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Pure MediCanna

We are seriously impressed by these two products from Pure MediCanna, and you should be too. With a whole host of companies trying to find a niche in the CBD market, Pure MediCanna is playing their position well through education and affordability.


We’ve touched on topical CBD in previous reviews, but we’re seriously excited about what the team at Pure MediCanna has created recently. Today we’ll be taking a look at Pure MediCanna’s CBD Salve and CBD Oil, and what makes them so special. However before we get into that, who is Pure MediCanna, and why should you choose them for your topical supplements? 

Pure MediCanna was created in 2016 by two brothers who had seen the benefits of CBD first hand. One of the founders had suffered a particularly painful athletic injury and wondered if CBD might be able to help. After heading to a local dispensary in California he was blown away by just how well CBD helped with the pain. It was love at first salve, and even his doctors were amazed by his rate of recovery.

There was just one problem- the cost. CBD at the time was fairly expensive in California, but this didn’t deter the Pure MediCanna founders. They began traveling to hemp farms across 3 states to find a strain- and price point- that could represent their brand. They finally partnered with an industrial hemp farm in southern Colorado that specializes in organic, pesticide-free hemp and MediCanna was born. Affordable, organic CBD was the goal, and we’re happy to say they’ve achieved it.

Since 2016 there has been a lot of new entrants to the CBD market, and Pure MediCanna has watched the rise and fall of a whole list of competitors in the last 3 years. Many of the new brands that appeared almost overnight were flooding the market with incorrectly labeled packaging and lower-quality products. So how are MediCanna building trust in quality CBD?

One word- accountability. Now that they had an organic and affordable strain, they needed the reviews and lab results to back this up. This is something we love about Pure MediCanna- each product is tested not once, but twice by 3rd party labs before it even hits the shelves. They’ve even added a QR code to their labels. Pick your chosen CBD supplement off the shelf, scan the code, and in a few seconds, you have access to all relevant lab results for that product. Consumer minded behavior like this is what causes us to sit up and take notice, as well as MediCanna’s mission to educate their customers in a broader sense. Their CBD Learning Center is full of useful articles and their FAQ section is full of valuable information for first-time users.

With quality, affordability and accountability all being major motivators for Pure MediCanna, it’s no surprise that we love their CBD Salve and CBD Oil. But what are they like first hand? Let’s take a look.

The Products: Pure MediCanna CBD Salve + CBD Oil

When it comes to targeted pain relief, Pure MediCanna’s CBD salve is our current go-to choice for good reason. The 2oz glass jar comes in 3 different CBD strengths- 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. The jar is good quality, and the label has that all-important QR code for quick access to it’s most recent testing results. A great start even before we’ve opened the lid. 

The CBD salve itself has a gorgeous golden, straw-like color and what can only be described as a ‘rustic’ texture. This might seem strange, but the ingredients that create this almost grainy quality speak for themselves. Pure MediCanna CBD Salve contains all-natural ingredients- full spectrum CBD, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and natural vanilla extract. These all blend together to make a product that is not only non-GMO and 100% natural, but also smells and feels fantastic.

The effects are almost instant and with the range of strengths available, you’re going to find it invaluable for anything from post-work-out twinges to chronic pain. The helpful instructions on the label advise you to apply it liberally, but we found that even a small amount can achieve the desired effect.

It’s a potent salve that achieves its purpose quickly with minimal mess- it absorbs into the skin well without any residual stickiness and a subtle aroma brought about by the vanilla extract. Add to that the full lab reports and positive customer feedback, and you can see why it’s in our cabinet right now. 

Pure MediCanna CBD Brand Review

We opted to purchase the Pure MediCanna CBD Salve and CBD Oil combination bundle, and we’re glad we did. The bundle package addresses both the beneficial internal and external factors of CBD while being balanced enough to appeal to new and high tolerance users alike.

Pure MediCanna CBD Oil comes in a range of strengths from 100mg all the way up to 2000mg, so whether you’re just beginning to discover CBD or are a seasoned veteran, you’re going to find something that suits your tolerance. We found that just one drop of the higher strengths in the morning was enough to keep us where we wanted to be throughout the day, with top-ups from the salve when needed. We also loved that it has a pleasantly subtle mint taste that works well with full-spectrum CBD- no bitter after-taste.

Each 30ml bottle is made with 99% plus pure CBD isolate and organic MCT Oil. It’s non-GMO and all-natural just like the salve, and when used together these two products met all of our CBD needs throughout the day. As always if you want to see more of these products in action, check out our review video as well and make sure to like and subscribe for more great content!

Final thoughts- well balanced, as all good things, should be.

We are seriously impressed by these two products from Pure MediCanna, and you should be too. With a whole host of companies trying to find a niche in the CBD market, Pure MediCanna is playing their position well through education and affordability. You only need to look at their informative attitude and product range to see that they’re in favor of appealing to everybody, as opposed to chasing one particular demographic. First time user? Check out their Learning Center. Long-time CBD advocate? The higher potencies are sure to grab your attention. 

This balanced approach is clearly working well for Pure MediCanna. The reviews section below each product makes for affirmatively positive reading, with high praise coming from a satisfied spin class attendee right next to a chronic Arthritis sufferer. While they may be from completely different ends of the CBD user demographic, what they have in common is an appreciation for a quality product that suits their individual needs. 

See for yourself. You can either head to their website to see what’s on offer or contact their friendly customer service department to ask your own questions. Either way, we’re confident that just like us you’ll be using Pure MediCanna’s CBD Salve and CBD Oil in no time at all.

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