Also known as Jungle Boys Official Shop or Los Angeles Farmers, the Jungle Boys dispensary in downtown LA is not to be confused with the TLC medical dispensary on Olympic Boulevard. Jungle Boys may have gotten its start as a popular medical cannabis collective, but this brand/producer is now popular enough to merit its own clothing line. In our opinion, Jungle Boys Downtown is among the best dispensaries in the downtown LA area, and contrary to popular opinion, they carry a lot more than just Jungle Boys products there.


  • Parking: 5/5
  • Bud tenders: 5/5
  • Selection: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Overall: 5/5

What is Jungle Boys Downtown LA?

Jungle Boys Downtown is the main Jungle Boys cannabis dispensary. This chain also has a medical-only dispensary in LA and a separate recreational storefront in Santa Ana, but Jungle Boys Downtown is where most of the attention is directed. As one of the most modern, beautiful dispensaries we’ve ever set foot inside, Jungle Boys Downtown is even more fun to visit since it’s the epicenter of one of California’s most iconic cannabis brands.

  • Excellent source of Jungle Boys products
  • Plenty of other brands also represented for reasonable prices

Where is Jungle Boys Downtown LA located?

Jungle Boys Downtown LA is located at 824 E. 17th St., Los Angeles, California. The storefront is bedecked with easily noticeable signs reading “Jungle Boys” and “Los Angeles Farmers,” and there’s a big parking lot right next-door, making Jungle Boys Downtown even harder to miss.

  • Easy parking
  • Location easy to find

Is Jungle Boys Downtown LA a good dispensary?

We agree with the aggregate Google Maps rating that Jungle Boys Downtown is a 5-star California cannabis dispensary. Despite the preconception that Jungle Boys products would be promoted above others, we found a roughly equal representation of the Golden State’s best cannabis product at Jungle Boys’ flagship location. Of course, there was a notable bias toward Jungle Boys, but the overall setup seemed very fair.

  • Very clean, upscale dispensary
  • Excellent product selection
  • Knowledgeable staff

What products does Jungle Boys Downtown LA carry?

As you might expect, Jungle Boys Downtown features more Jungle Boys products than anything else. This is definitely the best place in LA to stock up on Jungle Boys products if you’re a fan, but if you’re specifically looking for a product from another brand, you might be better served somewhere else. In our experience, Jungle Boys products cost about the same amount at the Jungle Boys dispensary as they do anywhere else.

  • Lots of Jungle Boys products
  • Maybe 40% Jungle Boys, 60% other products

What is the best thing to get at Jungle Boys Downtown LA?

If you went out of your way to go to Jungle Boys Downtown, then you definitely shouldn’t leave without picking up a jar of Jungle Boys top-shelf cannabis flower. It might be expensive at around $50 an eighth, but if you’re in the mood for the real dank, Jungle Boys won’t disappoint like the other guys.

  • Best selection of Jungle Boys bud anywhere in town

Is Jungle Boys the most popular dispensary in Downtown LA?

Jungle Boys is one of the most popular dispensaries in the downtown LA area, but it isn’t the number-one spot to pick up cannabis. That distinction would have to go to either LA Wonderland or MedMen instead. Jungle Boys Downtown is popular enough to offer an extremely professional experience but obscure enough to usually not be that busy.

  • Bigger, more popular dispensaries in the area
  • Still, Jungle Boys is in the top 10

Is Jungle Boys the best dispensary in Downtown LA?

If you’re a big fan of Jungle Boys, then you’ll probably think Jungle Boys Downtown is the best dispensary downtown or in the entire LA area. In terms of selection and pricing, though, there are better options downtown, making Jungle Boys Downtown more of a niche or novelty visit than a dependable place to re-up every month.

  • Best source of Jungle Boys products
  • Otherwise, bigger dispensaries in the area might be better