16 CBD Concentrate Questions Answered By A Cannabis Expert [2020 Guide]

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History Of CBD Concentrates

People have extracted cannabinoids from cannabis for thousands of years. One of the earliest examples is hashish in India, but today, it’s possible to produce high-purity hemp extracts that don’t get you high. Instead, non-intoxicating CBD concentrates appear to help with pain, anxiety, depression, neurodegenerative disease, digestion, diabetes, cancer, and a variety of other ailments.

Nothing is perfect. CBD can contraindicate certain prescription medications, and rare cases of hemp allergy do exist. Otherwise, cannabidiol does not appear to have any serious side effects in concentrated form.

Types of CBD Concentrate

There are a few types of CBD concentrate you should be familiar with before we proceed:

1. CBD Wax

Most CO2-extraction methods result in a semi-fluffy, honeycomb-like substance called wax. Just like beeswax, CBD wax can be molded into various shapes with your fingers. Just be prepared to have an oily, cannabinoid-rich residue left on your fingertips afterward.

2. CBD Shatter

Other extraction techniques result in a glassy slab of concentrated cannabinoids and other cannabis constituents. Unless it’s above room temperature, CBD shatter can be broken into glass-like slivers; don’t worry, though, human body warmth immediately eliminates any sharp edges your shatter might have.

3. CBD Crystals

Cannabidiol molecules take on a crystalline form when isolated. These crystals can then be crushed into powder, but some users like the pure crystalline form better.

4. CBD Oil

No, CBD oil isn’t the same thing as CBD tincture. Certain hemp extraction techniques result in a substance that’s more viscous than waxy, and in the industry, this semi-liquid extract is often called just “CBD oil.”

1. Why should I use a CBD concentrate vs CBD oil?

There are quite a few reasons you might choose a CBD concentrate product over a CBD tincture:

1. Intended use

If you’re using CBD for acute pain, nothing but the quick-acting relief of CBD dabs will suffice. While sublingual tinctures give you a minor immediate effect, all oral CBD products have limited bioavailability and slow activation times.

2. Added products

Some CBD users don’t want to consume anything other than pure, CBD-rich hemp flower extract. Even hemp seed oil is a bridge too far for these purists, so CBD concentrate is the natural solution.

3. Flavoring

Many CBD oil tinctures have flavoring, which might not be desired.

4. Dose control

In addition to offering instant effects, using CBD concentrate also allows you to fine-tune your microdosing to a whole new level.

5. Perfectionism

If you’re anything like the staff at Best Dosage, you always want the best, purest form of everything. It’s true that CBD concentrate is the most no-nonsense way to use this cannabinoid, and out of all the concentrated CBD options we’ve mentioned, isolated CBD crystals are the most scientific, technological, and pure. Even other forms of concentrate are more “perfect” than most CBD products due to their incredibly high cannabinoid concentrations.

2. Are CBD concentrates full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates?

That depends:

1. CBD isolate is an isolated cannabidiol extract in crystalline form

2. CBD wax and shatter can be either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum

3. With broad-spectrum CBD wax, the THC has simply been removed

When you buy CBD isolate, it’s guaranteed that your product will contain nothing but isolate CBD. If you decide to purchase CBD wax, concentrate oil, rosin, or shatter instead, however, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the CBD that’s right for you.

Broad-spectrum CBD only minorly alters raw hemp oil, so some experts consider it to be the “full-spectrum CBD killer.” At the same time, however, federal cannabis reform is right around the corner, which means that the part THC has to play in the story of Cannabis sativa is far from over.

If you’d prefer to avoid THC altogether right now, isolate CBD powder or crystals would be your best shot. While broad-spectrum CBD shouldn’t contain any THC, this type of concentrate is essentially still raw hemp oil, which means it contains all the other constituents present in the cannabis flower. As a result, drug tests and other concerns push some consumers toward isolate CBD as the safest option.

3. How To Use CBD Wax?

There are quite a few different ways to use CBD wax. The end goal is to get super-concentrated CBD into your system, but you can achieve this affect any of the following ways:

1. Dab Pens

Lightweight, portable, and rechargeable, dab pens fit into your pocket and carry some sticky goodness inside wherever you go. While dab pens are convenient, they don’t offer the same power and punch as heavy-duty dab rigs.

2. Dabbers

Also known as dab rigs or dab pads, dabbers are the ultimate tools for using CBD concentrate. Just like dab pens, dabbers vaporize rather than incinerate your concentrate, but dabbers perform this task in absolute style.

You can heat up the nail on your dabber with a butane torch if you want to go the conventional route, but a growing number of CBD users are turning to electronic nails instead. These dab nails plug into an electrical socket, and they heat up without any external power source.

3. Add to flower

If you want, you can simply sprinkle your wax on top of a bowl of CBD-rich flower that you intend to smoke. Smoking isn’t great for your lungs, but if you want to turbocharge your CBD nugs, there’s no better way.

4. Oral ingestion

You can also add CBD concentrate to food or drinks. While oral tinctures are used more commonly for this purpose, CBD wax, isolate powder or shatter work just as well.

4. What Is CBD wax?

CBD wax is a particular type of CBD concentrate that is usually made with CO2 extraction. CBD BHO extracts usually have a more oily form, but CBD wax is easy to mold and it isn’t as sticky. This type of CBD concentrate varies from product to product in a few different categories:

Terpene and cannabinoid profile

Each phenotype of Cannabis sativa has a different medley of terpenes and cannabinoids that emerge in flower form. These natural plant oils significantly affect the way that CBD wax looks, tastes, and smells.

CBD Concentration

Some CBD wax products contain more CBD than other options. Certain cannabis strains simply have more CBD than others, and some extraction processes are more efficient.


Depending on how your CBD wax was extracted, it may have a drier or more oily consistency.

5. How Long Does 1 Gram Of CBD Wax Last?

That all depends on a number of factors:

1. How much CBD the wax contains

Reputable CBD companies always make it easy to verify the CBD concentration of their wax, shatter, or isolate products. The more CBD your concentrate contains, the less you’ll need to use to get the same results.

2. How fast you use your wax

If you’re the type of person who only wants to dab once or twice a day, your gram could last you an entire month. It’s not uncommon for veteran CBD users to dab close to a gram of cannabidiol wax every day, however, so keep your needs in mind as you determine the dosage that’s right for you.

3. The type of rig you use

High-end dabbers with electric nails are simply more efficient than tiny battery-powered dab pens. The more advanced the technology, the better the dab, so don’t be afraid to invest in your health by purchasing a concentrate-vaporizing tool that will last you a long time.

6. What Does CBD Wax Taste Like?

If you’ve ever had marijuana dabs, you’re already familiar with how CBD wax tastes. CBD concentrate and THC concentrate are, after all, both taken from the same plant, so it only makes sense that these two wildly different products have similar flavor profiles.

The taste of CBD wax is significantly affected by its terpene and cannabinoid profile. Certain terpenes taste like citrus, for instance, while others taste like pine.

7. Where To Buy CBD Wax?

If you’re wondering how to make CBD wax on your own, you shouldn’t. Making CBD concentrates is only safe with heavy machinery, and even then, you need to practice excellent production controls to avoid costly or dangerous mistakes. Learning how to make CBD shatter is even harder, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals and work with one of our trusted CBD brands.

At Best Dosage, we make finding the best CBD companies easy. We’ve vetted almost every CBD brand on the market, and we’ve only found a few companies that produce truly legendary CBD shatter, CBD wax, or CBD isolate.

As you progress through this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to pick the CBD wax product that’s right for you. There’s a lot to cover, however, since CBD concentrate varies so widely from brand to brand.

8. Is There A Best CBD Wax?

It might all be in the eye of the beholder, but we believe that customer-approved products are much better than CBD wax without any buzz. The best CBD concentrates are those that please customers the most, and checking out the following reviews might help you pick the right ultra-potent CBD product for your purposes:

1. HempLucid wax reviews

“This wax is amazing, it’s very relaxing and a little goes a long way in my opinion.” – Emily W.

2. CBDfx wax reviews

“Works perfectly for dabbing and has great flavor surprisingly. Works wonders for my anxiety and nausea.” – Connor M.

“I have been using CBD as oil by mouth, for sciatic and back pain and anxiety. I wanted to see how or if it would work better by vape. It’s definitely an improvement in that the relief is quicker.” – Heena R.

“I have purchased and tried out many concentrates and I find that this one is one of the top 5. extremely well and the taste is great, thank you.” – Pedro

Further tips

It’s also important to check the overall number of reviews that have been left for each CBD concentrate product you consider. Both CBDfx and HempLucid are among the most-reviewed CBD brands on the internet, which helps you ensure the popularity of the products these companies offer. Brands with little or no customer reviews, however, are much harder to trust.

9. How To Use CBD Shatter?

You use CBD shatter the same way you use any other type of concentrated CBD product. However, there are a few special considerations you should make when handling this brittle cannabidiol product.

Shatter cools in hard, glass-like sheets. It’s closer to CBD crystal than CBD wax, so you’ll need to handle your CBD shatter carefully to avoid getting tiny shards all over the room.

Some CBD concentrate users like heating their dab tools, also known (somewhat confusingly) as “dabbers,” before sliding them into their shatter. This technique smoothly breaks away a chunk of shatter with heat.

You can also handle your chunk of shatter in your fingers for a moment or two to warm it. Then, simply apply a small amount of pressure on the warmed spot, and your chunk of shatter will break off without leaving any pesky shards behind.

10. What Is CBD Concentrate Shatter?

CBD shatter is a particular type of cannabidiol concentrate that takes on a glasslike appearance and texture when cooled. It is one of the highest-purity types of concentrate on the market, but using CBD shatter can be confusing when you’re new to dabbing.

First, it’s important to point out that variations in color between batches of CBD shatter are normal and to be expected. In general, indica-dominant CBD strains yield darker shatter, and sativa-dominant phenotypes yield lighter-colored concentrate. A variety of other factors can also affect the color of CBD shatter.

CBD shatter is usually broken off into 1-gram chunks that are then wrapped in parchment paper or placed directly in a silicone or plastic container. These chunks are then broken down into smaller, dab-sized pieces by the end-user.

11. How To Vape CBD shatter?

Remember that dabbing and vaping is the same thing; put simply, you vape whenever you ingest an active ingredient in vaporized oil. Vaping CBD shatter is essentially the same thing as vaping any other type of CBD concentrate, but there are some special considerations to make as you ponder how to use CBD shatter:

1. Vaping CBD shatter with a dab pen

If you’re planning to dab CBD shatter on the go, consider breaking it up into dab-sized chunks before you head out for the day. That way, you’ll avoid messes and make sure nobody mistakes your CBD shatter for marijuana dabs.

2. Vaping CBD shatter with a dab rig

Try keeping your CBD shatter inside a bowl with steep walls when you break it up. With this measure in place, even if slivers break off your shatter as you handle it, they won’t go far.

12. What is CBD Budder?

For decades, the term “budder” has been used to describe butter that has been infused with THC-rich cannabis, and the same term also applies to non-intoxicating CBD butter. Over the years, however, CBD budder has come to refer to any type of concentrated CBD product that has a smooth or buttery texture.

Many products labeled as “CBD budder” actually don’t contain any butter. There are a few drawbacks of real CBD butter you should keep in mind, however:

1. Less concentrated than other CBD concentrate products

2. Unpleasant taste

3. Hard to filter properly

If you happen to have a bunch of CBD-rich cannabis trim lying around the house, making your own CBD butter might be the right approach. With high-quality, CO2-extracted CBD concentrate widely available, however, why bother? Unlike real butter, some buttery forms of CBD concentrate are even dabble.

13. How To Make CBD Rosin From Hemp?

CBD rosin is another term for CBD concentrate, and it usually refers to a type of CBD that is extracted without any solvents. The CBD rosin production process closely mirrors the process used to make other forms of concentrate, but it’s unique at the same time. Briefly, let’s cover some of the other ways that CBD can be extracted to compare:

1. CO2 extraction

This extraction method is widely believed to be the safest and most reliable. Most other techniques used to extract CBD from hemp involve solvents, which may have serious health impacts when inhaled. CO2 eliminates this risk with a solvent-free process.

2. BHO extraction

Until CO2 extraction became the norm, butane extraction reigned supreme. However, this technique introduces petrochemical residue into concentrate, which may be carcinogenic. CO2-extracted CBD concentrate is much safer.

3. Ethanol extraction

You can use ethanol (alcohol) to extract CBD concentrate, but there are also concerns with solvent contamination with this process.

4. Ketone extraction

Some disreputable hemp manufacturers may use ketones, a derivative of nail polish remover, to extract CBD. However, this process is incredibly dangerous both to producers and to consumers.

14. What Is CBD Rosin?

CBD rosin is a concentrated form of hemp extract that includes high quantities of cannabidiol. Generally, the term “rosin” is used to refer to CBD extract that has been extracted without the use of solvents. Instead, heat is used.

Not all CBD rosin products have the same consistency of CBD, and it can sometimes seem hard to find high-quality CBD rosin for a reasonable price. You can take your CBD rosin price down a notch or two, however, when you buy online through Best Dosage. We always hook you up with the best deals on CBD products⁠—all our partners have enabled the coupon code “bestdosage”, which gives you 15% off. 

15. How To Use CBD Crystal Isolate?

Whether the best CBD crumble in the world is too messy for you or you’re just looking for a CBD product that’s as simple as possible, CBD isolates might be the right option for you. This type of CBD is easy to use, and it can be ingested in any of the ways you ingest other types of CBD concentrate.

For instance, CBD isolate can be dabbed, which provides instant results. Since CBD isolate is usually in powder form, it’s also uniquely positioned to be added to smoothies, tea, or other types of drinks. Whichever way you decide to use CBD isolate, remember that this type of cannabidiol concentrate is often upward of 99%-pure, so take things easy.

16. Where To Purchase CBD crystal?

You can always trust lab-tested CBD crystal more than untested products, and rest assured that Endoca provides detailed, independent lab results for its super-popular CBD Crystals product. We trust this brand to supply high-quality CBD isolate, and Endoca’s strict focus on natural and organic cultivation processes makes sure that no contaminants make their way into your 99%+-pure CBD.

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