Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy
Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

Frost Factory is a bit of an odd one. It’s a collaboration between Phat Panda, a prominent Washington cannabis vape producer, and Grow Op Farms, a virtually unknown cannabis grower in Spokane Valley.

Sour Blue Face is one of those cultivars that’s such a mutt you wonder why anyone bothered naming it in the first place. The graphics Frost Factory provides with this strain are off-putting to say the least, and I wasn’t all that impressed with the flavor, moisture level, or value of this $13 gram.


Ranked 11 of 11 in Flower for Effects

Available in

  • Spokane

Good for

  • Daytime
  • Energy


  • 1g THC


Convenience: 3/5
Flavor: 3/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Best Dosage Score: 3.8








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

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Flower is inherently inconvenient — nobody can convince me otherwise. The flavor of Frost Factory Sour Blue Face betrays rushed cultivation, mediocre production processes, and an overall disrespectful stance toward the end consumer.

Using cannabis isn’t a joke — it isn’t for kids or people who act like children. So, why do cannabis brands have to use flashy packaging and make their strains sound like candy?

Maybe I’m being persnickety, but I got a bad vibe from Frost Factory the moment I encountered their silly, flashy packaging. Ironically, the flower jars I got from Frost Factory were some of the few I’ve tried in Spokane with childproof lids.

I don’t have any reason to complain about the effects of Frost Factory Sour Blue Face, but I do think it is overpriced. Drop the peacocking, and focus that alpha energy on bringing down costs.

  • Really weird packaging
  • Giant picture of an angry blue person chomping down on a lemon
  • The kind of thing that makes you go, “… what?”
  • Buds are average
  • Good structure, nice aroma
  • Lots of crystals
  • Extremely dry
  • Very small buds
  • They appear to be tops at least, not popcorn
  • Average sativa effects
  • The super-complicated genetics don’t seem to deliver anything that mind-blowing
  • Overall this gram seems kind of silly and overpriced


I didn’t find Frost Factory Sour Blue Face to be particularly convenient. The giant unperforated sticker with the lemon-chomping blue psychopath on it also covered the entire side of the lid, which I guess is Frost Factory’s idea of sealing the package.

The reality is that the consumer has to tear all that sticker off, leaving an aesthetic nightmare behind. As if that weren’t enough, there’s the inherent inconvenience of flower to contend with.

I’ll say this — Frost Factory Sour Blue Face was juicy and well-grown enough at one point to crumble nicely even without grinding. The flower was left in the jar for way too long, however, and now it basically crumbles into dust.

I don’t have any complaints about purchasing this product from Cannabis & Glass in Liberty Lake. The minor inconveniences of Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g are compounded however, by my underlying gripes over this gram’s value-to-price ratio.

  • Inconvenient sticker must be torn off to open jar
  • Grinding flower is inconvenient
  • And this flower is way too dry
  • Curbside pickup at Cannabis & Glass was a breeze though

Flavor Profile

Frost Factory Sour Blue Face smells pretty good at first. When you break a nug open, faint aromas of a poor cure become apparent, and the acrid taste of badly-cured cannabis becomes unmistakable when Sour Blue Face is vaped.

It isn’t the worst-tasting flower I’ve ever plopped into my Volcano Classic. It’s just as far from the best, however, making it extremely unlikely I’ll ever be tempted to repeat the experience of vaping Frost Factory.

I can’t really say what Sour Blue Face tasted like. “Blue” isn’t a flavor, but lemon definitely came through strongly alongside other fruity notes and undertones of pine. If only this naturally delicious flavor weren’t covered up by a poor processing job.

  • Tastes like a bad cure
  • Could also have been produced in sub-par conditions
  • The strain itself is relatively nondescript
  • Lemon, fruit, and pine are the strongest notes

Activation Time

Nothing to complain about here. When I vaped Sour Blue Face, I felt effects within 1-2 minutes. They weren’t quite as strong as I was expecting, though, for a strain with 25% total cannabinoids.

The effectiveness of cannabinoids is fickle. It gets stronger when more cannabinoids are used together, and terpenes also appear to play a major role.

If terpenes are suppressed or damaged, the entire experienced effects of a cannabis bud might be reduced. Intricate subtleties aside, my Frost Factory Sour Blue Face flower activated just as quickly as I’d hoped.

  • Effects kicked in after around 1 minute

Effects & Duration

The effects of Sour Blue Face didn’t blow my mind. They made me feel vaguely energetic, but missing were the profoundly creative, zany, or energetic effects of other sativas.

  • Relatively vague sativa effects
  • Lasted around an hour


Personally, I’d set the price of this gram at $11. Drop the crazy packaging and stop taking yourselves so seriously, Frost Factory — nobody is convinced this mid-tier flower is worth top-shelf prices.

  • $13

About the Product

It appears Frost Factory products are also available on the west side of the Cascades, but this collab-brand has its biggest presence in the Columbia Basin area. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Frost Factory, but I’m also not the biggest fan of Phat Panda.

Sour Blue Face appears to be a Frost Factory-specific strain, and there isn’t much information available online. According to Frost Factory, this cultivar is a cross of Faceoff OG, Amherst Sour Diesel, and Blue Fire, each of which are extremely obscure strains.

Target Audience

Sour Blue Face is good for people who want to try something off-the-wall and aren’t afraid to pay a little extra for the experience. Frost Factory reminds me of gas station knock-off toys — fun for a few minutes, but flashy and easily forgotten.

Best Dosage

I was content with a small bowl of Sour Blue Face. That took up around a quarter of my gram, so you could probably get a full day’s enjoyment from a gram of this Frost Factory strain.

Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g FAQ

Let’s bring it all home with answers to a few frequently asked questions:

1. Which Frost Factory strain is best?

To be honest, I didn’t very much like either of the strains I tried from Frost Factory — Sour Blue Face and Lemon Sugar Koosh. Out of the two, however, I’d probably lean more toward Lemon Sugar. This strain, at least, provided me with unusual, pleasant effects while Sour Blue Face was average or even slightly repulsive in some places.

2. Is Sour Blue Face a good strain?

Not really. It’s one of those extremely complicated strains that has no idea what it’s doing. Lost a few crosses back is any individual distinctiveness that makes cannabis strains stand out from the crowd.

3. How is Sour Blue Face related to Blue Frost?

While there seems to be some confusion about this subject on the internet, there is no direct genetic connection between Sour Blue Face and Blue Frost. The problem likely arises from the fact that Frost Factory has the word “Frost” in its name, which is also in the strain name “Blue Frost.”

  • PricePricey
  • PackagingWeird
  • FlavorOkay
  • EffectAcceptable
  • DosageExceptional
Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g
Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g Product Information

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THC Dosage

.33g joint



Recommended For


Target Age Group



1g THC

Activation Time

1-2 minutes

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  • Lightly energetic Sativa
  • Immediate


  • Quality of flower does not justify the price
  • Poor flavor
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Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g
Frost Factory Sour Blue Face 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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