Weed shouldn’t be your life coach. In the right context, however, a little bit of cannabis can give you motivation to go the extra mile. Combined with the naturally relaxing, blissful effects of THC, this collection of mostly sativa cannabis products is the perfect place to look for a little something to take the edge off and unlock your hidden potential.

Verano Swift Lifts Mag Landrace Mini Pre-Roll Pack

Verano Swift Lifts Mag Landrac...

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PTS THC Capsules

PTS Pure Essentials 10mg Chill...

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Craft Elixirs Watermelon Kiwi Gummies

Craft Elixirs Watermelon Kiwi ...

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Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live R...

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Burnwell Candy 1g Jack Vape

Burnwell Candy Jack 1g Live Re...

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ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500m...

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Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower transparent

Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

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Coastal Sun Sour Strawberry THC Flower Transparent

Coastal Sun Sour Strawberry TH...

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Kings Garden Blue Dream

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Canndescent Charge Transparent

Canndescent Charge Pre-Roll 6-...

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