Pass the joint, man. Sometimes nothing hits the spot better than cannabis rolled up the old-fashioned way — and why roll it yourself when you can have someone else do it for you? We’ll be honest in saying that THC pre-rolls are often hit-and-miss, and you’ll find we’ve been even more honest in our reviews of the best (and worst) pre-rolled cannabis joints on the market.

Verano Swift Lifts Mag Landrace Mini Pre-Roll Pack

Verano Swift Lifts Mag Landrac...

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Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower transparent

Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

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Canndescent Charge Transparent

Canndescent Charge Pre-Roll 6-...

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Lowell Smokes Chill Indica THC Pre-Rolls

Lowell Smokes Chill Indica THC...

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