Not Pot CBD Gummies Review – 7 Flavors

Not Pot CBD Gummies
Written by Chad W

The Not Pot story began in 2018. Founded by Kati Holland, Not Pot’s main mission is to remove the stigma and misinformation surrounding hemp. Not Pot’s quirky, socially conscious attitude is more than just marketing, however- the Not Pot Bail Fund pays the bail of one person per month who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. When you buy Not Pot CBD, part of your payment goes to helping those unable to help themselves.

Not Pot is just as serious about their CBD as it is about social causes. Its impressive team of researchers, organic molecular biologists, and scientists have filed at least 46 patents and co-authored over 160 publications, driving the Not Pot mission to shine a light on the benefits of cannabis and CBD.

Through partnering with local Oregon hemp farms, Not Pot products contain high-quality, full-spectrum CBD with zero THC. To guarantee this level of quality each product is subjected to a 3rd party lab test, with the results proudly displayed for all to see. So what happens when you take a socially conscious group of hemp scientists and put them to work with the best CBD in Oregon?

The result is nothing short of impressive. Our previous Not Pot review focused on their old CBD gummies, and we were blown away. When we heard that they have released new CBD gummies with all new flavors, we had to get our hands on some. So what do we think of Not Pot Gummies, and what are customers saying? Check out our video review below, and read on for a full breakdown of each flavor.


Strawberry- Sweet and Jammy

These little red bites are tart, sweet, and good enough to eat! All Not Pot CBD gummies come with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD per bottle, but there’s no bitter CBD aftertaste here. 

What customers think: ‘I have been taking one in the morning and it has definitely helped me manage my anxiety on a daily basis. I got the strawberry flavor, and it tastes great! Can’t wait to try out other flavors’.

Strawberry Not Pot CBD Gummies


Blue Raspberry- Nostalgic Slushie

This gummy provides both high-quality CBD and a trip down memory lane. The refreshing Raspberry flavor balances well with the CBD, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were drinking your favorite slushie from back in the day. The big difference is that unlike the drink, these gummies contain no artificial colorings or flavors.

What customers think: ‘These have been so helpful with my anxiety recently. I’ve had trouble finding CBD products that work for me, and these are the first in a while that taste great and actually work!’

Blueberry Not Pot CBD Gummies


Watermelon- Ripe and Juicy

Ripe may be a bit of a misnomer when talking about CBD gummies, but somehow juicy seems to sum these up rather well. The flavor is refreshing, and they’re a joy to eat. All Not Pot CBD gummies are also gluten-free, meaning we can all enjoy them. 

What customers think: ‘I have been wanting to try these gummies for over a year and was so excited when they came back in stock PLUS in the watermelon flavor! They have a great natural watermelon taste and the gummy’s texture is perfect! I took one before going to bed and fell asleep quickly/ no tossing and turning.’ 

Watermelon Not Pot CBD Gummies


Pineapple- Tropical Vacation

Transport yourself away to somewhere exotic with this tropical CBD gummies. They’re GMO-free and contain absolutely no THC, meaning you can relax without any psychoactive side effects.

What customers think: ‘My mom has severe anxiety and especially now during COVID-19, she’s been experiencing worse anxiety and hasn’t been able to sleep. Got her the pineapple flavor and she said it was great and that it’s been the first time she’s been able to FALL and STAY asleep.’

Pineapple Not Pot CBD Gummies


Green apple- Crisp and Sweet-tart

These apple-flavored CBD gummies are a great way to start your day, or as a convenient snack when you need a top-up. If you love fresh apple flavors, these are the gummies for you. The flavoring is all-natural, meaning just organic CBD goodness in every bite.

What customers think: ‘I ordered the apple gummies and they have been a lifesaver during the quarantine. I find that they really stabilize my anxiety and have reduced the number of times I’ve felt super angry or upset at “irrational” times. Will 100% be ordering more, and the flavor is amazing!!’

Green Apple Not Pot CBD Gummies


Grape- Grown-up Grape Jelly

Grape always seems to be a divisive flavor, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to dislike about these delicious CBD gummies. Like all Not Pot CBD gummies, they contain only vegan-friendly ingredients.

What customers think: ‘These gummies are so helpful for me in just calming those little thoughts that are endlessly floating in my head! The gummies are sweet, yummy, and friendly to animals! (Vegan) what more could I ask for?’

Grape Not Pot CBD Gummies


Elderberry Immunity – with Zinc, Vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins

These gummies combine the benefits of CBD with a whole host of powerful vitamins and minerals. They have been specifically designed to help boost the immune system, something that is increasingly popular in today’s world. They taste fantastic, give your body what it needs and contain premium, full-spectrum CBD- buying these is a no-brainer.

What customers think:  ‘I really like everything about these. Great taste, texture, and benefits. I love the added vitamins and minerals to help boost the immune system. I definitely notice that I feel less anxious and more relaxed when I take 2 to 3 of these. They also help me fall asleep faster and easier when I take them before bed. I would totally recommend trying these out!’

Elder Berry Imunity CBD Gummies


Final Thoughts

CBD gummies may be the only CBD product that Not Pot creates, but this has allowed them to make high-quality CBD gummies their sole focus. If you’re looking for the best CBD gummies available online, you really can’t go wrong with Not Pot. 

Their socially-minded, inclusive approach has resulted in vegan-friendly, non-GMO, lab-tested CBD gummies that taste amazing. Check out the full range here, and make sure you check out the Not Pot reviews while you’re there. 

Not Pot continues to impress us with their CBD gummies, and we think you’ll love them as much as we do!

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