Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman
Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

Smokiez is one of the most notable brands in the THC edibles space. Having performed well in the recreational cannabis market, this trailblazing brand now also offers CBD edibles. The quality of this company’s THC gummies hasn’t slackened, however, and in fact, Smokiez now offers more flavors of cannabis-infused gummies than ever before.

While this review is for Smokiez’ Blackberry gummies, we also tried this brand’s Sour Tropical and Blue Jamberry flavors. We highly recommend every flavor that Smokiez has to offer—learn what we thought about the presentation, flavor, and effects of these delicious and surprisingly effective THC gummies.


Ranked 4 of 17 in Edibles for Flavor/Light High

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  • Los Angeles

Good for

  • Sharing with friends
  • Laughing
  • During the day


  • 10mg THC


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 4/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 4.8








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

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After indulging in Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies perhaps a little bit more than is wise, we’re confident that this impressive edible deserves an overall score of 4.8 out of 5. From the packaging to the flavor to the effects of these gummies, we found very little to complain about. Like all orally ingested THC products, however, the activation time of our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies left something to be desired.


Flavor Profile

As is the sign of a high-quality THC edible, our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies didn’t have a strong cannabis taste. While the flavor of THC extract was there if you searched for it, the taste of fresh blackberry was much more potent.

Slightly sour and invitingly sweet, our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies had a light, enjoyable texture, and they were easy to chew. Coated with a thin layer of sugar, these cannabis gummies didn’t stick together, and they were offered in a simple pouch that was easy to open and reseal.

Activation Time

Even the best cannabis edibles take a long time to kick in. We only ate one 10mg gummy at first, and we noticed the effects of our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummy after around 40 minutes, and the effects lasted for about two hours.

The effects of a single Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummy were surprisingly profound. There are lots of ways to produce THC extract and formulate it into gummies, and some are better than others. Our guess is that Smokiez has determined a highly effective way of offering THC in gummy form.

Wanting to understand the full potential of our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies, we tried taking two gummies at once the following day. At 20mg THC, our Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies were almost too intense. However, they kicked in within the same time window and lasted just as long as a single gummy.

We also assessed the activation time and effects of Smokiez’ Sour Tropical and Blue Jamberry THC gummies. We didn’t notice any difference between these gummies and the Blackberry flavor aside from their taste.

Here’s what you should know about the activation time and effects of Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies:

  • Effects kicked in after around 40 minutes
  • Both 10mg and 20mg doses provided effects that lasted around 2 hours
  • Each flavor we tried provided similar effects

About the Product

Smokiez is a popular provider of affordable THC gummies in California and beyond. Compared to other gummies on the market, Smokiez edibles can sometimes be less than half the price. A quick look at the ingredients of this brand’s gummies shows why.

While other THC gummy brands focus heavily on safe, natural ingredients, Smokiez gummies contain the same sort of ingredients that you’d expect to find in run-of-the-mill candy. Featuring sugar, corn syrup, and artificial food dyes, there’s nothing natural or organic about Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies or any of the other gummy flavors this brand offers.

For us, this wasn’t much of an issue since we only use THC edibles sparingly to begin with. You should know, however, that there’s a definitive reason that a 100mg bag of Smokiez THC gummies only costs $20 or less.

Here are the key highlights you should keep in mind regarding Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies:

  • Affordable gummies with average potency
  • Average ingredients
  • 100mg THC per $20 bag of gummies
  • 10mg per gummy

Target Audience

Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies are ideal for cannabis consumers who want to enjoy the effects of tasty edibles without paying top-dollar. If you’re the type of person who only shops at Whole Foods or considers a week without a visit to your local food co-op a week wasted, you might want to choose a more high-brow gummy option.

In our experience, however, Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies were remarkably effective, and while certainly sweet, they didn’t taste unnatural or unpleasant. Cannabis edible snobs might be disappointed in the ingredients included in Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies, but average recreational cannabis users will be perfectly satisfied with what these affordable edibles have to offer.

Best Dosage

We found that a single 10mg Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummy provided the best dosage for our needs. If you’re using these edibles for a serious purpose, you might want to take more at a time. We were impressed, however, by the relatively potent effects that just one Smokiez THC gummy provided.

  • AromaExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • TextureExceptional
  • EffectsExceptional
  • Activation TimeExceptional
Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies
Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies Product Information

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  • Convenience
  • Flavor
  • Activation time
  • Effects
  • Price


  • Only 10mg per gummy
Rated 4.8 Stars by 232 Customers

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Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies
Smokiez Blackberry THC Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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