Eaze is a marijuana delivery app. So why is it one of our most trusted sources of information at Best Dosage?

Because Eaze is heavily funded and it offers detailed information on almost every cannabis product in California. Eaze is far from a crystal ball you can peer into to learn anything and everything about cannabis, but this site has earned our enduring respect for its impeccable performance within its niche.

Here’s why:

Eaze quick facts

1. Founded in 2014

2. California-specific cannabis delivery app that now delivers in Michigan

3. 120,000 deliveries per month by 2017

4. EazeMD offers cannabis telemedicine in California

5. Raised more than $52 million since 2014

Eaze is a cannabis delivery platform with rich product data

At a glance, Eaze is a site you can use to get cannabis delivered practically anywhere in California. To provide this critical service, however, Eaze starts by solving common friction points in the purchase process.

First, the Eaze platform is lightning-fast on desktop and mobile. Ordering is easy, and receiving deliveries is a breeze.

Eaze gets ahead of another major friction point ahead of time. By providing exhaustive information on California cannabis products, Eaze makes customers confident about their purchases, resulting in fewer canceled orders.

Someone at Eaze clearly knows a thing or two about greasing the wheels of customer service. Eaze has the capital to invest in thorough, useful product descriptions, and so they do.

The best source of information on California cannabis products

A handful of California cannabis brands have attained a reasonable degree of in-state recognition or have even expanded out of state. Many smaller California cannabis brands, however, tend to get lost in the shuffle.

That’s where Eaze’s uniquely simple ordering system comes into play. Unlike platforms that process online cannabis orders based on the products that are available at specific dispensaries, Eaze is entirely product-centered.

You provide your location, and then Eaze helps you find products by product type, not the dispensary where they’re located. Then, an Eaze driver picks up your products and brings them to you.

Due to this unique system, Eaze has to treat products from major, inter-state brands and products from smaller California-only producers relatively equally. If you’re searching for more information on an obscure cannabis product only found in California, Eaze is, as a result, often the best place to go.

A small arm of cannabis big business

Eaze isn’t a shambling mega-conglomerate. It’s not intended to be.

Instead, Eaze is designed to provide specific service and to provide it well: delivering cannabis products to cannabis users in California.

To ensure that Eaze remains capable of doing this, some of the biggest names in cannabusiness have invested in this Silicon Valley startup. Receiving $10 million in Series A funding from venture capital firms in 2015, Eaze went on to receive $13 million in 2016 and $27 million in 2017.

Investors include Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital and DCM Ventures. Eaze is one of the most highly capitalized cannabis sites on the web.

Money isn’t everything, but it’s useful. Eaze has leveraged its considerable funding to deliver an excellent delivery service centered around a fast, intuitive, and informative online menu system.

At Best Dosage, we sometimes use Eaze as a cannabis delivery app. Most of the time, however, we lean on this site as an encyclopedia of California cannabis products that’s always being updated with new entries.

Clean, well-built platform

Eaze has clearly used a significant chunk of its startup capital to devise its impressive website and branding. Featuring an ultra-modern aesthetic and equally cutting-edge load speeds, the Eaze website does what it’s designed to do remarkably well.

Eaze is available as an app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The Apple version of the app has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the Android version has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

The Google mobile app appears to have some issues, but both mobile and desktop users can access Eaze’s mobile-responsive web app if need be. Using either approach, you’ll be met with simple, streamlined product selection and checkout processes.

Instead of just erecting a flashy facade and leaving the rest up to chance, it appears Eaze has invested heavily into its core business infrastructure. The Eaze delivery service is consistently highly rated, and Eaze is one of California’s most rapidly-growing cannabis companies.

Services with real-world community impact

When Eaze launched in 2015, receiving medical recommendations for cannabis was a much bigger deal in California, which wouldn’t have a recreational cannabis program for two more years.

There are still good reasons to get a medical cannabis card in California, however, and Eaze’s EazeMD service continues to be the state’s largest provider of cannabis telemedicine. Using EazeMD, California residents can receive medical cannabis authorization from their homes.

They can then turn right around and order tax-free medical cannabis using Eaze’s delivery platform. In addition to making medical cannabis recommendations and orders unprecedentedly easy, Eaze has also helped the community by employing drivers, adding jobs to the California cannabis industry.

Eaze overall score

There’s a lot we like about Eaze. In the end, we feel that an overall score of 4.92 out of 5 is appropriate.

Authority: 5/5

Clarity: 5/5

Sourcing: 5/5

Topics: 4.6/5

Community: 5/5

In terms of authority, Eaze is highly capitalized and has received the backing of some of the biggest names in cannabis finance. Eaze is held accountable to its investors, forcing this site’s content to be excellent.

Eaze’s product descriptions are usefully precise and clear, and this site’s content is sourced when appropriate. Sourcing isn’t as relevant, however, to the type of information Eaze primarily provides.

Compared to other cannabis sites, we had to dock Eaze when it comes to topics. This site curates a reasonably robust blog covering various topics, but Eaze primarily sticks to information on cannabis products sold in California.

Eaze has a flawlessly impressive impact on the cannabis community. We like how Eaze makes it simpler for people with genuine medical needs to have cannabis delivered to their doors all throughout California.