Nabis was a ruler of Sparta. Les Nabis were a turn-of-the-century group of Parisian poets. Nabis (sometimes stylized NABIS) is a jack-of-many-trades servicing the California cannabis supply chain.

Essentially, Nabis recognizes that cannabis products are sometimes hard to get where they need to go. So, Nabis makes it easier for cannabis producers and dispensaries to move products along their merry way with business software and full-service distribution solutions.

Along the way, Nabis periodically provides tidbits of information on the current status of the California cannabis industry. For many prominent cannabis brands, Nabis delivers indispensable success-generating services.

Nabis quick facts

  • Typical startup feel
  • Services a unique niche in the domestic cannabis industry
  • Impressive distribution statistics
  • Handles vast amounts of cannabis on a daily basis

One of the world’s biggest handlers of cannabis

The California cannabis industry is huge. Statista estimates that the California cannabis market will be worth $4.5 billion in 2021, and Nabis handles distribution for a significant chunk of the products involved in California cannabis transactions.

With so much cannabis passing through Nabis’s hands on a daily basis, this company has accumulated some of the most detailed cannabis sales statistics the world has ever seen. To render its panoptic perspective on the California cannabis industry properly, Nabis has resorted to developing its own cannabis software system.

Nabis uses this system to handle its done-for-you distribution services, and this cannabis company also offers its distribution software as a SaaS to California cannabis businesses. Boasting placement in more than 99.95% of California dispensaries, Nabis has its hands in almost every single cannabis transaction in the Golden State.

Provides placement in California dispensaries

Nabis has a few different faces that are all united around a central core. The face Nabis shows cannabis brands desiring to enter the California market is a distributor with access practically everywhere.

Working with Nabis isn’t a guarantee that your products will get into every single dispensary in the vast network Nabis has amassed. It does, however, hitch your brand to the beating heart of the California cannabis industry.

A boost in growth of some degree or another is all but ensured. Many of the industry’s biggest names are members of the Nabis network, and Nabis isn’t shy about throwing around its clout to entice prospective clients.

For a price, Nabis will work tirelessly to take your cannabis product to the number-one spot in the California market. Nabis has the technology and data necessary to get it done methodically and with a minimal margin of error.

Cannabis supply chain software developer

For brands that aren’t quite ready to jump fully on board with Nabis, this company leases its distribution software for a monthly fee. Along the way, Nabis collects usage data to expand its already massive empire of cannabis statistics.

While not as widely advertised, the Nabis distribution software system is the core product around which this company’s massive investment is predicated. Nabis uses the flip side of its licensed SaaS to take care of its core daily operations, making this cyber empire of data and code the true value backing Nabis.

Is Nabis a software-company-turned-distributor or the other way around? All we know is that this company has acquired an epic level of funding and amassed more cannabis data than perhaps any one company ever has before.

Excellent provider of cannabis consulting

For the right price, Nabis will share the insights it has gleaned from its endless gigabytes of transaction data. Nabis is widely regarded as one of the best cannabis market analysts in California, and this company periodically releases reports regarding its industry projections.

Brands that already arrange distribution through Nabis can add consultation as an additional service. Alternatively, California cannabis operators can contract Nabis consultation services without preexisting distribution relationships.

Amasser of massive funding

There’s something about Nabis that makes people want to throw money at it. On the Nabis website’s “Press” page, you can scroll through a seemingly endless list of press releases regarding the latest C-suite shakeups and funding initiatives that Nabis has announced.

For one reason or another, Nabis has already attracted multiple millions of dollars of investment from a variety of different sources. This company now distributes cannabis out of massive warehouses and fields hundreds of wholesale orders per week.

It’s clear that Nabis is shaping itself into the backbone of the California cannabis industry. What’s easier to overlook, however, is the incredibly pertinent role that Nabis will soon have in cannabis data.

California startup through and through

Nabis co-founder Vince Ning cites Amazon Prime as the inspiration behind his company’s standard 36-hour fulfillment time. From every angle imaginable, Nabis is exactly how Silicon Valley would answer the problem of administering California’s cannabis distribution.

Along with the inevitable stereotypes comes a sort of gravitas. The same entrepreneurial spirit behind Nabis built some of today’s greatest tech empires. Unexpectedly echoing the ethos of Walmart, Nabis also clearly understands the importance of having your hands in as many different locations as possible.

Nabis overall score

So far, Nabis hasn’t released very much important information to the public. So, take the overall score of 4.9 out of 5 we award this platform with a grain of salt.

Authority: 5.0/5

Clarity: 5.0/5

Sourcing: 5.0/5

Topics: 4.5/5

Community: 5.0/5

Even without being privy to Nabis’ private consultation services, we know that this platform’s authority on its subject is second to none. Nabis clearly and articulately expresses information on the subjects that it wants to discuss.

From what we’ve seen, Nabis is an authoritative source of California cannabis industry data in its own right. The Nabis blog is pretty bare, and the California-specific cannabis industry is admittedly a relatively narrow topic.

Providing effective distribution and consulting services already improves the health of the California cannabis community. As Nabis scales up, we’ll watch closely for how this company deals with further opportunities to enrich the lives of the thousands of California cannabis consumers it indirectly services every day.