Kiva Confections offers some of the most consistent quality, dankness, and deliciousness of any THC edible brand we’ve tried. Based in California, Kiva Confections has rapidly become one of the Golden State’s most popular edible producers, and Kiva gummies and chocolates are now also offered in six additional US states.

For residents of certain California cities, Kiva now offers Kiva Direct delivery through its website. Otherwise, you can order Kiva Confections products using Eaze, Amuse, or pretty much any other cannabis delivery service.

Before you do so, though, you might want to learn the answers to the following frequently asked Kiva Confections questions. Find out how fast Kiva products kick in, where you can buy them, which kinds of THC extracts they contain, and much more.

Are Kiva edibles the best THC edibles?

If Kiva Confections edibles aren’t the best California has to offer, we aren’t sure which brand would take the cake instead. Including impressively high-quality ingredients while delivering potent effects and tasting great all at the same time, we definitely consider Kiva Confections worthy of the title “best THC edible brand.”

Are Kiva edibles stronger than the average edible?

In terms of milligrams of THC, no, Kiva Confections edibles offer relatively average potency. Using high-quality cannabis extract and high concentrations of natural terpenes, however, Kiva Confections edibles offer the entourage effect better than competing products, which might increase their perceived potency.

How long does it take for Kiva edibles to kick in?

We’ve always noted impressively fast activation times when using Kiva Confections edibles. Maybe it’s the terpene-rich extract, or maybe it’s the high-quality, tasty ingredients Kiva uses. Whatever the case may be, Kiva Confections is definitely the brand to trust when you’re hunting for a potent edible that kicks in quickly.

Do all Kiva products kick in at the same time?

We haven’t noticed any considerable differences between the activation times of different Kiva Confections edibles. The longer you keep a CBD edible in your mouth and the more thoroughly you chew it, though, the more potent and fast-acting your experience will be. As a result, products like Kiva’s Camino gummies might kick in somewhat faster since people tend to take their time chewing up gummy candies.

Kiva gummies vs chocolate activation times

When it comes to Kiva Confections edibles activation times, all that matters is the dose you consume and how long you keep your edible in your mouth. THC users tend to notice effects sooner when they take larger doses, and if you leave either a Kiva gummy or a piece of Kiva chocolate in your mouth for a while, larger amounts of THC will uptake into your bloodstream through the mouth’s thin membranes before you swallow.

Does Kiva use full-Spectrum, broad-Spectrum, or isolate THC?

All Kiva Confections products contain full-spectrum THC extract. This makes a big difference since other types of THC extract don’t maximize the benefits of the entourage effect, which seems to make THC, CBD, and every other cannabinoid more potent.

The terpenes in Kiva Confections full-spectrum THC extract also contribute to the unique flavors of each Kiva product. Terpenes are naturally tasty in addition to offering a wide range of benefits.

Kiva’s Lost Farm gummies take things one step further by including live resin THC extract, which preserves the natural terpenes present in hemp flower better than any other type of cannabis concentrate. Cannabis edible newbies might find the flavors and effects of Lost Farm gummies to be a bit overwhelming, though.

Which states sell Kiva products?

Originally, Kiva Confections products were only available in California. In 2021, however, Kiva massively expanded into the following six US states:

  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • Michigan
  • Ohio

All these states offer either recreational or medical cannabis programs. Kiva’s expansion will provide cannabis users throughout the United States with access to some of the best THC edibles ever formulated, raising the bar for local competitors.

Where does Kiva make its products?

Some Kiva Confections products are made in the company’s 13,000 square-foot Oakland, California, production space. Kiva Confections Camino Gummies and many of Kiva’s chocolate products, however, are produced by High Life Farms, a Michigan-based white-labeler that is now also in charge of Kiva’s Michigan distribution.

How much are Kiva products?

Kiva Confections products are usually reasonably priced compared to competitors. Even though they match the price points of most other brands, Kiva products often offer increased value due to their full-spectrum THC extract and high-quality ingredients. Prices of Kiva Confections products fluctuate majorly state-by-state due to variations between state-specific cannabis taxation regulations.

Does Kiva use sativa, indica, or hybrid strains in their products?

Kiva Confections uses a wide variety of different sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis terpene profiles in its delicious THC edibles. As a brand, Kiva clearly places the proper degree of importance on strain-specific benefits and the power of terpenes, an attention-to-detail that is often notably lacking in edibles offered by other brands.

How are Kiva vegan edibles made?

Some of Kiva’s gummies, including this brand’s Lost Farm collection, contain vegan-friendly ingredients. These gummies are made using live resin extraction, which preserves the natural terpenes in hemp extract. Then, Kiva uses a proprietary production process to combine this high-quality THC extract with ingredients like sugar, tapioca syrup, water, and pectin to produce delicious, potent cannabis gummies.

Many Kiva products, including this brand’s chocolates, are not vegan. Make sure to check the label before consuming a Kiva Confections edible if you only want to ingest vegan ingredients.

Do Kiva products expire?

Yes, like all cannabis edibles, Kiva Confections products expire after around a year. If stored in ideal conditions, the THC extract present in Kiva Confections edibles may stay good for up to 18 months, but all forms of cannabinoid products expire within a maximum of two years.

How should I store my Kiva products?

Keep your Kiva Confections products in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Make sure to tightly shut your Kiva Confections package before storing it, and remember that keeping your edibles cool is of the utmost importance when it comes to THC chocolates. Avoid storing your Kiva edibles in places that are prone to temperature fluctuations like the garage or kitchen cabinets adjoining your oven.

Kiva vs. Select

Select, one of the nation’s biggest cannabis brands, offers a wide variety of edible products including Select Nano Gummies and Select X Bites. While Select edibles are definitely polished and reliable, Kiva Confections has them beat in terms of flavor and natural ingredients.

Kiva vs. Kanha

We think Kiva and Kanha THC edibles are about equal in terms of overall value. Kiva Confections products might be more potent and tastier than offerings from Kanha, but Kanha is the clear winner when it comes to ingredient quality. Kanha is one of the only THC edible brands we’re aware of that has totally committed to only using natural ingredients.

Kiva vs. Smokiez

Smokiez edibles are popular and available in almost as many states as Kiva. We’d say that Smokiez THC products are slightly lower-quality than offerings from Kiva Confections, but at the same time, it’s undeniable that Smokiez makes a mean watermelon gummy. All things considered, these two brands are deserving of roughly equal scores. Order Kiva Confections products directly from the Kiva website for the best selection and pricing.