Just CBD Honey Tincture & CBD Vape Cartridges Review: Perfect For Everyday Use!

Just CBD Honey Tincture

Just CBD Review

One of the things we love about CBD is that you can tailor your usage in a variety of ways. Strengths, flavors, and delivery methods are all changeable, and you may go through a few different combinations before you get that ‘Goldilocks’ balance. What Just CBD has done is offer a major helping hand, making the selection process simple, efficient and informative.

Just CBD has certainly picked an interesting name. On one hand, it’s simple and to the point, on the other, it almost seems to be underselling the vast range of CBD products they have available. These guys have almost all aspects of the CBD market covered- from oils to bath bombs, and everything in between. In a time when new CBD products and innovative ways to use them seem to be created every week, Just CBD still has an impressive array of methods for sale. 

What’s really got us interested, however, are the Just CBD Honey Tincture and Just CBD Strawberry vape cartridge. E-liquids or vape juices are widely known and you may know CBD tincture as CBD oil or CBD drops, but these names are interchangeable. We cover a wide range of oils and juices at Bestdosage, so what makes Just CBD so special? First, let’s take a look at the company itself.

Just CBD was founded in 2017, and in just 2 short years have become a trusted brand for two reasons- choice and consistency. They state that their mission is to provide high-quality CBD products in an honest and transparent way, and their lab reports and reviews are a great indication that they’re working hard to deliver on that promise. Each product is clearly labeled with a list of all ingredients, and everything that Just CBD sells is organic, non-GMO, THC free and vegan-friendly. It’s clear that Just CBD wants to be as inclusive as possible and if your CBD regimen is anything like ours, that’s definitely a good thing.

When using CBD it’s important to note that sometimes, just one type of product may not be everything you need. It’s common to use two or more delivery methods throughout the day, and what you choose is down to personal preference. For example, we’re big fans of a combination of CBD tincture in the morning topped up with a CBD vape throughout the day as needed. If that exact regimen isn’t for you, don’t worry! Just CBD has you covered with almost every CBD delivery method you can think of. 

This is what sets Just CBD apart. Plenty of companies claim to have a passion for making CBD as accessible as possible, so it’s reassuring that Just CBD can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. By recognizing that we all have our own preferences, Just CBD have opened their doors to a far larger customer base. However with great variety comes great responsibility, so how do the products themselves measure up? Let’s check out our two personal favorites, the Just CBD Honey Tincture, and Just CBD Strawberry vape cartridge.

SERIOUS flavor in a small package

First up we have the Just CBD Honey Tincture. It comes in a variety of strengths from 50mg to 1500mg, all in a 30ml glass pipette bottle. The instructions are clear, and in line with Just CBD’s mission for transparency, the ingredients are listed on the back. It contains just 3 of them- CBD Isolate, pure honey, and vegetable glycerin- all-natural and THC free. What took us by surprise is that the tincture is more like honey than oil- it tastes absolutely delicious, with no oily texture. 

It’s this strong honey flavor profile that keeps us coming back for more. Think of one of your favorite foods that contain honey. Got it? Great- now replace that golden ingredient with the Honey Tincture. While you can definitely place a drop on your tongue for on the go relief, we found that it shines best when it’s on your favorite snack. CBD edibles are by no means a new thing, but CBD as a delicious ingredient really opens your daily CBD routine up to a whole host of new possibilities. 

It tastes fantastic, has a large range of applications and comes backed with glowing reviews and a full lab report. This is exactly what we expect of Just CBD: choice and consistent quality. With Just CBD Honey Tincture they’ve managed to combine two of our favorite things- snacks and CBD. With this in mind, we definitely recommend keeping a bottle to hand around the house! 

The second product we’re looking at is the Just CBD Strawberry vape cartridge. As we mentioned earlier it’s not unheard of for many CBD users to combine different delivery methods, and this is one of our favorites. A combination of the vape and Just CBD Honey Tincture throughout the day works brilliantly and allows you to adjust your dosage to suit your own needs. It’s an effective combination and we love that it can all be purchased from the same company.

The 1ml cartridge is of good quality. We gave it the ‘rattling around in my bag’ test with zero leaks or breakage which is a definite plus. Each cartridge contains 200mg of CBD, natural flavoring, broad-spectrum hemp, CBD, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Like all Just CBD products it’s non-GMO, vegan-friendly and THC free, so you can be confident that what you’re putting into your body is safe and high quality. We found that a 3-second puff gave us a decent cloud that achieves the desired effect, and the flavor is out of this world!

Just CBD vape cartridges come in 4 different flavors- blueberry, mango, honey, and strawberry. If the others taste half as good as the strawberry does then you’re in for a treat. Each puff was filled with a rich, flavorful strawberry taste, and when using the cartridge you could be forgiven for thinking you’re eating fresh strawberries. All round a fantastic e-liquid that hits the spot with maximum taste. 

The only restriction is that you will need a 5-10 thread battery that does 450mah and above to use this cartridge. That’s pretty standard so it’s not necessarily a negative, and there are plenty of great brands to choose from. Our personal go-to at the moment is from Vape Bright, which we reviewed recently.

Overall these are two products that are big in flavor, high in quality and when combined they definitely scratch that CBD itch. Whether you’re new to CBD or looking for something different to change up your daily routine, Just CBD has got you covered. If you want to see the products in action, check out our review video as well. As always make sure to like, comment and subscribe for more great content!

Final Thoughts: The Power of Choice

One of the things we love about CBD is that you can tailor your usage in a variety of ways. Strengths, flavors, and delivery methods are all changeable, and you may go through a few different combinations before you get that ‘Goldilocks’ balance. What Just CBD has done is offer a major helping hand, making the selection process simple, efficient and informative.

Like we mentioned earlier, every product has it’s own review section and lab report. This is a brilliant addition and gives you a real-time idea of how each one may suit you. Their FAQ section is also pretty extensive and covers everything from ingredients to shipping costs. It’s worth mentioning at this point that shipping is free on purchases over $20, which is one of the lowest price-points we’ve seen!

We may have covered two of our favorite products from Just CBD, but it doesn’t end there. We hope that like us, Just CBD’s wide range of products will inspire you to shake up your routine and try out different combinations. The fantastic thing is that due to their vast online store, you don’t need to hop from site to site any longer. Check out their website, pick your products and be confident that what you receive is produced to the highest industry standards. Just CBD Honey and Just CBD vape cartridges are excellent when combined, but strong enough to stand alone. Either way, Just CBD makes sure the choice is yours.

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