If you’ve ever found yourself longing for a more convenient, reliable dab, Dr. Dabber’s diverse line of electronic dab tools is the solution. Offering solutions for everyone from the notorious cannabis snob to the THC or CBD dabbing newbie, Dr. Dabber dab tools offer the same quality and reliability as competitors while costing significantly less.

In this review, learn what Dr. Dabber is, the different types of portable dab rigs this brand offers, and how to use Dr. Dabber dab rigs to vape cannabis concentrate. View the full Dr. Dabber catalog here, and use our guide as a reference as you decide which innovative, portable dab tool is best for your needs.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a tool you use to take a dab, another word for an inhaled dose of cannabis concentrate. Dab rigs can be either conventional or electronic with electronic rigs or “e-rigs” rapidly becoming the more desirable option as brands like Dr. Dabber continue raising the bar of quality.

How does a dab rig work?

A dab rig transforms liquid cannabis concentrate into inhalable vapor using heat. In contrast to pipes, bongs, and similar smoking devices, dab rigs do not incinerate cannabis concentrate. They vaporize it instead, resulting in better safety and higher potency.

What is an electric dabber?

If you’re wondering how to dab without a rig or torch, you aren’t the first. Conventional dab rigs have been a point of annoyance for cannabis users for years, leading to the rise of electric dabbers, a simpler and more efficient solution.

The natural evolution of electric dab nails, which plug into the wall instead of being heated with a butane torch, electric or electronic dabbers consist of a single piece of equipment that takes care of all the aspects of dabbing for you. All aspects, except, or course, applying cannabis concentrate to your dabber, for which you’ll need an additional tool. 

What is Dr. Dabber?

Dr. Dabber is a notable producer of high-quality, reasonably priced electronic vaping tools that run the gamut from heavy-duty to highly portable. Most well-known for the popular Boost Evo, Dr. Dabber also offers smaller, simpler dab tools, an innovative hybrid rig that can vape flower as well as concentrate, and even a line of high-end vape batteries. 

What Dr. Dabber dab rigs are there?

Dr. Dabber offers five impressive electronic dab rigs. We’ll start with Dr. Dabber’s flagship model, the Boost Evo, and work our way down to the brand’s simplest (and most inexpensive) option.

#1) Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

This is Dr. Dabber’s main squeeze. It’s the best electronic dab rig we’ve used.

Ease of use

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is exceedingly simple to use. Around 8 inches high with glass, this portable dabber is small enough to hold easily in the palm of your hand, and a straightforward activation button makes selecting temperatures and vaporizing concentrate easy and rewarding.


  • Eclipse Black
  • Moon White
  • 5 RGB light modes


  • $329.95
  • The same or better value than competitors

How to use

  • 6 temperature settings between 500-750 degrees F
  • Magnetic quartz atomizer sends vapor through glass pathway
  • USB-C charging with pass-through
  • Charge once, take up to 60 dabs
  • Simply charge your Boost Evo, choose a temperature, add concentrate, activate, and inhale

The efficiency of cannabis use

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo handles cannabis concentrate with impressive efficiency. Even, steady heat and impressive airflow allow you to get the most out of your dabs. Pair this advanced dab tool with an accurate applicator to deliver perfectly dosed and extremely smooth hits.


  • Advanced quartz nail system heats cannabis concentrate evenly for enhanced flavor
  • Airflow quick-release function allows bigger hits

Activation time

  • Instant activation with full, powerful effects

#2) Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The Boost Evo not enough for you? Do it all with the SWITCH.

Ease of use

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH features a glass filtration mechanism like a conventional dab rig, but it’s fully portable. Capable of switching between flower and concentrate with the touch of a button, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is impressively versatile and is easy to activate and clean.


  • Black


  • $399.95
  • High-end portable rig with glass bubbler attachment

How to use

  • Choose from 25 heat settings
  • 150 uses per charge
  • Fully charged in 1 hour
  • 4-second activation time
  • Simply load flower or concentrate into the bowl, choose the appropriate heat setting, and press the activation button

The efficiency of cannabis use

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH features the same high-efficiency heating system as the Boost Evo, offering impressive control over the density of your dabs. Never cough out half of a too-harsh dab again, and remember that vaping is (by far) the most efficient way to use cannabis flower.


  • Fine-tuned heat settings allow you to make the most of any inhalable cannabis product
  • Experience the flavors of dabs and flower in higher fidelity than ever before

Activation time

  • The 4-second patent-pending heating mechanism
  • One of the fastest-activating e-rigs

#3) Dr. Dabber Stella

The Stella is 100% Dr. Dabber, just in miniature.

Ease of use

As an ultra-portable, refillable vape pen, the Dr. Dabber Stella is arguably the easiest Dr. Dabber product for beginners to use. It’s also one of the most modestly priced, allowing newbies to get a taste of what dabbing with an e-rig can be like.


  • Black


  • $99.95
  • Includes battery, concentrate chamber, and mouthpiece

How to use

  • 4 heat settings

The efficiency of cannabis use

Overall, dab pens aren’t as efficient at handling cannabis concentrate due to inherent design restrictions. Thanks to its TCR heating element, though, the Dr. Dabber Stella offers some of the best-tasting dabs we’ve inhaled from the end of a pen.


  • TCR heating element provides constant voltage
  • Some of the best flavors you’ll find in a dab pen

Activation time

  • Fast activation at full voltage
  • Big dabs might take a while to vape, though

How to smoke dabs with Dr. Dabber

Whichever rig you choose, taking a dab with Dr. Dabber is easy. We’ll break it down step-by-step:

Step 1: Unpack your equipment

Dr. Dabber’s portable dab rigs come with carrying cases. Remove your dab rig from its case, and assemble its pieces. Add water if you’re using the Boost Evo or the SWITCH.

Step 2: Activate your Dr. Dabber device

Choose a temperature on your Dr. Dabber rig. Then, press the activation button to turn on your device.

Step 3: Apply a dab & inhale

Using an applicator, place a dab in the chamber of your Dr. Dabber dab rig. Hold the activation button, and inhale deeply.

Step 4: How to clean a Dr. Dabber dab rig

Your Dr. Dabber dab rig should not require cleaning after each use. Once a reasonable amount of residual cannabis concentrate has accumulated, though, soaking the glass components of your rig in hot water should be enough to melt and remove the cannabis oils inside. Follow the cleaning instructions that came with your Dr. Dabber dab rig for the best results.

What is the best electric dab rig?

Based on quality, innovation, and price, we believe the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is the best electronic dab rig currently available online. Offering greater versatility and customization than competing rigs, it’s the quality of the components Dr. Dabber uses that impresses us the most. Plus, the ergonomic design of the Boost Evo just feels right in your hand.

Dr. Dabber vs. competitors

We generally think Dr. Dabber is on-par-with or even slightly better than most competitors when it comes to design, performance, and pricing. Let’s break down how Dr. Dabber compares to 4 main competitors:

Dr. Dabber vs. Pulsar

Pulsar is the budget option when it comes to e-rigs. Featuring inferior components and offering weaker dabs, both the Pulsar RoK and the Pulsar Hand-E Nail aren’t even in the same category as Dr. Dabber’s rigs.

Dr. Dabber vs. Vlab

Vlab is another relatively low-quality yet affordable e-rig brand. This design of the brand’s flagship rig, the Vlab Halo, pales in comparison to the Boost Evo, making Vlab only a viable choice if you lack the cash for something better.

Dr. Dabber vs. Puffco

Puffco is one of the few legitimate competitors of Dr. Dabber. The Puffco Peak is quite similar to the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, and it recently went down in price to be even more competitive.

Based on our analysis, though, Dr. Dabber has a slight edge when it comes to component quality and overall design. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Puffco Peak’s price drop might reflect a switch to lower-quality components.

Dr. Dabber vs. Kandypens

Known for its cheap, low-quality dab pens and vape batteries, Kandypens isn’t the right choice for a cannabis connoisseur. The Kandypens Oura is priced relatively close to the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, but we can’t help but conclude that it’s overpriced based on our analysis of the components it contains.

What NOT to do when taking a dab

Dr. Dabber represents the pinnacle of cannabis dab engineering. Just in case you’re wondering what the exact opposite of the Dr. Dabber experience looks like, let’s cover some of the most common, yet most regrettable, newbie dabbing mistakes.

1. Don’t make a homemade dab rig

You can make a pipe with pretty much anything (even an apple), but vaporizers are something else entirely. Trying to make a conventional dab rig at home can lead to disappointing cannabis vaping experiences or even injuries.

2. Don’t make a dab rig out of a mason jar

Mason jars are great for canning, and they can also be used to make serviceable cannabis pipes. Does superheating a nail and putting it inside a flimsy metal lid really sound like a good idea, though?

3. Don’t use a silicone dab rig

Silicone is supposed to be heat-resistant, but don’t count on it. This material is ideal for certain parts of cannabis dab rigs, but not the parts that make direct contact with heat.

Dabbing with Dr. Dabber FAQ

Who invented the dab rig?

No one knows who designed the first dab rig. People have smoked or vaporized herbal concentrates for thousands of years, and it’s likely that dabbing originally evolved out of practices like “freebasing” and “hot knifing

What do I need for a dab rig?

A dab rig consists of a glass bong with a tip specially fitted for a heatable nail, a nail made of metal, glass, or crystal, and a tool for heating the nail. Your rig may contain more parts based on its design and remember that you’ll also need an applicator to apply cannabis concentrate to your rig’s nail.

How do I get reclaim out of a dab rig?

To remove reclaim, or accumulated concentrate, from the inside of your dab rig, fill it with rubbing alcohol, cover the ends, and shake. The reclaim will be dislodged and flow into a container when you pour the alcohol out. Then, simply wait for the alcohol to evaporate, leaving the reclaim you harvested behind.

Glass nail vs. Dablicator: What’s the difference?

A Dablicator is not a replacement for a glass nail; on the contrary, it’s a replacement for a “dabber,” or the stick of metal you probably still use to apply cannabis concentrate. You can use Dablicators with glass nails or any other type of dab nail.

How do I heat up a dab rig?

With conventional dab rigs, you need an external source of heat, such as a propane torch, to heat your rig’s nail. Electronic nails are becoming more common, though, and portable dab rigs contain internal nails that you don’t even need to plug into the wall.

What is a dab high like?

The dab high is much stronger than any other THC high you’ve experienced before. Not even blunts compare to this: prepare yourself to experience cannabis like it’s your first time.

How much is a dab rig?

Dab rigs can cost anywhere between $30 – $500. Low-end dab rigs require external sources of heat, and some pricey rigs might simply be overpriced. In most cases, the sweet spot of the best value for portable, electronic dab rigs is found around the $300 mark.

What is a recycler dab rig?

Recycler dab rigs pass cannabis vapor through water before it reaches your lungs, cooling it and allowing you to inhale more vapor at once. It’s debatable whether recycler rigs offer any considerable benefit, though, to the average cannabis consumer.