Receptra Naturals Brand Review

Receptra Naturals Brand Review
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  • Flavor - 96%
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Receptra Naturals Brand Review

When it comes to the great range of best-quality CBD products sold by Receptra Naturals, it’s hard to choose between them. Whether you ultimately opt for their great Health and Wellness range, or something from their pro range, you’re guaranteed to be receiving the very best CBD on the market today.

Receptra Naturals is a company that’s all about helping you to support an active and healthy lifestyle, with zero compromises when it comes to your quality of life. According to their website, Receptra aims to give its customers “Optimal mental and physical performance” through their fantastic range of CBD Oils, Topicals, and Lip Balm. They also sell some great CBD products for pets, and their proprietary blend of all-natural Hemp Oils hit the mark every time. They offer three great CBD Concentrations in their CBD Oils: Active, Elite and Pro – depending on your specific needs – and all of their CBD is extracted from premium hemp plants; all grown on family-run farms in Colorado.

Another great thing about Receptra Natural’s best CBD products is the fact that they submit all of their CBD Extract for third-party lab testing. This means that this is a CBD company that provides lab results to their customers without question and in the most transparent way possible. Receptra employs 100% organic practices when it comes to sourcing the CBD they use in their products and each plant is carefully selected by hand to ensure only the finest-quality CBD Extract makes it to your doorstep.

In this Receptra Naturals Review, we are taking a look at Receptra Natural’s best CBD Products as well as proudly introducing the Receptra Naturals Coupon Code to save you a generous 15% on your purchase at checkout.

The Receptra Naturals team are a dedicated bunch of individuals who pride themselves on selling the best CBD products available anywhere in the world. They reportedly posses proprietary genetics when it comes to their hemp plants, and that’s good news at it means they only extract their CBD from the best hemp plants on the farm. Additionally, Receptra Naturals only uses the choice flowers from the plant for their CBD Products, excluding any seeds, stalks or stems that are in the mix at harvest. They sell CBD Oil Tinctures – made with the finest quality MCT Oil as the carrier substance, as well as CBD Topical Creams and Lip Balms.

Receptra Natural’s high-end CBD Tincture is intended for professionals and athletes who suffer from pain and inflammation related to physical exertion. Their great CBD Cream contains turmeric extract which is known to reduce inflammation, and there are other choices available if you simply want the feel-good factor and aren’t suffering from a specific medical ailment or condition. Receptra tests all their batches of CBD Extract separately and share those results regularly in the most transparent way possible on their website.

So without further-a-do, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and best CBD products sold by this fantastic company. Also, keep an eye out for the great 15% discount off the whole range of Receptra’s products offered at the end of this article.

Best CBD Products

When it comes to the great range of best-quality CBD products sold by Receptra Naturals, it’s hard to choose between them. Whether you ultimately opt for their great Health and Wellness range, or something from their pro range, you’re guaranteed to be receiving the very best CBD on the market today. Let’s break down a few of Receptra’s most popular products and take a closer look inside the bottle.

Receptra Health and Wellness

Receptra’s Health and Wellness range is the perfect culmination of finest CBD extract mixed with top-shelf MCT Oil, and a light, refreshing Mint-Berry flavor. It comes in two concentrations – Prime and Plus – and is ideal for those who are new to the world of CBD and just starting out. This product is intended for those who are interested in advanced health and wellness, and who want to incorporate CBD into their daily healthcare regime. Receptra recommends starting with 1/4 of a dropper of CBD and holding it under the tongue for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. They recommend slowly increasing your intake daily until you feel the full effects of the CBD in your system.

Receptra Body Butter

Receptra Naturals Body Butter

Receptra’s Body Butter is a much-loved product in their range, and that’s for good reason. You can treat your skin to an amazing treat when you apply just a small amount of this topical. It contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants and essential nutrients that leaves your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. It also stimulates the body’s natural ability to restore youthfulness in the skin and leave you looking younger and feeling great. Each container or Receptra Body Butter is packed with a generous 400 mg of CBD and has a gentle aroma of jasmine and camphor.

Receptra Targeted Topical

Receptra’s Targeted Topical cream is a special product that can help people with physically demanding lifestyles or athletic types who work out a lot. This great topical instantly fends off muscle and joint irritation including inflammation and keeps your body feeling great and performing at its optimal level. It goes on the skin effortlessly and leaves no residue or oily feeling. It also smells great incorporating the soothing aromas of jasmine and Ylang Ylang – intended to relax body and mind. The Receptra Targeted Topical is massaged onto clean, dry skin daily or when needed. It can be applied in a general way or more specifically to target irritated muscles and joints.

Receptra CBD Lip Balm

Receptra Naturals CBD Lip Balm

Chapped lips can be very annoying, and people who suffer from them – usually during the winter – will tell you just how annoying they can be. However, there are those who prefer not to apply chemicals to their delicate lips, but most lip balms available from the pharmacy or local store are packed full of things like steroids and other chemicals. CBD Lip Balms are the latest things in skincare, and many people have reported some stunning results from using it. Receptra’s CBD Lip Blam contains naturally occurring cannabinoids combined with Golden Jojoba Oil, Shorea Butter, and Vitamin E oil. This amazing mix of natural ingredients leaves lips feeling soft, supple and moisturized throughout the day.


We’re about to offer you a fantastic 15% off the full range of Receptra Naturals’ CBD products, but first, we have some more good news. While all of their amazing CBD Oils and Topicals are top-shelf items offering numerous benefits, Receptra has one of the most robust quality tracking systems for their CBD in the world. On their website, you can trace your Receptra product to its source and also find the original CErtificate of Analysis for the product you wish to purchase or have already bought. As such, you can feel relaxed and enjoy true peace of mind knowing that the CBD you are taking or giving to your pets is 100% organic, safe and healthy.

But what about that great CBD Coupon Code offering 15% off the Receptra Naturals range that we keep talking about?

All you need to do is to enter the code “BESTDOSAGE” on the checkout page of the Receptra Naturals website, and you automatically get a generous 15% off the items in your cart

That’s a fantastic option for people wanting to try CBD for the first time as well as those who may be interested in a one-time bulk purchase to save serious money in the long-run.

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