Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice, 5 Fun Flavors (Video Review)

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice
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Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice

One thing that becomes apparent when researching Mingo Rad is similarities in opinion. This is a premium product, created by a company driven by a desire to get natural, high-quality CBD into the marketplace. 

Mingo Rad CBD Vape juice has some serious competition but sets itself apart from competitors by guaranteeing the highest quality from seed to vape. 

The flavors are big, the CBD excellent quality and the smoke well balanced. All this is backed by thorough testing and a second to none purchasing experience. 

We love this CBD e-liquid and are confident that it’s a reasonable price point and holistic attention to detail will have you falling in love with it too.

About Mingo Rad

Mingo Rad was created by the very successful CBD brand cbdMD.

cbdMD are leaders in their field for a few reasons. Since being founded in 2015, cbdMD has built a loyal and ever-expanding customer base by focusing on one main purpose, quality. 

As a member of Kentucky’s Industrial Hemp Pilot program, cbdMD work alongside the State’s Department of Agriculture to ensure a product free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and growth-enhancing chemicals.

The decision to opt for  CO2 extraction may be more costly but guarantees a purer, more refined oil that definitely translates well into the end product. The range of CBD consumables is extensive with something for everyone, regardless of your preferred method of using it.  

In addition to these products, their Companion Box shows an understanding of the needs of their customer base that goes beyond the basic service. Pick a selection of oils that’s right for you, and receive a selection for your pet too!

Pride in a high-quality product is by no means rare. However, new companies enter the market place every year. With this in mind, your ability to stand out from the crowd needs to be based on more than just the end result. 

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice

All products at cbdMD are subject to intensive 3rd party testing, keeping the company transparent, accountable and most importantly confident in their product range. 

Each purchase is backed by a responsive customer support team, as well as the (slower) option for free shipping to all states. Combine this with a concerted effort to create an oil that is as natural as possible, and you’ve got a strong foundation for a great range of CBD products. 

In fact, they are so confident in the quality of their naturally sourced CBD that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as standard. With this level of service, lab-approved quality and a genuine desire to produce a product that is as natural as possible, it’s no wonder we’re excited about their recent offering, Mingo Rad.

Overall score

Before we even get into the liquid, let’s talk about the packaging. Each tincture comes in a well-made glass bottle, something that is invaluable for anyone concerned about breakage during shipping, or just your own natural clumsiness. The dropper is high quality too, allowing less spillage and overall loss when topping up. This kind of attention to detail is definitely a good start, and the attention-grabbing brightly colored vials are as aesthetically pleasing as they are well made.

The Mingo Rad range caters to a large cross-section of users, with five distinct flavors coming in 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg dosages.

Product selection on their website is a dream, making it easy to choose between Melon H20, Electric Razz, Coco Key, Mocha AF, and Sugar Cane. Each liquid has its own distinct profile but they do have one thing in common, big flavor. 

Mingo Rad liquids contain a carefully balanced mixture of both Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, allowing a clean, full-bodied smoke that is kind on your vape. 

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice

The CBD content is what you would expect from such an established company, cbdMD have long been known for their naturally grown in-house hemp, and this paired with a high-quality extraction process results in a product that not only tastes good but actually does what it says on the bottle.

In short, cbdMD have created a range of flavors and strengths to suit your own personal needs, while going that extra mile to ensure the end result is befitting of their brand name. 

This is a clean, well-designed product that doesn’t cut corners. From high-quality packaging and a vape friendly liquid to a well researched and vetted CBD oil, what you’re getting here is a well-rounded product that ticks all the boxes. 

Mingo Rad packs a serious punch with big flavors and the kind of pedigree that only comes from an established company passionate about the oils they make.

Best Products

Each CBD e-liquid was tested using the CBDfx vape kit. It’s our favorite at the moment- easy to use, compact and good looking to boot. You can check out why we love the CBDfx range here!

Electric Razz

Our favorite on this list for purely personal reasons, meaning we absolutely loved the taste of this vape liquid. The sweet wild raspberry flavor blends well with the taste of the CBD, and the high-quality juice allows for large clouds packed with a raspberry tang. The packaging is clear and informative, as well as having a funky, 80’s Miami style vibe. 

Mocha AF

A fantastic alternative to your morning coffee, Mocha AF all but explains itself on the bottle. Rich coffee aromas and flavors are what to expect here, all underpinned by a superior CBD isolate. While such a strong flavor profile may not be for everyone, if you’re a caffeine junkie this is the liquid for you. As with all Mingo Rad liquids, it’s available in 300, 750 and 1500mg strengths.

Sugar Cane

cbdMD doesn’t mince words with this liquid, and their website describes Sugar Cane as ‘mouth-watering’. They’re certainly not wrong if you’ve got a sweet-tooth, this is the liquid for you. Pairing the natural sweetness of sugar cane with the earthy CBD is no mean feat, and the end result is a liquid that is as subtle and smooth as it is effective.

Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice


Mingo Rad CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

Don’t just take our word for it, hundreds of consumer reviews, as well as established publications all,  seem to agree here. 

One thing that becomes apparent when researching Mingo Rad is similarities in opinion. This is a premium product, created by a company driven by a desire to get natural, high-quality CBD into the marketplace. 

While any new product that is created by cbdMD has some pretty big shoes to fill, it’s refreshing to see such consistency in a market place saturated with inferior oils. The only negative we can see here is that it’s not yet available outside the states, and even this is subject to change as CBD enters the mainstream. 

This kind of brand loyalty isn’t achieved overnight, a variety of factors have come into play to give Mingo Rad the accolades it deserves. 

Using third-party laboratories to ensure testing is impartial. Utilizing medical grade extraction techniques for their CBD isolate. A customer service department that is as passionate about good service as it is about its products. 

These all come together to create a liquid that will be a go-to for may users long after the hype has died down. The old adage of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is definitely relevant here, but with Mingo Rad’s reasonable pricing structure, cbdMD has set a high bar when it comes to affordable, high-quality CBD e-liquids.

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