As the cannabis industry upswells, Eaze is coming along with it. Starting out limited to major metropolitan areas, Eaze delivery is now available all the way up to Sacramento.

Soon, you’ll even be able to get weed delivered by Eaze in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids — stay tuned. For now, California cannabis users can rejoice in Eaze’s… well, easy ordering process, immense product catalog, and mask-free cannabis commerce model.

And oh, did I mention Zelle payment is an option?

As the founder of Best Dosage, I recently ordered cannabis products via Eaze for myself. Learn Best Dosage founder Chad Waldman’s personal thoughts on the Eaze ordering process.

Ordering on Eaze — Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Let’s cut right to the chase. I don’t have a lot of time, and you don’t either. All the same, we both want one thing — to share information about Eaze, how to use it, and whether it’s worth using at all.

We’ll start with a detailed, step-by-step instruction booklet to using Eaze.

1. Sign up for Eaze on mobile or web

Navigate to Eaze. In addition to a web app you can use both on desktop and mobile, Eaze has dedicated apps in the Google Play and Apple App stores as well.

As is usually the case, using the app is easiest when accessing Eaze on a mobile device. The web app is fully mobile-optimized and runs like a charm, but there’s something missing from an experience that isn’t specifically tailored for mobile.

Once you get to Eaze, you need to say hello. Technically, you can just enter your address and start shopping. You’ll need to make an account in the end anyway, though, so you might as well start by clicking or tapping “Log In.”

Then, you’ll input all the details that will drive California’s finest cannabis products directly to your door (did I mention no masks?). It’s all the usual stuff, and nothing weird — who you are, where you live, how to contact you.

One of the coolest things you can do with Eaze, though, is link your Zelle account. That’s the real reason I say you should make an account first.

With Zelle connected and sufficient funds in your account, ordering with Eaze is literally as simple as logging in, adding items to your cart, and checking out Amazon-style.

Think Apple Pay but with weed. It’s that easy.

  • Sign up for Eaze
  • Put in your personal info
  • Link Zelle if you want to

2. Verify your identity

We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, though. Before you start dreaming about cannabis delivery orders as lightning-fast as the mighty gaZelle, you still need to convince Eaze you’re a real person.

Open that email account you used to register and use the link to verify your online existence. You might think you’re ready to start buying weed for delivery on Eaze now, but not quite yet.

If this is your first time ordering, you’ll probably get a call from an Eaze employee when you try to place an order. They’ll confirm your name and ask for a state ID. Eaze will also check your ID when your driver arrives.

The whole process was so professional I didn’t have any qualms about sending my ID right over. It took around two minutes in total. Then, the gates were cleared, and I was all set to start sinking my teeth into the glory of Eaze.

  • As a first-time customer, an Eaze employee called me to verify my ID and name
  • Great process, took two minutes
  • I felt comfortable sending my ID over 
  • A+ experience — total trust

3. Choose your products

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for — picking products and adding them to your cart. You’ll find that Eaze’s catalog is much more expansive than you’ve come to expect from a weed delivery service.

Think about it. The delivery services you’ve used before only had access to a few dispensaries. They were finicky, and starkly lacking was the Silicon Valley elegance you’ve come to expect.

To understand how Eaze works, I’d strongly recommend you watch this 2-minute video. In case you don’t feel like clicking away, I’ll briefly summarize:

  • Eaze is a technology platform that unites cannabis consumers, producers, and dispensaries
  • After verifying your identity, you can shop from stores in the Eaze network
  • Then, the store will dispatch one of its own employees to your address
  • They’ll check your ID, deliver your products, and you’re done

My experience perfectly matched this description. It’s really nice when things line up like that.

Searching for products instead of dispensaries, I quickly found a 7g flower bag I wanted. Clicking through, I was able to order any product without choosing a dispensary first. I was a bit confused about how this works.

It might be possible to make an Eaze order that a single dispensary can’t fulfill. In the metro areas, Eaze serves, however, partnered dispensaries carry all the products Eaze lists, so it’s unclear if this issue has ever surpassed the hypothetical.

  • The very easy ordering process
  • Like buying products on Etsy or Shopify

4. Place your order

So, now all that’s left is to place your order. With Eaze, you can pay one of two ways:

  • With Zelle when you place your order
  • With cash when your delivery arrives

When you place your order, you’ll confirm your delivery address and any other relevant information. Then, you’ll be taken to a screen with an order confirmation number.

  • An easier way to shop
  • I don’t have to wear a mask to shop
  • I can Google all of the products as I search the shop

5. Receive email and SMS confirmation

Almost immediately after placing my order, I received a text from Eaze at my mobile number and an email at the address I used to register my account. Both messages thanked me for my order and provided a link I could use to track it in real-time.

He didn’t head out the door for close to an hour, but once he did, I could see my delivery driver making stops along the way to my address.

  • I received updates via SMS and email about my order
  • Great transparency and tracking

6. Pay via Zelle or cash

If you paid via Zelle, there’s nothing you need to do when your order arrives aside from showing your ID and cracking a joke or two with the delivery driver if you’re in the mood. By the way, all of Eaze’s drivers have undergone criminal background checks even though they’re independent employees.

Eaze sort of takes over dispensaries in its network. In addition to demanding background checks, it provides inventory, POS, and delivery tracking services, so dispensaries really become dependent.

I’m not knocking it or praising it. The undeniable positive is that only trustworthy people will come knocking on your door with weed in their hands.

7. Order is delivered to your door

The golden moment has finally arrived. There’s a knock, your doorbell rings, or maybe you see the driver walking up to your door on a surveillance camera.

Wait — you probably saw your order had arrived in the tracking app first as I did. Or, maybe you weren’t as excited for your first time ordering on Eaze.

In the end, my order arrived around 90 minutes after I hit “confirm.” The delivery guy was very nice and friendly — he had a good vibe, quickly checked my ID, and since I paid with Zelle, simply handed the bag over and wished me a good night.

The whole process was so easy I almost had to sit down for a minute. I’m so used to braving dispensary pickup lines, masks, hand sanitizer, and all the rest that I forgot how easy buying weed can be.

Eaze is like that dealer you used to know who did house calls but without the paranoia, stanky vibes, and subpar product selection. Put another way, Eaze is the 21st century’s answer to that stereotypical weed dealer straight out of Pineapple Express.

  • Delivery was 1.5 hours right to my door
  • Very nice delivery guy checked my ID
  • Eaze has its own packaging it sends to dispensaries
  • I really liked my bag with the slogan “Enjoy the moment”

Everything you need to know about Eaze

I’ll answer any questions you might still have about Eaze:

What is Eaze?

Eaze is a technology platform separated into two segments:

  • A B2B comprehensive business optimization service for dispensaries
  • A B2C cannabis delivery service in California (and soon Michigan)

Altogether, Eaze uses the latest improvements in business optimization technology to make cannabis order fulfillment easier and more accurate for both dispensaries and consumers. The main benefits are:

  • Consumers get their cannabis faster than the illicit market can deliver
  • Dispensaries don’t have to mess around with delivery schedules and trackers

Is Eaze delivery legit?

It certainly seems that way. I have to admit I was skeptical of Eaze at first, but this platform kept getting such rave reviews I decided I had to try it.

My overall experience with Eaze leads me to believe it’s a high-caliber company pursuing some very impressive ideals. Making ordering weed as easy as shopping for a new iMac is no simple feat, but Eaze is well on its way to mastering the art of online cannabis delivery — within the confines of California, at least.

Where does Eaze deliver?

Right now, Eaze only delivers in Southern and Central California. This unprecedented cannabis platform is currently in the process of expanding into Michigan, and it’s likely Eaze will ultimately service the entirety of the Golden State.

Can I order Eaze in Michigan?

Not yet, but you will be able to soon. In March 2021, Eaze announced its intent to partner with Cannalicious, Terpene Tanks, Viola, and other Michigan cannabis brands to offer delivery in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. Expect further movement on this throughout 2021.

How do you order on Eaze?

Scroll up to find our detailed guide to ordering on Eaze. Here’s a brief recap:

1. Sign up for Eaze online – app or web version

2. Verify your email address

3. Choose your products

4. Place your order

5. Order is confirmed via SMS and Email

6. You can pay with Zelle or Cash

7. Order is delivered to your door

How much is Eaze’s delivery fee?

Eaze orders over $50 deliver free. If you can’t cobble together an order of that size, expect to pay $5 per Eaze delivery. Plus, you should always tip your driver.

How much should you tip your Eaze driver?

Eaze doesn’t include the driver’s tip in your order total. As a result, normal tipping rules apply:

  • Tip 5% if you’re mean
  • Tip 10% if you’re rude
  • Tip 15% if you’re average
  • Tip 20% if you’re nice
  • Tip 25% if you’re generous
  • Tip 30% if you’re Elon Musk

Does Eaze sell CBD?

You bet. Eaze stocks a wide supply of CBD products — just don’t expect to find your favorite brand, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the width and depth of Eaze’s CBD lineup.

Is Eaze still cash only?

No, you can also pay with Zelle on Eaze, truly setting this cannabis delivery platform leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. There’s no cash handling at all — just an instant, direct deposit from your Zelle-linked bank account.

Can I use Zelle with Eaze?

Absolutely. Just link your Zelle account during the signup process, and choose “Zelle” as your payment option at checkout to instantly debit your connected bank account for the order total (plus tax [and a $5 delivery fee on orders under $50] but not including the driver’s tip).

Is Eaze medical only?

No, Eaze is open to the recreational market. All you need to do before ordering on Eaze is prove you’re over 21 with a routine ID check that can be performed over the phone. Plus, you need to be in an area that Eaze serves (Southern/Central Cali and [soon] Michigan)

Should I order with Eaze?

I have five reasons why I think you might want to give Eaze a shot:

1. It’s easy

Wow. I’ve never encountered a cannabis ordering process this easy. It’s truly a sign of the future — cannabis is finally mainstream enough to attract the attention of highly capitalized tech startups like Eaze.

2. There’s no apparent risk

Eaze started out as a web-and-phone provider of medical cannabis cards in California. Over the last half-decade, this once-startup has risen through the ranks and evolved into the Golden State’s most bona fide door-to-door weed dealer.

I felt 100% confident ordering with Eaze. For comparison, I never felt more than 33% confident ordering from an illicit dealer — there was also a 33% chance of a flake-out and always that other 33% chance the cops would show up instead.

3. Zelle payment is remarkably forward-thinking

This is totally crazy to me. I already use Zelle to pay contractors on a daily basis, so buying weed with this app (which I’ve linked to Bank of America — easy-peasy) just makes sense. If you haven’t signed up for Zelle, it takes around 5 minutes.

4. Eaze is on the rise

Don’t bet against an underdog. Eaze has been counted out of the running more times than I can count, but they’re still around. I predict even greater things from Eaze in the future — not disaster by any stretch.

5. If you’re in California, why not

As the rest of the country appears to finally recover from the COVID-19 catastrophe, California remains under rigid lockdown orders. Even purchasing cannabis can be a hassle these days, which is why Eaze is such a godsend for California THC and CBD users.

If you use CBD to stay out of pain, you can get it the same day instead of waiting at least three days for your products to arrive in the mail. If you use THC, you can avoid wearing a mask and being forced to mumble out every breath of strained conversation just to snag a bag of herb.

I found using Eaze to be much better than slapping on a mask to go inside a dispensary. As Best Dosage’s founder, I’d recommend Eaze to anyone.