Oki CBD Water & CBD Iced Tea Review

Oki CBD Iced Tea
Written by Chad W


The US drinks market has seen investments in CBD development from names such as AB Inbev and Coca-Cola. With all this potential, it’s reassuring to see products like Oki leading the charge.

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When you think of CBD, chances are you think of oil vaping. But CBD Infused Drinks? Not so much. A new CBD soft drink range called Oki is trying to change that, and so far it’s succeeding. So what is Oki, and why should CBD Soda be on your wishlist? 

The name Oki was ‘inspired by a small island off the coast of Japan, where an ancient archeological site shows signs of hemp crop cultivation from as far back as 8000 BC’, according to their website. Oki’s own beginning is slightly more recent, having been created by parent company Phivida in 2018. 

Oki CBD Water

Any new product needs a strong start, especially within the CBD industry. Thankfully it was given just that. Phividia already has a strong reputation for high-quality CBD capsules, and enough financial clout to get Oki off the ground. “We created the Oki line as a powerful new offering that restores balance and focus to our everyday lives when we need it most,” said Jim Bailey, CEO of Phivida at the product’s launch,  “whether during recovery from a workout or getting ready for the day ahead”.

That all sounds very good, but how effective are CBD water and CBD soda? We’ve taken the Oki water-infused CBD range and put it to the test. Check out the video below to see the products in action.



Oki CBD Iced Tea

According to Oki, these CBD iced teas were designed to help you feel serene, harmonious, and relaxed. The flavors definitely double-down on this theme- choose between Honey Tranquil, Lemon Ginger Harmony, Raspberry Serene, and Mint Relax. Each 16 fl oz bottle is fully recyclable and contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD. Oki CBD Iced Tea is also vegan friendly, all-natural, plant-based, and non-GMO. From the packaging to the ingredients, it’s definitely a strong start. 

We chose Lemon Ginger Harmony and weren’t disappointed. Like any iced tea, it’s better chilled and tastes amazing. It gives off a strong Arizona Iced Tea vibe, and the ginger isn’t too overpowering. Flavor-wise we can’t fault it- this is a full-flavored CBD infused drink that stands well on its own as an iced tea, let alone a tasty CBD product.

Best CBD Iced Tea

The jury is still out on whether water-soluble CBD has any additional benefits to the usual methods, but studies do show that it may increase how well your body absorbs it. There are still plenty of concrete positives to focus on in the meantime, however. Using CBD as a drink is convenient and easy to fit into your normal daily schedule. Each purchase ships as a box of 12 CBD Iced Teas, meaning you’re set for the next couple of weeks. 

Customers love it, with a slew of 5-star reviews available on the product page. ‘Wonderful taste. It became part of my morning routine.’ writes one satisfied Iced Tea drinker. The 3rd lab results are promising too- Oki even has an option to search for a specific test by the batch number on the product. This little extra detail speaks volumes about Phividia’s dedication to transparency, and pride in the product itself.

Overall, the main takeaway here is convenience. This a great tasting CBD drink packed with your favorite ingredient, available at a moment’s notice. Oki CBD Iced Tea is a premium CBD product with a relaxing dose of CBD in every bottle.


Oki CBD Water

Unlike Oki’s sweet iced teas, the Oki CBD Water range is branded as more of a pick-me-up. Each serving is 20mg, packaged in a 16 fl oz bottle that comes in four flavors: Cucumber Mint Fresh, Watermelon Renew, Cranberry Revive, and the aptly named Enhanced Water. As with the CBD Iced Tea, Oki CBD Water is non-GMO, vegan friendly, and all-natural.

Best CBD Water with Fruit

So does CBD water work? Well in a word, yes. The high-quality CBD used in Oki drinks means you’ll receive all the benefits of your usual CBD supplement in one easy to measure dosage. Oki CBD water also claims to ‘refresh, revive and renew’, and early studies are leaning in their favor. Research over the past few years suggests that CBD may help improve concentration and focus. 

Even without this, Oki CBD Water is still fantastic as a pick-me-up. We found that keeping it chilled works best, meaning you get a crisp, fruity, CBD-infused hit with every mouthful. The calming effects of the CBD water are fast-acting, without the nasty after taste of oil or the hassle of vape equipment. Just like the Oki CBD Iced Tea, Oki CBD water is convenient, effective and an excellent way to accurately measure your CBD dosage.


So What’s Next?

Any new industry brings with it innovation, mainly as a way of seeing off competitors and bringing new, exciting products to the marketplace. CBD is no different, and the data shows the CBD market alone could be worth $22 billion by 2022. The US drinks market has seen investments in CBD development from names such as AB Inbev and Coca-Cola. With all this potential, it’s reassuring to see products like Oki leading the charge.



Oki CBD water and Oki CBD Iced Tea are essentially two sides of the same coin- a refreshing CBD water to help you get going, and a sweet Iced Tea to keep you calm and relaxed. The Oki range of CBD infused water is right on the edge of a major change in the CBD industry and they’re positioned well- these are two high-quality CBD products we know you’ll love.

Best CBD Water

The Oki CBD website is full of useful articles about using CBD water in your everyday life, and a helpful FAQ for any general queries about hemp or CBD. Their online customer service is responsive and helpful too. Head over to their shop to check out the products for yourself, and make sure to read through the reviews while you’re there. CBD infused water is here to stay, and Oki is definitely setting the standard.

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