Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

written by Samuel Popejoy
Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

written by Samuel Popejoy

We never thought pre-rolls could be this bad. These nondescript “Sativa” pre-rolls from unheard-of California cannabis producer Old Pal tasted awful, and they didn’t even seem to have any notable effects. Plus, the packaging was so boring a child could have made it — not to mention accidentally get into it.


Ranked 9 of 9 in Pre-Rolls for Effect

Available in

  • Los Angeles

Good for

  • Nothing


  • .5g THC per joint


Convenience: 1/5
Flavor: 1/5
Activation time: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Price: 1/5
Best Dosage Score: 1








Head High Very Weak

Body High Very Weak


Our Old Pal pre-rolls came in a generic black plastic container that at least blocked out UV light and preserved freshness. It was clear to see from a glance, however, that minimal thought or effort had gone into the production of these pre-rolls, which only became more glaringly obvious once we lit one up.

  • Terrible product
  • Headache after smoking
  • Horrible flavor
  • Packaging sucked too

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  • Focused: 1/5 
  • Relaxed: 1/5
  • Euphoric: 1/5
  • Relief: 1/5
  • Energized: 1/5


We feel like Old Pal should have paid us to smoke these pre-rolls. Since they only contained low-quality trim anyway, selling these pre-rolls is basically just recycling a waste product.

  • Price: $7
  • Value: 1/5

Activation & Duration

Sure, there was THC in our Old Pal pre-rolls, and we noticed its effects almost immediately. Pre-rolls are tricky birds, however, and if the plant material isn’t high-quality enough, the smoke produced will be so acrid and hard to get down that any potential effects will be majorly diminished.

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Effects lasted for: No pleasant effects to speak of


We suppose there’s something inherently convenient about slipping a small canister of pre-rolls in your pocket whenever you want to have a smoke handy. This is a terrible product, though, that’s only worth buying for the semi-reusable container it comes in.

  • Sold in: LA, SF, SD, Tahoe, Sacramento, Palm Springs
  • Packaging: 1/5

Flavor & Aroma

We can’t say enough negative things about the flavor and aroma of these Old Pal Sativa pre-rolls. They were downright disgusting, and we wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Any underlying deliciousness of the cannabis plant was drowned out by sub-par cultivation and processing.

  • Flavor: 1/5

Best Dosage

Stick to one joint per session. Prepare to be unable to make it through a single repulsive joint, though.


Target Audience

Old Pal is targeting smokers on a budget with these low-quality pre-rolls. You’re just throwing money away, though, if you buy Old Pal joints. There are lots of pre-rolls out there for around the same price that deliver a lot more bang for your buck.

Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls FAQ

1. Are Old Pal pre-rolls good?

No, Old Pal pre-rolls are among the worst joints we’ve ever smoked. We would heartily recommend that you stay far away from these low-quality pre-rolls. There are plenty of better options out there in the same price range.

2. Do Old Pal pre-rolls get you high?

Amazingly enough, no, Old Pal pre-rolls do not appear to be intoxicating. As a THC-rich cannabis product, you’d expect Old Pal’s pre-rolls to get you high, but the clouds of smoke we managed to choke down seemed about as effective as the bag of catnip your friend’s older brother sold you in high school.

3. Are Old Pal pre-rolls worth it?

No, Old Pal pre-rolls are not worth any amount of money. Targeted at lower-income smokers, Old Pal joints contain the worst-quality flower imaginable, which wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t plenty of other $7 pre-roll 2-packs in California that are so much better.

  • PricePoor
  • PackagingPoor
  • On-the-goPoor
  • Ease of usePoor
  • DosagePoor
Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack
Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack Product Information

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THC Dosage

1 Joint



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Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack
Old Pal Sativa Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

written by Samuel Popejoy

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