Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy
Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

Ionic is among the more popular Washington cannabis producers. While this brand’s cartridges might be passable if you simply want to get high and you don’t care how you do it, connoisseurs will reel away from the awful flavor and aroma of Ionic’s Black THC carts.

While effective, this Aurora cartridge from Ionic has an unusually rough texture. Ionic offers its vape cartridges for very low prices, and this checkered Seattle brand has gotten in trouble for selling contaminated products in the past.

Learn my thoughts on the flavor, price, and effects of the Aurora Black Cartridge 1g from Ionic.


Ranked 20 of 21 in Vape Pens for Reasonable Price

Available in

  • Spokane

Good for

  • Affordability
  • Effect


  • 1g THC


Convenience: 3/5
Flavor: 1/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 3.6








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

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All things considered, I give the Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge a mediocre score of 3.6 out of 5. While this cartridge certainly delivered in terms of strong indica effects and fast activation times, the low-quality extract in my Ionic Aurora cartridge burned my throat and tasted downright terrible.

  • Popular low-tier WA brand
  • Flavor matches the price
  • Texture, however, makes me want Ionic to pay me to vape it
  • Nice, strong indica effects
  • High THC percentage pays off
  • The true price paid is flavor — all of it


Maybe I’ve gotten spoiled by live resin. But, is cannabis concentrate really supposed to taste like this?

The first thing that threw me off was the appearance of Ionic’s distillate. In pictures online, the cartridges had certainly looked pretty dark, but I wasn’t prepared for how deeply amber my Ionic Aurora cartridge was in person.

Getting my cartridge from Cannabis & Glass in Liberty Lake, WA, was easy enough. The lack of convenience began, however, when I tried to open my Aurora cartridge’s package.

It’s the type of plastic that cuts you if you open it the wrong way. You know exactly what I’m talking about from that sentence alone.

I was already less than impressed, but my affection meter went back up slightly based on the appearance of Ionic’s cartridges. Sleek, sexy, and unique, I only wish these nice-looking cartridges contained some nicer-tasting concentrate.

  • Convenient pickup experience at C&G
  • Inconvenient unboxing process
  • Attractive cartridges somewhat make up for packaging annoyances

Flavor Profile

I was too busy hacking up a lung to notice much of a flavor to my Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge. Not really, but almost.

As with my Ionic Double Dream cartridge, I noticed an immediate petroleum, plasticky taste that was downright repulsive. I rarely feel genuinely unsafe when testing cannabis products, but I immediately felt concern about the toxicity of the vapor I’d just inhaled based on the flavor of my Aurora cartridge alone.

Underneath it all, I could detect faint notes of sweet, dank indica terpenes. Those poor terpenes had been so mangled, oxidized, and God-knows-whatted during Ionic’s low-tier extraction processes, however, as to be almost unrecognizably repugnant.

  • Flavor so bad the cart is hard to vape
  • Faint indica flavors present beneath petroleum and scorched tastes

Activation Time

I was neither impressed in nor disappointed by the activation time of my Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge. Like most vapes, it delivered effects in about 1-2 minutes.

  • Acceptable activation time
  • Effects were felt within 1 minute
  • Peaked at 5 minutes

Effects & Duration

One thing I’ll say for the Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge is that it’s certainly effective. Compared to my usual live resin vapes that contain around 60% THC, this 80%+ cartridge definitely hit harder — but not necessarily in a good way according to my tongue and throat.

The effects of my Aurora cartridge were strongly indica, but they also had a creative, whimsical buzz to them that I felt would be good for sitting back and watching something funny. It’s definitely not a powerfully couch-locky indica.

To be perfectly honest, I used a live resin vape soon after trying my Ionic Aurora cartridge to get the taste out of my mouth. As a result, I’m not exactly sure about the duration of effects my cartridge provided.

Based on the intensity of the effects, however, I’d make an educated guess that the Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge has an effect duration that’s closer to the 90-minute mark than the 60-minute mark.

  • Strong indica effects — high-potency cartridge
  • Effects seemed to be long-lasting


At $32 a pop, there aren’t many vapes in the Washington recreational market cheaper than the Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge. It’s a price so low, however, that you immediately wonder about quality.

You stop wondering from the moment you take your first hit. By then, you know.

  • $32
  • One of the cheapest carts in WA

About the Product

Iconic is a highly capitalized Washington cannabis producer that, quite honestly, appears to care quite a bit more about its investors than its customers. Haunted by scandals, Ionic continues to produce copious amounts of cannabis concentrates, and for what they are, Ionic carts are sufficient.

The quality is undeniably low, however. These are the cartridges that give cannabis vapes a bad name.

No, I very highly doubt they contain PG, VG, vitamin E acetate, or any other harmful filler ingredients. All the same, any company that was caught allowing illegal levels of pesticides in its products once strikes me as the kind of company that might not take adequate safeguards to keep it from happening again.

Aurora itself is a great indica strain with excellent genetics. Offered by a different producer, I would have no doubt liked this strain considerably more.

Target Audience

With the Aurora Black Cartridge, Ionic is clearly targeting people who don’t want to pay a lot for vapes. I won’t knock the nature of market economics — people who want to pay less for cannabis should be able to do so. They’ll just get worse products as a result.

If you want to get high and you’re short on cash, Ionic’s ultra-potent Black cartridges will certainly do the trick. As the name inadvertently suggests, however, these cartridges have a bitter taste that’s better paired with black coffee than it is with floral tea.

Best Dosage

Personally, I’d recommend vaping as little of the Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge as is necessary to get the job done. Since Ionic’s Black cartridges are super-potent, this thankfully won’t be hard.

As with most vapes, take 1-3 hits every 1-2 hours. Stick to two hits maximum per session if Ionic’s potency is higher than you’re used to.

Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g FAQ

Any questions I can wrap up regarding this indica vape cartridge from Ionic?

1. Is Ionic a good brand?

That remains to be seen. Right now, Ionic’s vape cartridges are lamentably low-quality.

Things could always change, however, and you might consider Ionic to be a good brand if you’re on the hunt for the cheapest cannabis vape cartridges in Washington and you don’t care how much your lungs might protest so long as your wallet stays happy. 

2. Is Aurora a good indica strain?

Aurora is a Nirvana Seeds original that blends Afghan and Northern Lights to deliver a solidly indica terpene profile that’s nonetheless reminiscent of Blue Dream while simultaneously expressing connoisseur landrace genetics.

For indica lovers, Aurora certainly seems to be a good strain to try. I’d only suggest that you try this strain in a different form than the Aurora Black Cartridge from Ionic. The low-quality extraction processes used to produce this cartridge irreparably mar this pedigreed strain’s delicious terpene profile.

  • PriceExceptional
  • PackagingOkay
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useOkay
  • DosagePassable
Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g
Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g
Ionic Aurora Black Cartridge 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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