Project Cannabis SOMA is a relatively new dispensary in San Francisco’s Soma neighborhood. A literal hole in the wall, Project Cannabis SOMA isn’t the place to go when you want a big selection. Plus, there is literally no parking anywhere near this dispensary, so prepare to approach on foot. We don’t have much to say either positive or negative about the budtenders, but we do appreciate the relatively low (for SF) pricing and plentiful discounts.


  • Parking: 1/5
  • Budtenders: 4/5
  • Selection: 2/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Overall: 2.4/5

What is Project Cannabis SOMA San Francisco?

Project Cannabis SOMA is the latest of four dispensaries spread throughout California. There’s also a Project Cannabis in North Hollywood, Studio City, and Downtown LA, so if you end up liking what you see at Project Cannabis SOMA, you might want to give these other locations a shot as well. From what we’ve seen, though, it looks like every Project Cannabis dispensary is pretty small.

  • Chain of 4 dispensaries
  • Every location is pretty small

Where is Project Cannabis SOMA located?

Project Cannabis SOMA is conveniently located in the Soma district of San Francisco. Located right off the freeway in an area with copious public transit, Project Cannabis SOMA is easy to get to if you don’t have a car. If you’re driving, though, forget about it. Anyone who has driven in San Francisco before understands that, sometimes, it’s easier just to hoof it anyway.

  • Central location in Soma district
  • Very hard to get to by car, though

Is Project Cannabis SOMA San Francisco a good dispensary?

We like Project Cannabis SOMA for what it is, but we can’t help but feel a little disappointed nonetheless. There’s very limited space in this dispensary, but we feel like the staff could have used it a little bit better and represented more products.

  • Very small dispensary
  • Not a lot of product selection

What products does Project Cannabis SOMA San Francisco carry?

Project Cannabis SOMA has a very small selection of top-shelf cannabis products. Fitting with the San Francisco mystique, the products Project Cannabis SOMA stocks are usually as dank as they are expensive. There are a few budget options in each product category as well, though.

  • A small selection of popular products
  • Most products are high-quality at least

What is the best thing to get at Project Cannabis SOMA San Francisco?

Project Cannabis SOMA is likely to offer something that at least closely approximates what you’re looking for. One of the weirdest things about this dispensary, though, is that customers can physically touch products before buying them. We thought this was against state regulations, so we’re not sure what the story is here.

  • They have $35 eighths that are pretty good
  • Look for an ultra-popular product, and this dispensary is likely to have it

Is Project Cannabis SOMA the most popular dispensary in San Francisco?

No, as one of the newest dispensaries in the downtown San Francisco area, Project Cannabis SOMA hasn’t had a chance to accumulate as many reviews as some of the giants in the area. We’re not sure if this dispensary will ever reach any considerable degree of popularity due to its small size and poor location.

  • No, it’s pretty small and out-of-the-way

Is Project Cannabis SOMA the best dispensary in San Francisco?

No, we would have to say that Project Cannabis SOMA is a far cry from being the best dispensary in San Francisco or even the best dispensary in the Soma neighborhood. With a minimal selection, so-so budtenders, and questionable policies, you might want to pass on Project Cannabis SOMA the next time you’re re-upping in San Francisco.

  • We aren’t big fans