Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy

Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy

THC gummies vary widely in terms of quality. Some gummies aren’t much better than candy you can buy at a gas station, but others contain all-natural ingredients and go the extra mile to deliver clean, potent effects.

Kanha is an example of an ethical THC edible manufacturer that consistently puts out high-quality products. We tried Kanha’s Hybrid Watermelon gummies, and we were impressed by nearly every aspect of our experience with these edibles.


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  • Low Dosage
  • 10mg THC per gummy


Convenience: 4/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 4/5
Effects: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 4.4








Head High Low

Body High Low

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After enjoying an entire bag of Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies over the course of a few days, we’re convinced that these high-quality THC edibles deserve an impressive score of 4.4 out of 5. There’s hardly anything more convenient than popping a delicious gummy in your mouth whenever you want to experience the effects of THC, and the flavor of these gummies was spot-on.

What impressed us the most was the price of our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies. Despite containing 100mg THC and incorporating terpenes and all-natural ingredients, our bag of gummies only cost $15, which is significantly less than competitors charge for THC gummies that aren’t nearly as high-quality.


Flavor Profile

The telltale taste of cannabis was relatively mild in our Kanha gummies, which can partially be attributed to the fact that this brand uses highly refined distillate in its edibles. The natural watermelon flavoring in our gummies also helped reduce the potency of their cannabis taste, but what was most notable was the strong taste of terpenes that permeated each gummy.

Kanha is one of only a few THC edible brands that has recognized the impressive power of terpenes both for flavoring and for accentuating the effects of cannabis. Each terpene has a unique flavor and effect profile, and by incorporating specific terpenes into their edibles, Kanha can elicit distinct sativa, indica, or hybrid experiences.

Overall, our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies were among the most delicious THC edibles we’ve ever tasted. We’re partial to watermelon as it is, and combined with the taste of terpenes, these juicy, all-natural gummies provided an unparalleled flavor experience.

Activation Time

THC edibles have a tendency to kick in very slowly. It came as a surprise, therefore, when our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies started providing effects around 20 minutes after ingestion. The full peak of effects didn’t occur until around 30 minutes had passed, but we were still impressed by the activation time these gummies provided.

We ate a single gummy at first, and its effects lasted for around two hours. The following day, we tried taking two gummies at once, and both the activation time and duration of effect were unchanged.

The effects of our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies weren’t profoundly different from the effects of other 10mg THC gummies we’ve tried. We enjoyed a pleasant body high that never reached the threshold of true intoxication. We’re not sure if the terpenes present in our gummies altered the effects we experienced, but we certainly enjoyed the flavors they provided.

Here’s a quick summary of the activation time and effects of our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies:

  • Effects set in within 20-30 minutes
  • Effects lasted for around two hours
  • Mild effects that produced a slight body high
  • Effects of individual terpenes were not noticeable

About the Product

Kanha is a subsidiary brand of Sunderstorm, a large THC brand that also consists of Wind, a vape brand, and Nano 5, a sublingual tincture brand. A sunderstorm is when sunshine breaks through rain clouds, and Sunderstorm invites its customers to “step into the light of wellness.”

This brand places considerable focus on producing nanoencapsulated THC products, which offer better bioavailability and activation times. Our watermelon-flavored Kanha gummies didn’t feature this nanoencapsulation technology, but we also tried this brand’s Passionfruit Paradise Nano Gummies.

We didn’t notice much of a difference between Kanha’s conventional and Nano gummies, but the Passionfruit Paradise edibles may have offered slightly stronger effects. Regardless of which product we tried, we thoroughly appreciated Kanha’s dedication to only using safe, natural ingredients in its products.

Here’s a summary of the highlights of our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies:

  • Made by a big brand that focuses on nanoencapsulated THC
  • Performed similarly to Kanha’s Nano gummies
  • Contains natural ingredients

Target Audience

Kanha’s Hybrid Watermelon Gummies are appropriate for both casual and serious THC users. These gummies provide surprisingly potent effects, and they taste delicious.

They’re even ideal for health-conscious individuals since Kanha gummies only contain natural ingredients. We found the hybrid effects of our Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies to be appropriate for both sativa-lovers and THC consumers who tend to lean indica.

Best Dosage

Since Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies provide intense, fast-acting effects, we suggest that a single 10mg gummy provides the best dosage of these edibles. Consume two gummies at a time for more intense effects, or consider Kanha’s Nano gummies if you want to experience the fastest activation times.

  • BatteryExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • After 1 YearExceptional
  • Charge TimeExceptional
  • ExperienceExceptional
Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies Product Information

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THC Per Gummy

10mg THC



Recommended For


Target Age Group



100mg THC

Activation Time

20-30 minutes

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  • Effects from sublingually consuming CBD last on average between 4-8 hours
  • Easy to consume exact dosage
  • Amazing flavor and texture
  • Does not stick to your teeth


  • Takes longer than vape or smoke to activate
  • Hard to eat just one
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Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies

written by Samuel Popejoy

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