Myriad Wellness CBD Review

Myriad Wellness CBD Review
Written by Chad W

Myriad Wellness CBD

The Myriad Wellness CBD Oil range is our focus today and by the end of this article, we’re confident you’ll be looking forward to your next CBD oil delivery as much we are.


You’ve made the decision to purchase CBD Oil, and now you’re sorting through the options. The problem is, there’s just so much available, and they’re all bombarding you with keywords and phrases that look like they’re lifted straight from a medical textbook. Do you choose CBD Isolate or full-spectrum? Why is CO2 extraction so exciting? What the heck is MCT oil? 

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research. We’ve also gone the extra step of selecting one of our favorite providers; Myriad Wellness. The Myriad Wellness CBD Oil range is our focus today and by the end of this article, we’re confident you’ll be looking forward to your next CBD oil delivery as much we are. In fact, we like these guys so much that we’re offering a 10% discount for your first purchase- read on to get yours!

Why Myriad Wellness? In a marketplace positively overflowing with new products, this is a company that has gone back to basics. They’ve taken the humble CBD Oil delivery system and put some serious effort into ensuring it’s the best it can possibly be. No hype, no gimmicks. Just high quality, affordable oil. 

Myriad Wellness was founded in 2018 by 3 men with a vision- Tyler, Chris, and Julian. While they all had their own separate paths into CBD, they had one thing in common- knowledge. All 3 had years of experience in their respective fields, from cannabis cultivation to health and wellness products. Each founder had seen the positive effects of CBD in their own lives, and Myriad Wellness was born. 

Myriad Wellness CBD Review

A passion for a product they truly believe in is a great start, but what sets Myriad Wellness apart is the attention to detail during production. They believe in simple, high-quality ingredients, and then let the oil speak for itself. To get the best possible CBD for the products they use CO2 extraction.

The methods for extracting the CBD from hemp have become quite specific and scientific, so we won’t go too in-depth. The Cliff Notes are that CO2 extraction is safe and uses no toxic solvents to extract the CBD through temperature and pressure. This creates a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little-to-no post-processing. The end result can be used in a variety of different CBD delivery systems, which helps with overall production costs. It’s this method that makes Myriad Wellness CBD Oil both superior quality and more affordable than other inferior products on the market.

To answer why CBD isolate and other ingredients make this one of our favorite oils right now, we need to look at the product itself. Read on to check it out.


Myriad Wellness CBD Oil: Simplicity refined.

The oil ships in a 30ml sturdy glass pipette bottle, with easy to read instructions on the back. It comes in either 600mg, 1200mg or 2400mg strengths and has the option of either mint or a pure version. We opted for the pure version, and its lack of taste is definitely not a negative. There’s no cloying aftertaste and it goes down well. Most ‘non-flavor’ oils we’ve tried can’t seem to overcome the bitter aftertaste, so how has Myriad Wellness succeeded where so many others haven’t? Let’s take a look at the oil in more detail.


Each bottle of Myriad Wellness CBD Oil has just 2 ingredients- full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil. No additives, coloring, or artificial flavors, and it’s keto-friendly. MCT is a carrier oil derived from coconuts, and is easier to metabolize and converts into energy faster than most other oils. This allows the CBD to be absorbed by your body quicker and more effectively. In short, more bang for your buck! We found that it took around 45 minutes for one drop of the 600mg strength to take effect, and it lasted up to 7 hours. Your own experience may vary depending on your tolerance but with a range of strengths available, finding the right dosage for your own needs couldn’t be easier.

Myriad Wellness has opted for full-spectrum CBD in their oil, which just like the CO2 extraction is a sign of their commitment to quality in the end product. So what’s the difference between this and CBD isolate? In comparison to CBD isolate which contains just CBD, full-spectrum CBD contains the full range of beneficial naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. In a 2015 study, researchers discovered that that full-spectrum CBD offers higher levels of relief than just CBD isolate alone, and we’re seeing an increase in companies taking this route. 

For something so simple, the Myriad Wellness CBD Oil has a pretty exciting product here. They’ve done their research and focused on why we choose CBD in the first place- it’s natural, effective and easy to use. We found this oil to be all of those things, and if our conversations with their customer service department are anything to go by, they think so too. Their website explains the processes they use in a clear, informative manner, and every product is tested by 3rd party labs to ensure transparency and quality. Overall we love this product- check out our review video to see it in action and make sure to like, comment and subscribe for more great content!


Final thoughts: Focusing on what really matters

Devoted is a strong word and one we don’t use lightly, however, it’s hard not to think that is exactly what Myriad Wellness are when it comes to quality ingredients. Instead of adding extras to an already fantastic product, they’ve gone back to the drawing board to ensure what they create is simple and effective. If you’re looking for a superior quality oil that you can be confident in, this is definitely for you. The review section attached to each product is also brilliant, with a repeating theme of 5 stars and happy customers. While review sections on CBD products are far from new, it’s reassuring to see this kind of openness with their customer base. 

They also have a helpful FAQ, and you can read about their rise through the CBD industry in their Our Story section. Both are a nice addition to an already intuitive website and flesh out the company with a nice personal touch. 

They ship across all states, and if your order is over $100, shipping is free! It’s great to see that Myriad Wellness’s attention to detail applies to its deliveries as well- you have the option to create your own account on their website, so you can track your orders before they arrive. Small touches like this aren’t necessary but speak volumes about how well Myriad Wellness understands what we want, and provide it in a simple, user-friendly manner.

If Myriad Wellness has piqued your interest as much as they have ours, head over to their website and check out what they have to offer. Quality over quantity is what these guys are about, and we’re sure you’re going to agree once you try it for yourself. Make sure to use the discount code ‘bestdosage’ at checkout for 10% off your first purchase!

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