The Reefinery is one of the oldest and most popular medical/recreational cannabis dispensaries in the Van Nuys neighborhood. Offering a wide range of California’s most beloved THC and CBD products, The Reefinery has recently grown into a multi-dispensary empire.

There are lots of ways you can get your hands on The Reefinery’s cannabis, but this time, we decided to go with WeedMaps. This dispensary-finder’s cannabis delivery service gives competitors like Eaze and Amuse a run for their money, but communication issues between WeedMaps and partnered dispensaries might make some customers feel disgruntled.

Read on to learn more about the cannabis products we bought from The Reefinery and our experience having them delivered by Weedmaps.

What is The Reefinery?

Occupying a spacious corner lot in Van Nuys, The Reefinery has been in business since 2006: more than a decade before the advent of recreational cannabis in California. As a result, many local residents have a soft spot for The Reefinery, which continues to run a medical cannabis co-op in addition to servicing adults 21 years or older.

We used to enjoy going inside The Reefinery, but the dispensary itself has encouraged customers to use its delivery service instead. Sure enough, The Reefinery has set up its own delivery service through its website, but you can also order from The Reefinery using other cannabis delivery options.

What is WeedMaps cannabis delivery?

Often forgotten amidst more-popular competitors like Eaze and Amuse, WeedMaps has nonetheless incorporated a fully functioning and very convenient cannabis delivery service into its website and mobile app. Many cannabis users already rely on WeedMaps for information on strains and dispensary reviews, so including the ability to make delivery orders within the WeedMaps ecosystem makes a lot of sense.

Newer than some competitors in the space, WeedMaps delivery is nonetheless a surprisingly streamlined service. We had a few hiccups along the way, but suffice to say this was the first time we’ve ever had weed delivered in a Tesla.

How to order from The Reefinery using WeedMaps—step-by-step

We found the process of ordering from The Reefinery using WeedMaps to be very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you’ll take:

1. Find The Reefinery on the WeedMaps website or mobile app

WeedMaps has made it easy to find its new delivery service. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, you’ll see a tab titled “Deliveries.” Click this tab, then search for “The Reefinery” to select this dispensary.

2. Choose the products you want, and add them to your cart

You’ll then be able to select from a lineup of products The Reefinery currently offers. Choose what you’d like, and add it to your cart.

3. Verify your identity with photo ID to checkout

Navigate to checkout by clicking or tapping the cart icon. Submit your order once it looks good, and provide photo ID verification if this is your first time ordering from WeedMaps.

4. Track your order

WeedMaps will send you notifications throughout the fulfillment and delivery process. This weed delivery service uses Fleet, one of the most robust and streamlined order tracking apps.

5. Pay upon delivery

Verify your identity one last time, and pay your delivery driver in cash when they arrive. Tips are always appreciated.

Our Reefinery/WeedMaps delivery experience

We had no trouble ordering weed using WeedMaps. As long-time WeedMaps users, we felt comfortable trusting this site with delivering our cannabis products. We received three SMS messages within 10 minutes of placing our order. One thanked us for our order, the second told us the order was being packed, and the third confirmed our order had just gone out for delivery.

Now, it’s time to convey the single negative aspect of this otherwise 10/10 review. Right before our order went out for delivery, we received a call from The Reefinery indicating WeedMaps had applied too many discounts and that $50 was being added to our order total.

So, definitely not what we wanted to hear, but understandable. Communication between weed delivery services and dispensaries continues to be problematic for every company that currently delivers cannabis, but this was the first time we’d been told our order would cost more than we were quoted.

We received the Fleet tracking link 11 minutes before delivery. Right before he arrived, our delivery guy called to let us know he was almost there. The moment his Tesla pulled up, we received a text indicating our order had arrived for delivery.

All told, it was 40 minutes from the moment we clicked “place order” to the moment WeedMaps delivered our Reefinery order. Our delivery guy was friendly and helpful, and it’s a sign a company treats their drivers well when they pull up to deliver weed in Teslas.

Is The Reefinery a good dispensary?

Yes, the products delivered by WeedMaps confirmed our opinion that The Reefinery is one of the best dispensaries to rely on in the Van Nuys area. Offering a wide selection of popular THC flower, edibles, and concentrates, The Reefinery charges reasonable prices and seems to always have a lot of great products in stock.

Should I order weed using WeedMaps?

Though you can order directly from the Reefinery website, you might prefer the streamlined approach WeedMaps offers. In our experience, WeedMaps offered the same quality as competing weed deliverers like Eaze and Amuse. Some customers have noted, on the other hand, issues using The Reefinery’s custom-made online ordering interface.

Where is The Reefinery located?

Reefinery has locations in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and Tarzana. This dispensary’s original location in Van Nuys is the largest and most popular. When you make a Reefinery order for delivery, your delivery service will select the closest Reefinery location that has the items you ordered in stock.

Which Reefinery location is best?

Reviewers generally agree that the Reefinery location in Van Nuys is the nicest to visit. With The Reefinery and other dispensaries requiring masks and imposing other COVID-related rules, though, ordering online is often a better option. Various cannabis delivery services, including WeedMaps, Amuse, Eaze, and The Reefinery itself offer delivery from Reefinery dispensaries to locations throughout the LA metro area.