When it comes to cannabis, there’s a lot to learn. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about smoking weed, there might still be gaps in your knowledge that would enhance your enjoyment of cannabis if filled.

In this three-part article, learn how to clean any type of glass pipe, how to make your own bong, and how to roll a blunt. Along the way, you might discover nuances to these seemingly mundane cannabis tasks that you never would have anticipated.

#1) How to clean a glass pipe

No matter how much you may ignore the problem, glass pipes used to smoke cannabis get nasty over time. You’ll need to clean your glass pipe periodically—more frequently the more you smoke. There are three main methods for cleaning glass pipes used to smoke cannabis:

  • Boiling: If you place a glass pipe in boiling water for around 30 minutes, every trace of resin inside will melt and flow out. Rinse the pipe when you’re done to complete the process.
  • Alcohol: Fill a zip-lock bag with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol, and place the pipe inside. Add a spoonful of salt, and shake the sealed bag. Let the pipe soak for around 30 minutes, then remove it, and rinse.
  • Cleaning products: There are products specifically made to clean pipes. Since simple, free methods abound, however, it’s unclear how necessary pipe-cleaning products truly are.

How to clean a one-hitter

A one-hitter pipe, also known as a dugout or a chillum, is a small, discreet pipe designed to accommodate a single hit of cannabis flower. When it comes to cleaning, one-hitters aren’t that much different from other types of cannabis glass. Simply boil it or soak it in ethanol, and your one-hitter will come out shining in no time.

What is the fastest way to clean a glass pipe?

Cleaning a pipe with alcohol is faster than boiling it. To get the best results, make sure to use isopropyl alcohol rated 90% or higher. If you’re in a rush, you can even skip the salt: Simply squirting some isopropyl alcohol in a sealable bag and dropping your pipe in should be enough to get rid of most of the sticky resin within a few minutes.

What is the best way to clean a glass pipe and keep the resin?

The cannabinoids in cannabis resin are damaged at high temperatures, so don’t boil your pipe if you want to capture the “reclaim” still inside. The benefits of reclaiming cannabis resin are arguable at best, but if you decide to take this path, try cleaning your glass with rubbing alcohol and waiting for residual solvents to dissipate.

#2) How to make a homemade bong

You get what you put in when you make a homemade bong. Don’t expect a five-minute project to deliver huge, delicious rips. At the same time, even a bong that you work on for days may never reach the level of quality offered by a proficient glass-blower. If you’re committed to making a bong at home, here’s one way to do it with just a few simple steps:

  • Find a clean plastic bottle, and make a small hole (the carb) just below the neck
  • Make another hole about halfway down the bottle for the downstem
  • Use a tube (like the body of a pen) to make a downstem
  • Place tin foil on the end of the downstem, and push the other end into the bottle
  • Use a needle to make tiny holes in the tinfoil, and place some weed in the bowl
  • Place your finger on the carb, light your weed, and inhale

How do you make a homemade bowl for a bong?

Bong bowls aren’t as complicated as they may seem. If you want to make a bowl for your bong that’s slightly more complex than a piece of tin foil, you can mold and fire a bong bowl out of clay. Otherwise, the bowls for bongs are usually comparatively cheap, so you might just want to accompany your homemade bong with a professionally crafted bong bowl (usually $5 or less at gas stations and smoke shops).

How do you make a homemade bubbler?

If you want to make a homemade smoking device that’s slightly smaller than a full-fledged bong, try a pill bottle instead of a water bottle. Start by making a hole near the top of the pill bottle for a carb and another about halfway down to accommodate the downstem.

For this miniaturized DIY water pipe, a normal straw would serve best as a downstem. Then, you can place a metal screen or a glass bowl on the end of the straw.

How to make a homemade dab rig

One of the oldest methods in the book of dabbing without a rig, called “hot knifing,” simply involves getting a butter knife hot on the stove and then placing a dab on top of it with a paperclip. Then, you position yourself above the knife and inhale.

A kitchen funnel works as an implement to inhale the vaporized cannabis concentrate. You can also craft your own inhalation implement by cutting off the top half of a water bottle.

#3) How to roll a blunt

To many cannabis users, blunts are still more iconic of the true “weed experience” than any other method of inhaling cannabinoids. The art of the blunt has evolved considerably over the last few years, but the basics of rolling up one of these thick cannabis cigars remain the same:

  • Acquire a blunt wrap, such as a cigarillo
  • If your blunt wrap still has tobacco inside, remove it by running your thumb nail in a straight line down the length of the cigar
  • Place ground-up weed inside the empty wrap
  • Reclose the wrap, and seal it with saliva and heat from a lighter

What kinds of blunt wraps are there?

In the olden days, reverse-engineering a cigarillo was the only way to get your hands on a blunt wrap. Now, though, Fronto and other brands have started selling loose tobacco leaf specifically for rolling blunts.

Cannabis smokers can now even choose from blunt wraps that don’t contain tobacco. Certain tea leaves can be made into blunt wraps just as good as their tobacco counterparts, and they also taste considerably better while not containing any addictive nicotine.

How to roll a blunt without tobacco

Rolling a blunt with a non-tobacco wrap is generally as simple as rolling a conventional blunt. Tea-leaf blunt wraps are usually offered in convenient single packages. Simply open the package, deposit your ground-up weed, seal the tea wrap, and start smoking.

What are the benefits of smoking a blunt?

Many cannabis connoisseurs consider blunts to get you higher than other methods of smoking cannabis. It’s true that the wider diameter of blunts allows you to inhale more smoke per hit compared to joints. High-end bongs might get you just as high, but blunts have the added benefit of being highly portable, allowing you to get massively stoned in any locale of your choice.