxiety in our daily lives and use a variety of CBD supplements for this very reason. With such a focus on the mental benefits of CBG, Steve’s Goods leading the field. In fact with the right dosage, don’t be surprised if you keep coming back for more!

Like any CBD based supplement, Steve’s Goods CBG Oil wears off over time. For us, this makes Steve’s Goods CBD Gummies the perfect companion. 5 gummies per pot may not sound like much but as each hefty gummy comes packed with 30mg of CBD, it’s more than enough for most uses. You may even want to follow our lead and cut each gummy into lower doses which makes them an excellent top-up to your daily routine. 

Just like the oil, a lot of love has gone into making sure each hand-poured gummy tastes seriously good. Each pot comes with 5 flavors- Orange, Grape, Fruit Punch, Lemon, and Watermelon, and thanks to the careful selection and cultivation of the right terpenes they taste as good as they look. As with all of the edibles made by Steve’s Goods, they’re also vegan, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free! 

Final Thoughts- are Steve’s Goods CBG Oil + Gummies for me?

With any new product trying to break into an established market, trying to find out whether it’s right for you can be difficult at best. That’s why we’re so grateful to Steve’s Goods and the team- their unwavering commitment to education and a well-informed customer base aren’t just pretty words. Their website is packed with clear, easy to digest guides on their full range, as well as an easily accessible library of all their 3rd party lab reports. This dedication to accountability is something we’re seeing more and more with larger companies, so when a smaller outfit like Steve’s Goods steps up as well, you know they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Don’t just take our word for it- click the link below to see for yourself. If 200 plus positive reviews weren’t enough, a dedicated live-chat team is on hand to answer your questions while you browse. Both Steve’s Goods CBG Oil and CBD Gummies are an excellent addition to your current regimen- just don’t be shocked when they become your number one source of CBD and CBG based supplements!

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