Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen

Dosist Sleep

Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman
Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen

Dosist Sleep

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

With product placement in dozens of dispensaries across multiple states, Dosist (stylized “dosist”) is one of the most-renowned and largest THC vape brands. Using next-generation technologies that accurately control dosing, dosist has been described by Time Magazine as the “cannabis that could replace pills.” In addition to implementing rigorous testing, Dosist also uses recyclable materials whenever possible while keeping its products medical-grade. We recently had the opportunity to try Dosist’s Sleep cartridge, and in this review, we’ll share our insights on how to use this cartridge and what makes it great.


Ranked 14 of 21 in Vape Pens for Discreet/Long Battery Life

Available in

  • Los Angeles
  • Spokane
  • Chicago

Good for

  • Netflix & Chill
  • Counting Sheep
  • Couch Crashing


  • Long Battery Life
  • Light 2.5ml of vape per puff


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 4/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Overall score: 4.4








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

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We give the Dosist Sleep cartridge an overall score of 4.4 out of 5. While this cartridge knocks certain factors out of the park, it could be improved in a few different ways. We tried the 100-dose, 250mg disposable pen, and while we liked the design and usability of the pen, we didn’t like that the entire pen (battery and all) could only be thrown away once the cartridge was empty. The 500mg Dosist Formula Pod features replaceable cartridges, resolving this issue.

Also, despite offering a few real benefits that other vape pens don’t, we found the Dosist Sleep pen to be overall a little bit gimmicky. For instance, this vape pen is designed to induce sleep, but there is no information regarding how this effect is supposed to be achieved aside from the fact that the pen contains a small amount of CBD. Dosist could add more clarity by indicating whether the extract its Sleep cartridge contains is from indica-dominant or sativa-dominant plants.

With all that said, the Dosist Sleep cartridge is undeniably sleek, sexy, and effective. We can see why Dosist would appeal to people who aren’t conventionally cannabis users, but THC experts might prefer a product that’s slightly less gimmicky.


Flavor Profile

The Dosist Sleep pen didn’t have a distinctly identifiable flavor profile. While the vapor it produced wasn’t fruity or sour like a sativa, it also didn’t strongly express the musky or berry flavors that are common with indica strains. The Dosist Sleep vape pen certainly didn’t taste bad, however, and we could tell that it contained high-quality cannabis extract since it didn’t have a chemically or harsh aftertaste. Overall, the pen simply tasted like average high-quality distillate.

Activation Time

Like most vape pens, the Dosist Sleep pen provided effects that were almost instantaneous. Since each puff only provides 2.5mg total cannabinoids, the pen didn’t provide very intense effects with a single puff. To better determine the effects and activation time of the pen, we took three puffs in short succession, and we noticed mildly intoxicating sedative effects within 1-2 minutes.

About the Product

Dosist takes a unique approach with its vape pens. Each pen looks like a prop from a science fiction movie mixed with an Apple product, and the Dosist difference is far more than just skin-deep.

Equipped with some of the most advanced technologies available in disposable vape pens, Dosist pens vibrate to let you know when your ideal dose has been achieved. When you start inhaling, your Dosist Sleep pen will activate for exactly three seconds before shutting off, and it will vibrate slightly once it has fully vaporized your dose to let you know to stop breathing in.

Dosist pens are also equipped with next-generation airflow control mechanisms to ensure that you always inhale the exact same amount of cannabinoids with each puff. Your pen will consistently apply the same amount of heat to ensure that your dose contains 2.5mg of cannabinoids.

Who Is It For?

The Dosist Sleep pen is perfect for someone who only wants to ingest a small amount of cannabinoids before going to bed. For people who want to blow big clouds of THC vapor or get excessively stoned, this pen’s auto-shutoff feature will simply be an annoyance. Also, Dosist pens are more expensive than most THC vape pens on the market, so budget-conscious vapers will likely choose to look elsewhere.

In our experience, the small amount of CBD present in the Dosist Sleep cartridge (the ratio is 8:1 THC:CBD) didn’t seem to provide any sleep-inducing benefits. Compared to THC, CBD usually has a more relaxing effect, which we suppose is why Dosist included this non-intoxicating cannabinoid in its Sleep cartridge. Depending on the terpenes present in a CBD-rich cannabis strain, however, it can either provide relaxing or energizing effects, which is why it’s unfortunate that Dosist doesn’t provide more information on the origins of the distillate in its cartridges.

At the same time, CBD and THC provide special benefits when used together, so there’s no reason not to enjoy the combined effects that this Dosist cartridge provides. Just don’t expect this space-age vape pen to get you incredibly high or guarantee a full night of sleep.

Summary: This high-potency Dosist vape pen offers impressive results wrapped up in a space-age package. Learn everything you need to know about Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen.

  • BatteryExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • After 1 YearExceptional
  • Charge TimeExceptional
  • ExperienceExceptional
Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen
Dosist Sleep

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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Dosist Sleep Product Information

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  • Micro dosing
  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • long battery life
  • Great information


  • 2.5mg THC/dosage
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Dosist Sleep THC Vape Pen
Dosist Sleep

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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