While it has lost favor in recent years with the rise of refined, potent extracts like CO2 distillate, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has been a staple of the medical cannabis community for decades. Originally produced by Canadian cannabis hero Rick Simpson, RSO has been alleged to do everything from mitigating the symptoms of chemotherapy to cure cancer itself.

These days, California-based Emerald Bay Extracts is one of the nation’s best producers of high-quality, medical-grade RSO THC products. Designed to offer the potency and easy dosing patients with severe medical conditions need, Emerald Bay Extracts RSO isn’t what you’re used to when it comes to cannabis extracts—it’s better.

What is Emerald Bay Extracts?

Emerald Bay Extracts is a specialized producer of RSO-based THC and CBD products. Based in California, Emerald Bay Extracts RSO is available throughout the Golden State, but lack of awareness of the unique benefits of this brand’s RSO tablets and syringes might push you away from trying these somewhat unusual products.

You’re in safe hands with Emerald Bay, though. Founded by a Stanford-trained oncology nurse, Emerald Bay has existed from the very beginning to provide cancer patients with the full-spectrum cannabis oil they need to experience increased quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy. Emerald Bay founder Casey was discouraged by the lack of high-quality cannabis products available to her chemotherapy patients, so she decided to start making medical-grade RSO herself.

Emerald Bay goes much farther than just producing high-potency RSO extracts. Seeking to “guide” patients on their “cannabis journey[s],” Emerald Bay Extracts contends that “knowledge is power,” and they pride themselves on being a “brand that patients believe in.” As the California cannabis market has shifted toward the recreational side of things, medical-focused, patient-centered brands like Emerald Bay have become something of a rarity.

What products does Emerald Bay Extracts offer?

Emerald Bay Extracts offers two different types of products: RSO tablets and RSO syringes. This brand provides far more varieties of tablets than syringes, but there are plenty of options to choose from regardless of which product category you select. Let’s take a look at each category of Emerald Bay products in more detail:

What are Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablets?

Emerald Bay Extracts offers more than 10 different RSO tablet options to choose from. Some tablets contain both THC and CBD, and cannabinoid dosing per tablet varies from 10mg to 50mg. What all Emerald Bay Extracts tablets have in common, though, is their high concentrations of raw, full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil. Keep in mind that, like all RSO products, Emerald Bay Extracts contain trace amounts of ethanol, the solvent used in RSO extraction.

What Emerald Bay Extracts RSO tablet strains are there?

Emerald Bay offers quite a few different delectable RSO tablets. Each strain-specific option is colored with natural fruit and vegetable juice to further evoke the unique benefits of each strain. Terpenes provide natural flavoring in Emerald Bay’s tablets, and since RSO extraction preserves terpenes remarkably well, this cannabis brand’s tablets taste subtly amazing.

1. Emerald Bay Extracts Blue Coast 1:1 CBD:THC 25mg Tablets

2. Emerald Bay Extracts Bubba’s Blend 3:1 CBD:THC 25mg Tablets

3. Emerald Bay Extracts Lemonhead OG (S) THC 25mg Tablets

4. Emerald Bay Extracts Sour Headband (S) THC 25mg Tablets

5. Emerald Bay Extracts Legend OG (I) THC 25mg Tablets

6. Emerald Bay Extracts Key Lime Pie (H) THC 25mg Tablets

7. Emerald Bay Extracts OG Kush (I) THC 50mg Tablets

8. Emerald Bay Extracts Blue Dream (S) THC 50mg Tablets

9. Emerald Bay Extracts Gelato (H) THC 25mg Tablets

10. Emerald Bay Extracts Mendo Crumble (I) THC 25mg Tablets

11. Emerald Bay Extracts OG Kush (I) THC 10mg Tablets

What are Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringes?

Since the early days of medical cannabis in California, RSO has always come in syringes. Emerald Bay Extracts keeps this tradition going with its RSO syringes, which contain 1 gram each of high-potency, THC-rich RSO. Potency varies from strain to strain, but most Emerald Bay Extracts syringes contain around 80% THC. Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties, these RSO syringes are designed to be applied under your tongue, but it’s also possible to vaporize RSO in a dab pen or dab rig.

What Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringe strains are there?

Right now, Emerald Bay Extracts offers its delicious, high-potency THC RSO in four popular strains: Blue Dream, Sherbet, Frosted Cookies, and Ice Cream Cake. Between this quartet of options, any cannabis user will be able to find an Emerald Bay Extracts syringe strain that’s up their alley.

1. Emerald Bay Extracts Blue Dream (S) 1 Gram THC RSO Syringe

2. Emerald Bay Extracts Sherbet (I) 1 Gram THC RSO Syringe

3. Emerald Bay Extracts Frosted Cookies (H) 1 Gram THC RSO Syringe

4. Emerald Bay Extracts Ice Cream Cake (I) 1 Gram THC RSO Syringe

Emerald Bay Extracts syringe: how to use

Even though it’s one of the oldest ways to use cannabis concentrate, many new cannabis users might not quite know what to do when confronted with an Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringe for the first time. Let’s start by clarifying that RSO is considered an ingestible product: It’s meant to be consumed orally.

As a result, pretty much any way you consume RSO orally is just as good as any other. To get the most out of your RSO experience, however, you should do things the right way by holding RSO under your tongue. Then, there’s also the less-popular option of dabbing your RSO.

How to use the Emerald Bay Extracts syringe under your tongue

Applying your RSO syringe under your tongue offers the best bioavailability and, therefore, the most potent effects. Learn how to apply an Emerald Bay Extracts RSO syringe under your tongue in 5 simple steps:

1. Remove your syringe from its packaging, and remove any protective caps

2. Check the measurements on the side of your syringe to determine an ideal dose

3. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and aim the end of your RSO syringe behind your bottom front teeth

4. Squeeze a small amount of RSO out the end of your syringe, and allow your tongue to rest on top of it

5. Try to avoid swallowing the RSO until it has fully dissolved

How to use the Emerald Bay Extracts syringe with a dab rig

You can also dab RSO. Since most RSO extracts come in plastic syringes, just be very careful not to melt the end of your syringe with your heating element. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to dab Emerald Bay Extracts RSO:

1. Heat the nail of your dab rig

2. Squeeze a small amount of RSO out of your syringe and onto a metal dabber

3. Apply the dabber to your rig’s nail, and inhale

4. Never touch the end of your RSO syringe directly to a heated nail

Where can I buy Emerald Bay Extracts near me?

Emerald Bay Extracts products are available at a wide assortment of dispensaries throughout California. This brand’s official website features a store locator, and many Emerald Bay products are also found on Jane. Emerald Bay Extracts products do not appear to be available yet through Amuse or Eaze, so cannabis consumers seeking out this brand’s products will need to shop in-person or rely on dispensary-specific delivery services.