Jungle Boys Review

Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

written by Samuel Popejoy
Jungle Boys Review

Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

written by Samuel Popejoy

Not many cannabis producers in California or anywhere else can claim to operate an award-winning premium cannabis company, two cannabis shops, and a clothing brand all at once. LA-based Jungle Boys, however, does just that, and it’s no surprise that this brand has been counted on as a staple of the Los Angeles cannabis community for more than a decade.

During our latest re-up voyage to our favorite LA dispensaries, we picked up a few eighth jars of Jungle Boys cannabis. While this purchase set us back considerably, we believe that Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower is well worth the price. Learn about the flavors and effects offered by top Jungle Boys strains.


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  • Los Angeles

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  • Netflix & Chill
  • Counting Sheep
  • Couch Crashing


  • Variety
  • Indica and Sativa


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall score: 4.8








Head High Very High

Body High Very High

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After due consideration, we can’t help but award Jungle Boys with a healthy 4.8 out of 5 overall score. While Jungle Boys flower is undeniably expensive, it isn’t overpriced. We can safely say that Jungle Boys offers some of the best (if not the best) buds in the LA area.

To enjoy a full sampling of what Jungle Boys has to offer, we decided to try this brand’s Hippy Crasher, Sin Mints, and Space Age Cake. Each of these strains outperformed our expectations, and the flavor and effects they provided were incredibly impressive.


Flavor Profile

Happy, healthy flower doesn’t just produce more cannabinoids. It also produces more terpenes, which is why high-quality cannabis often smells better while simultaneously displaying a thick outer layer of crystals. All three of our Jungle Boys strains smelled almost overwhelmingly good, and they tasted even better.

Hippy Crasher, a cross of AK-47 and Blue Satellite offered a sweet, hazy taste, and Sin Mints exhibited a delicious medley of pine, mint, lemon, and spice. In our experience, however, Space Age Cake offered the most distinct and enjoyable flavor. With potent earthy overtones and a slightly chemically (though entirely natural) undertone, we’ll remember the flavor of Space Age Cake for years to come.

Every Jungle Boys strain we tried was absolutely covered in crystals and perfectly moist. From a single glance, it was easy to tell that we were dealing with high-grade cannabis, and this reality became increasingly apparent the more we sampled what Jungle Boys had to offer.

Activation Time

We ground up each of the three Jungle Boys strains we purchased and rolled them into separate 1g joints. To fully differentiate the activation time and effects of each strain, we smoked the three joints on separate days.

Each Jungle Boys strain offered effects that activated immediately and lasted more than 90 minutes. Since every Jungle Boys strain contains around 30% THC, it wasn’t surprising that Hippy Crasher, Sin Mints, and Space Age Cake all offered potent, intense effects.

As a heady sativa, Hippy Crasher exerted effects that we’re glad we enjoyed during the daytime. Sin Mints is a more balanced hybrid, and it provided a moderate indica body high combined with a potent sativa buzz. Space Age Cake, we found, is best enjoyed before bed, and this indica strain has powerful couch-locking abilities.

Here’s a summary of the activation time and effects offered by the Jungle Boys strains we tried:

  • Immediate, potent effects
  • Effects last for around 90 minutes
  • Each Jungle Boys strain contains around 30% THC

About the Product

Jungle Boys founded its first collective in 2005. Back then, however, Jungle Boys was essentially a one-man operation run by Ivan Vanorwick, who eventually took over his favorite dispensary, TLC, in 2013.

Over time, Ivan and his team of close-knit friends and family members took over an increasing portion of their dispensary’s flower production. After a string of legal battles, Ivan founded Jungle Boys as a recreational cannabis brand while retaining control of TLC as a medical dispensary.

While Jungle Boys flower is offered in many shops throughout California, this brand is perhaps best known for its recreational retail location, Los Angeles Farmers. Jungle Boys isn’t the only brand sold in this recreational dispensary, but it certainly takes center stage.

Here are some key highlights of the Jungle Boys brand:

  • Beautiful, high-THC buds
  • Rare or in-house boutique strains
  • Excellent flower for vaping or smoking
  • Most famous retail brand in LA
  • Family owned and operated premium THC flower brand

Target Audience

Jungle Boys THC flower is ideal for California cannabis users who aren’t afraid to pay top dollar for the best of the best. While $55 for an eighth might be a little steep for hardcore cannabis users who smoke close to that much every day, Jungle Boys is perfect for connoisseur stoners and casual recreational cannabis users who want to treat themselves or impress their friends.

Best Dosage

After trying three Jungle Boys strains, we found that less is more when it comes to this brand. If you roll a 1g joint, consider only smoking around ⅓ of your joint per session since Jungle Boys cannabis is so THC-rich and delicious—not to mention expensive.


  • BatteryExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • After 1 YearExceptional
  • Charge TimeExceptional
  • ExperienceExceptional
Jungle Boys Review
Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Jungle Boys Review
Jungle Boys Premium THC Flower

written by Samuel Popejoy

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