Eaze cannabis delivery is now available to adults over 21 years of age throughout major California metro areas. Soon, Eaze delivery will also be available in Michigan — stay tuned

California cannabis users can rejoice in Eaze’s simple ordering process and immense product catalog. Plus, the option of Zelle payment at the checkout takes the Eaze experience to an entirely new level.

As Best Dosage’s founder, I recently ordered cannabis products via Eaze for myself. Enjoy a detailed guide to ordering on Eaze, find answers to common Eaze ordering questions, and learn my top 5 reasons you should give Eaze a try.

Before we dive into all things Eaze please do not forget to copy/paste the Eaze coupon code BEST5 to save $5 on your first order.

Ordering on Eaze — Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Let’s start with step-by-step instructions for using Eaze:

1. Sign up for Eaze on mobile or web

  • Navigate to Eaze. In addition to a web app you can use both on desktop and mobile, Eaze has apps in the Google Play and Apple App stores as well.
  • Using the app is easiest when accessing Eaze on a mobile device. The web app is fully mobile-optimized, but there’s something missing from an experience that isn’t specifically tailored for mobile.
  • Once you get to Eaze, you’ll need to make an account. Start by clicking or tapping “Log In.”
  • Then, you’ll give Eaze the details it needs to deliver California’s best cannabis directly to your door. It’s all the usual stuff: who you are, where you live, how to contact you.
  • One of the coolest things you can do with Eaze is link your Zelle account.
  • With Zelle connected, ordering with Eaze is as simple as logging in, adding items to your cart, and checking out.

Think Apple Pay or PayPal but with weed. It’s that easy.

2. Verify your identity

Before you start ordering cannabis, you need to convince Eaze you’re a real person. Open the email you received from Eaze when you signed up, and click the verification link. You’re almost ready to start buying weed for delivery on Eaze, but not quite yet.

If this is your first time ordering, you’ll probably get a call from an Eaze employee when you try to place an order. They’ll confirm your name and ask for a state ID. Your Eaze driver will also check your ID upon delivery.

The whole process was so professional I didn’t have any qualms snapping a pic of my driver’s license and sending it over. Verification took around two minutes, and then, I was all set to start sinking my teeth into Eaze.

  • As a first-time customer, an Eaze employee called me to verify my ID and name
  • Great process, took two minutes
  • I felt comfortable sending my ID over 
  • A+ experience — total trust

3. Choose your products

Now it’s time to pick products and add them to your cart. You’ll find that Eaze’s catalog is much bigger than you’ve come to expect from other weed delivery services, which can have spotty access to dispensaries and brands.

Watch this 2-minute video made by Eaze to understand how the platform works. I’ll briefly summarize:

Eaze is a technology platform that unites cannabis consumers, producers, and dispensaries

  • After verifying your identity, you can shop for products from brands in the Eaze network
  • Then, a participating dispensary will dispatch one of its own employees to your address
  • They’ll check your ID, deliver your products, and you’re done

My experience perfectly matched this description. Searching for products instead of dispensaries, I quickly found a 7g flower bag I wanted. Clicking through, I was able to order any product I wanted without choosing a dispensary first.

  • Very easy ordering process
  • Like buying products on Etsy or Shopify

4. Place your order

You’re ready to place your very first Eaze order. When you place your order, you’ll confirm your delivery address and any other relevant information.

Then, you’ll be taken to a screen with an order confirmation number. You can pay with Zelle when you place your order or with cash when your cannabis delivery arrives.

  • An easier way to shop
  • I don’t have to wear a mask to shop
  • I can Google all of the products as I search the shop

5. Receive email and SMS confirmation

A few moments after placing my order, I received confirmation from Eaze via both text and email. The messages provided a link I could use to track my order in real-time.

My delivery driver didn’t head out the door for close to an hour, but once he did, I could see him making stops along the way to my address.

  • I received updates via SMS and email about my order
  • Great transparency and tracking

6. Pay via Zelle or cash

If you paid via Zelle, all you need to do when your order arrives is show your ID. I had my ID in my hand when I answered the door, and the whole encounter went smoothly.

Just so you know, Eaze puts its drivers through criminal background checks even though they’re dispensary employees. My driver was very friendly and had a relaxed vibe.

7. Order is delivered to your door

Whether you remembered it was coming or it took you by surprise, the moment has arrived when your Eaze driver knocks on your door or rings the bell. My order arrived around 90 minutes after I hit “confirm.”

I’m so used to braving dispensary pickup lines, masks, hand sanitizer, and all the rest that I had forgotten how easy buying weed can be. Eaze appears to be the 21st century’s answer to that stereotypical, yet carefree and reliable, weed dealer straight out of Pineapple Express.

  • Delivery was 1.5 hours right to my door
  • Very nice delivery guy checked my ID
  • Eaze has its own packaging it sends to dispensaries
  • I really liked my bag with the slogan “Enjoy the moment”

Everything you need to know about Eaze

Let’s continue our guide with a detailed FAQ:

• What is Eaze?

Eaze started out as a web-and-phone provider of medical cannabis cards in California. Over the last half-decade, this once-startup has risen through the ranks and evolved into the Golden State’s most bona fide door-to-door weed dealer.

These days, Eaze offers business optimization services to dispensaries and cannabis delivery services to consumers in California (and soon Michigan). Using next-generation inventory management systems and UIs, Eaze gets cannabis to consumers faster than the illicit market and saves dispensaries from messing around with delivery schedules and trackers.

• Is Eaze delivery legit?

It certainly seems that way. I have to admit that at first even I asked, “is Eaze legit?” This platform kept getting such rave reviews, though, that I had to try it.

My overall experience with Eaze leads me to believe it’s a high-caliber company pursuing some very impressive ideals. Making ordering weed as easy as shopping for a new iMac is no simple feat, but Eaze is well on its way to mastering the art of online cannabis delivery — within the confines of California, at least.

• How does Eaze work?

Eaze partners with dispensaries to make fulfilling orders easier, which also provides a simpler and more uniform experience for users. When you order cannabis on Eaze, you can search for whichever products you like, and Eaze will automatically choose a local dispensary that has your selected products in stock. After paying via Zelle or selecting cash payment, all you’ll need to do is show your ID when your Eaze driver arrives.

• How do you order on Eaze?

Ordering on Eaze is as easy as it sounds. Here’s a quick rundown: (1.) Sign up for Eaze online, (2.) Verify your email address, (3.) Choose your products, (4. ) Place your order, (5.) Order is confirmed via SMS and email, (6.) You pay with Zelle or cash, (7.) Order is delivered to your door. That’s all there is to it!

• How long does Eaze take to deliver?

Eaze usually delivers around 1-2 hours after you place your order. It’s rare for an Eaze order to take more than 3 hours to arrive, but just remember to place your order during normal operating hours of 9 AM to 10 PM. The time it takes Eaze to deliver depends on your location relative to dispensaries in your area and Eaze’s current access to drivers.

• Where does Eaze deliver?

Right now, Eaze only delivers in Southern and Central California. This mold-breaking cannabis delivery platform is currently in the process of expanding into Michigan, though, and it’s likely Eaze will ultimately service the entirety of the Golden State. Eaze or similar competitors will inevitably dominate cannabis retail sales everywhere simply due to the simplicity of the technology.

• Can I order Eaze in Michigan?

Not yet, but Eaze will be available in Michigan soon. In March 2021, Eaze announced its intent to partner with Cannalicious, Terpene Tanks, Viola, and other Michigan cannabis brands to offer delivery in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. Expect further movement on this throughout 2021.

• Where is Eaze available?

Eaze is available to people who live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, and a few other major California cities. With Zelle as a payment option and a simple online interface, Eaze is the simplest way for metro Californians to get their hands on THC or CBD without any hassle.

• What time does Eaze close?

With some exceptions, Eaze accepts orders between 9 AM and 10 PM. As long as your order is placed within this window, it will arrive the same day. Orders made at peak delivery times may take longer to arrive.

• How much is Eaze’s delivery fee?

If your order is over $50, Eaze will deliver it for free. If you can’t cobble together an order of that size, expect to pay $5 for delivery every time you order with Eaze. Plus, you should always tip your driver when you can.

• Do you tip Eaze drivers?

Eaze does not require that you tip drivers, but a delivery tip is always polite. Consider determining the amount of your tip based on the promptness and friendliness of the driver. Usually, a tip of anywhere between 10% and 20% is considered appropriate.

• How much should you tip your Eaze driver?

Eaze doesn’t include the driver’s tip in your order total. Accordingly, you should use your own discernment and tip 5% if you’re mean, 10% if you’re rude, 15% if you’re average, 20% if you’re nice, 25% if you’re generous, and 30% if you’re Elon Musk.

• How much do Eaze drivers make?

Eaze’s starting pay for drivers is $18. Eaze compensates drivers for gas and automobile wear and tear with an additional $0.545 per mile. So, if you drive an average of 100 miles per delivery shift, you’ll be compensated $54.50 for gas and receive hourly payment for your services.

• Does Eaze sell CBD?

Yes, Eaze stocks a wide array of CBD products — just don’t assume you’ll find your favorite brand, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of Eaze’s CBD lineup. For a while, Eaze had a CBD-specific website, but that’s been rolled into the main Eaze cannabis delivery operation.

• Is Eaze still cash only?

No, you can also pay with Zelle on Eaze. This one feature alone sets Eaze leaps and bounds ahead of the competition as a cannabis delivery platform. You have the option of avoiding handling cash entirely in lieu of an instant, direct deposit from your Zelle-linked bank account.

• Can I use Zelle with Eaze?

Yes, you can pay for any Eaze order with Zelle instead of cash. Just link your Zelle account during the signup process, and choose “Zelle” as your payment option at checkout to instantly debit your connected bank account for the order total (plus tax and any applicable fees).

• Is Eaze medical only?

No, Eaze delivers cannabis to anyone over 21 years of age living in select California cities. All you need to order cannabis on Eaze is to prove you’re over 21 with a routine ID check that can be performed over the phone. Plus, you need to be in an area that Eaze serves (Southern/Central Cali and [soon] Michigan)

• Where do I find out how an Eaze promo code works?

Using a promo code on Eaze is simple. During the checkout process, Eaze will provide you with a box for your code when you select your form of payment. If you pay with Zelle, any discount will be applied when your account is debited. For cash payments, the discount will be applied when you pay upon delivery. Use code Best5 to save $5 on your first Eaze order. 

• Where do I find out how to open an Eaze bag?

Eaze cannabis delivery bags are childproofed. There’s a mechanism under the logo on top of the bag you need to press to release the zipper. If you can’t get the mechanism to work, you can always carefully cut the bag open with scissors.

• What is Eaze Wellness?

“Eaze Wellness” was the name of Eaze’s short-lived CBD-only eCommerce platform. Launched in 2018, Eaze Wellness is now simply a part of Eaze’s main delivery platform. Customers in California can order CBD products from Eaze just as easily as they order THC products.

• What are the top Eaze competitors?

Eaze is the simplest and most forward-thinking California cannabis delivery service, but it’s not your only option. Nugg, Leafly, and WeedMaps also offer their own cannabis delivery services or offer deliveries through dispensaries, and they aren’t alone. We weren’t able to find any products on Nugg or Leafly, though, that weren’t also available on Eaze.

Best Eaze products — category breakdown

What are the best items on Eaze? We’ll break it down by product category.

What is the best flower on Eaze?

The best flower I’ve ordered on Eaze so far is CBX Cereal Milk Premium Cannabis Flower. At over 30% THC, this connoisseur cannabis flower is so potent you almost don’t notice how tasty it is at first. Once the sugary-sweetened milk flavor kicks in, though, you realize what a testament CBX Cereal Milk is to the evolving art of cannabis cultivation in California.

What is the best edible gummy on Eaze?

We’ve bought a lot of gummies on Eaze, but Kiva’s Lost Farm Strawberry Lemonade Gummies are our favorite due to their unique flavor, high-quality ingredients, and potent live resin extract. Each gummy offering in the Lost Farm line is designed around a particular strain, and the Super Lemon Haze live resin in these edibles comes through loud and clear.

What are the best vaporizer cartridges on Eaze?

Overall, we’re big fans of the PAX Era vape battery since it’s so reliable and customizable. Expect to pay considerably more for PAX cartridges, but use top Eaze vapes like the Jetty Extracts Grand Daddy Purp PAX Era Cartridge as a baseline as you determine the potency and enjoyment improvements this innovative vaping technology delivers.

What are the best vapes for focus on Eaze?

If you want to focus, you should lean toward sativa-dominant cartridges when you shop on Eaze. We have a whole sativa section at Best Dosage to peruse as you get an idea of what Eaze has to offer. Use our guides to compare and contrast the products you come across as you put your order together.

What are the best pre-rolls from Eaze?

Eaze offers pre-rolls from the best brands in California. One thing Eaze weed product descriptions often lack, though, is detailed information, which is where our Eaze reviews come in. Check out our California product section to get an idea of the types of pre-rolls and other products you can buy on Eaze.

What is the best Eaze product for sleep?

If you’re shopping on Eaze for products that will help you get to sleep, indica-dominant cannabis will be your best bet. Some people also swear by CBD for sleep, and other cannabinoids like CBN have also recently become popular as natural sleep aids. Feel free to experiment.

What are the best drinks on Eaze?

We’ve come across at least one drink on Eaze we’d directly recommend: CANN’s Social Tonic. In particular, we’re big fans of the Grapefruit Rosemary & Blood Orange flavor, and we’d be happy to convince anyone that this delicious and effective cannabis beverage is currently the best drink on Eaze. 

What are the best capsules on Eaze?

We aren’t sure about the “best” capsules, but if you’re looking for the single strongest THC capsule ever devised by the hands of man, you’ve found it in the ABX 200mg THC Capsule. Make sure you can really handle 200mg of THC before you swallow this ultra-ultra-strength capsule — it’s only for the strong of heart, and if your THC tolerance is also strong, that’s probably a plus.

Should I order with Eaze?

I have five reasons you might want to give Eaze a shot:

1. It’s easy

I’ve never encountered a cannabis ordering process this easy. Setting the standard for similar services of the future, Eaze proves that buying a once black-market substance can be just as easy as buying anything else in California.

2. There’s no apparent risk

As a high-tech and fully secured platform, I felt 100% confident ordering with Eaze. For comparison, I never felt more than 33% confident ordering from an illicit dealer — there was also a 33% chance of a flake-out and always that other 33% chance the cops would show up instead.

3. Zelle payment is remarkably forward-thinking

I already use Zelle for business payments, so buying weed with this app (which I’ve linked to Bank of America) just makes sense. If you haven’t signed up for Zelle, it takes around 5 minutes. An account with a mainstream bank makes things easier but isn’t necessary.

4. Eaze is on the rise

Don’t bet against an underdog. Eaze has been counted out of the running more than once, but they’re still around. I predict even greater things from Eaze in the future — not disaster by any stretch.

5. If you’re in California, why not

Even purchasing cannabis can be a hassle these days of masks and lockdowns. That’s what makes Eaze such a godsend for California THC and CBD users.

If you use CBD to stay out of pain, you can get it the same day instead of waiting at least two or three days for your products to arrive in the mail. If you use THC, you can avoid being forced to mumble out every breath of strained conversation through a mask just to snag a bag of herb.

I found using Eaze to be much easier and more reliable than going inside a dispensary. As Best Dosage’s founder, I’d recommend Eaze to anyone.