Ultimate CBDfx Guide (2020 Edition)


With over 7,000 reviews from satisfied customers, you have every reason to trust that CBDfx is an industry-leading brand that isn’t just relying on fancy packaging or marketing.

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With 15, 000+ reviews, great customer service, and free shipping over $35, CBDfx is unquestionably one of the most praised CBD brands on the planet — and rightfully so.

In a still-unregulated industry, the top question on many peoples’ minds is: “is CBDfx safe?” Don’t worry: with CBDfx lab results posted all over their easy to use the website, you can quickly see that this company truly cares about the quality and purity of every product they sell.

At their own expense, they pay to have a third-party lab test their products all the way down to the batch level.

Have you heard the phrase “from seed to shelf?” It refers to the fact that CBD users are getting smarter about only buying from brands who pay close attention to the way their CBD was farmed, extracted, and manufactured.

With so much competition on the market, you should insist on this level of detail from the CBD brand you purchase from — and CBDfx has that “seed to shelf” focus in spades. 



Working only with USA-based organic farms (primarily in Kentucky, USA), CBDfx has established a pioneering reputation for purity within the CBD industry.

Their hemp plants are organically grown by carefully vetted farms; their CBD oil is extracted via ultra-clean CO2 extraction; and their products are absent the kinds of processed, artificial junk that too many brands include simply to save money.

CBDfx is truly trying to provide a pure product that can be used daily as a part of your health and wellness lifestyle routine. In fact, most of their products qualify as totally vegan!

If you can’t tell already, CBDfx is well-known as a top CBD brand online. Learn more about the best CBDfx products recommended below, and scroll to the end for an exclusive CBDfx coupon code that can help you save big on one of the best brands in town. 


CBDfx Gummies Review

This CBDfx gummies review was an absolute joy to conduct, considering the unbeatable flavor of these hemp gummy bears, as well as the extremely pleasurable effect we experienced from them.

If you’re looking for a quick answer as to whether CBDfx’s organic, vegan hemp gummies are worth your time — the answer is a no-brainer YES.

There’s a reason this product has the reputation it does among CBD aficionados. Now that our strong recommendation has been established, let’s focus on some of the finer details of the three gummy versions CBDfx offers, as well as some common questions about them.

First of all, it’s worth understanding the difference between the trio of CBD gummy bottles for sale at CBDfx. The original CBD hemp gummy bear in red berry flavor is a straightforward 5mg of premium, CO2 extracted (and organically grown) CBD hemp oil.

It’s the classic option that you can’t go wrong with, but the other two offerings are a bit more intriguing.



The green CBDfx gummies are loaded with turmeric and spirulina, providing a massive anti-inflammatory boost to CBD’s already impressive abilities.

For the health-conscious user who’s looking to integrate CBD as part of a wider wellness regimen, these gummies are the best option.

They’re likely the best for those hoping to experience pain relief from their CBD gummies, as inflammation is one of the main biological causes of pain in many cases.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the agave berry flavor is actually quite delicious, with very little hemp flavor to speak of.

CBDfx’s newest gummy varietal is their yellow lemon-flavored version, containing melatonin. There’s no confusion about what these are for: a better night’s sleep.

Combining the naturally sleep-inducing qualities of CBD with a hefty amount of melatonin makes these gummies a fantastic choice for the nightstand.

We experienced a more restful night’s sleep after eating these, as well as an easier time falling asleep in general. The melatonin gummies are a truly underrated CBDfx product.



No matter which of the three versions you want, some facts are the same: there’s 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each gummy, for 300mg total in each bottle.

Dosage is easy and straightforward – we found 2 or 3 gummies to be the sweet spot for each serving. How long do they last? Your mileage may vary, but we experienced about a 4-6 hour effect.

How long do they take to activate? Expect somewhere around a 45-minute delay after eating them, because of the way edible CBD is processed by the body.



If you’re wondering where to buy CBDfx gummies, your best option will be their website (using a BestDosage coupon code, of course). Forget about searching for CBDfx gummies on Amazon – they’re only available directly on the company website as well as a few other select retailers. 


CBDfx Vape Pen Review

Our CBDfx pen review can be summed up in one main thought: these vapes have the best flavor of just about any disposable pen out there! Both the soothing effects of these pens, as well as their surprisingly detailed flavor profile, are sure to satisfy every CBD user out there.

In this CBDfx disposable vape pen review, we’re breaking down the difference between their regular pens and the terpene pens (30mg, 50mg), as well as important questions like “why terpenes?”



One of the top questions on your mind is probably “how long does a CBDfx pen last?” After all, if you’re considering getting a CBDfx pen, how many puffs you get for your buck is a major consideration.

The answer is going to depend on how frequently you like to puff a CBD vape throughout the day. Heavy users will finish the pen in a couple of days, while newer or more intermediate users will stretch that use out for a couple of weeks. Here’s a step-by-step list on how to properly use the CBDfx vape pen: 

1. Check out the packaging for the full CBDfx vape pen instructions

2. Bring the pen to your mouth with the open side facing your lips

3. Inhale for 2-3 seconds

4. Enjoy the calming, blissful effects!

Remember, CBDfx offers two types of vape pens: the regular version with 30mg of CBD, and the terpenes version with 50mg of CBD.

Our CBDfx terpenes pen review takes into consideration this stronger potency, as well as the more traditional cannabis-forward flavors offered such as Gelato, Pineapple Express, and OG Kush.

Is your CBDfx pen not working? No sweat – the customer service team over at CBDfx has proven to be one of the very best in the business. Just contact them for a refund or exchange.



CBD vape pens are ideal for people who want the immediate bioavailability offered by vaping, as well as the convenience and portability (not to mention discretion) that a vape pen can offer.

We’re giving CBDfx our strongest recommendation because these pens taste amazing — and we loved the mellowing effects we got from them, especially when you take multiple big puffs in a row.

The terpenes pens are the real stars of the show here, with the added benefits of the hemp plant’s hidden medicinal compounds combining perfectly with CBDfx’s usual high-quality CBD oil.

We recommend using our 15% Off CBDfx Coupon Code [Bestdosage] on the Terpene Bundle. For $43.32 you get three premium disposable CBD vape pens


CBDfx Vape Juice Review

Our CBDfx vape review wouldn’t be complete without a close look at their flagship line of vape-related CBD products: the vape juices.

Available in 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg dose strengths, as well as mouth-watering flavors like Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, OG Kush, and Gelato, it’s truly agonizing trying to declare the best CBDfx flavor!

That said, the Blue Raspberry CBDfx vape juice has been the company’s top seller for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. The tart, sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor of blue raspberry is at once nostalgic and surprisingly well rounded.



The CBDfx vape series has three main variations: CBDfx vape bottles containing a CBD isolate formula; CBDfx terpenes juices that include a wider sampling of the hemp plant’s natural profile; and CBDfx vape additive which is an unflavored option you can add to your existing e-liquid if you already like to vape traditional e-juices.

This CBDfx vape juice review can be summed up by declaring that CBDfx has arguably the best CBD juice on the market. You’re not going to find a better combination of flavor and product purity (organic hemp farming, no weird chemical additives, 3rd party lab testing galore) at any other brand.

Specifically, we focused on our CBDfx 1000mg review when looking at their juices, because this is the potency that most users will probably opt for (since it’s the middle of the road strength in their product line).



A growing segment of CBD users are starting to demand the addition of terpenes to their CBD products, and it’s easy to see why. The science surrounding terpenes — mysterious, beneficial aromatic compounds found in the hemp plant — is looking extremely promising.

CBDfx has followed these scientific developments closely, making sure that they’re at the forefront of terpene product offerings for their customers who like to live on the cutting edge.

Our CBDfx terpenes review focuses on this particular genre of CBDfx vape oil… and let’s just say we were not disappointed. The inclusion of terpenes in an already outstanding vape juice product left us wondering how CBDfx could possibly improve on this formula.

One thing worth mentioning is that the terpenes juices mirror the flavor and profile of famous cannabis strains like OG Kush; so if you’re not a fan of that hemp-forward flavor, and you prefer fruit or sweet tastes while you vape, you may want to keep that in mind.

We recommend using our 15% Off CBDfx Coupon Code [Bestdosage] on the 500mg Gelato Vape Juice For $59.49.


CBDfx Tincture Review

Let’s dive into our CBDfx tincture review, where we’ll focus on two of their best-loved tinctures: the high-potency 1500mg unflavored tincture, as well as the medium-dose 1000mg flavored CBD oil.



As usual with CBDfx products, when you buy a tincture from this company, you’re getting a product that’s organic, rigorously lab-tested, and formulated in a way that shows CBDfx is serious about providing CBD users with an easy to use reliably pure option.

CBDfx oil ingredients are as simple as they come… and that’s a good thing.

Each 30mL glass bottle comes with a dropper that makes it easy to administer the dose of your choosing.

Inside the bottle, you’re getting a blend of CBD oil and MCT oil (plus natural flavoring, if you opt for those products). That’s it: CBDfx oil isn’t trying to jam every ingredient under the sun into the formula.

Their high-quality CBD oil extract is blended with MCT oil to aid in absorption and bioavailability. It’s a gentle formula that’s even suitable for pets!

As far as CBDfx dosage options for these tinctures, you’re looking at 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg varieties in both the flavored and unflavored selections.

As you might imagine, these potencies translate to “beginner, intermediate, advanced” depending on your CBD experience, tolerance, and desired result.



Any CBDfx 500mg review we conduct would contain the disclaimer that you’ll likely want to move up in strength pretty quickly after trying it.

For most people, a CBDfx 1000mg review is more relevant. This intermediate strength is especially enjoyable with a little kick of flavor, and CBDfx is happy to oblige with some pretty inventive tastes like Lychee Lemon Kiwi.

The undisputed king of CBDfx tinctures, however, is the unflavored 1500mg variety. We’d consider this a downright medical-grade potency and purity, and although it’s one of the company’s highest-priced products, you’re getting what you pay for.

There’s a massive dose of premium quality CBD contained in each 1500mg bottle, and if you’re looking to jump straight to the strongest effect you can buy, this would be a wise investment.

We recommend using our 15% Off CBDfx Coupon Code [Bestdosage] on the 1500mg Blueberry Pineapple Lemon CBD Tincture Oil $101.99. 


CBDfx Topical Review

CBDfx Hemp Cream and CBDfx Muscle Balm are two of the most widely talked about CBD topical products online… because they work exceptionally well. If you’re experiencing pain, dry skin, post-workout aches, or any other symptoms that you want to try external use CBD on, these two products should be your first stop, in our opinion.



Let’s start by understanding the difference between CBDfx’s two main topical offerings, the CBD cream, and the full spectrum CBD balms… as well as how to use them.

The CBDfx Hemp Cream 30mL product is more like a lotion and is quickly absorbed by your skin. On the other hand, their line of balms is more oily, like how chapstick feels.

Therefore, the balms will sit on top of your skin longer before being fully absorbed. Ultimately, it comes down to the CBDfx topical cream or balm experience you prefer — both products worked very well at relieving pain when we tried them.

You’ll notice shortly after applying it that the CBDfx Hemp Cream gives a powerful cooling/heating effect to the spot you put it on. This is a result of the suite of natural analgesics (pain relievers) that CBDfx included in the cream, besides full-spectrum CBD itself.

White willow bark, caffeine, and menthol do a fantastic job combining with CBDfx’s premium CBD to provide essentially instant relief.

The hemp cream, in particular, is an amazing product that we give our full recommendation to. The company doesn’t provide guidelines on how often to use it, but it’s safe to say that you can dispense it on an “as needed” basis.



CBDfx offers 4 balm varieties, but we loved their CBD Muscle Balm the most. It has a refreshing, clean scent that’s actually quite aromatherapeutic in its own right.

Since, as mentioned, the balms sit on top of the skin longer than the cream, the Muscle Balm is ideal for applying after a long and difficult workout to help ease your body into recovery mode.

As with any CBD topicals, consider their use with other CBD products to achieve the best possible effect.

We recommend using our 15% Off CBDfx Coupon Code [Bestdosage] on the calming balm.  The 150mg balm is a great post-workout solution.


CBDfx Vape Kit vs. Mini Vape Kit Review

Our CBDfx Vape Kit Review is looking at the two hardware offerings from CBDfx: the original Vape Kit, and their new CBDfx Mini Vape Kit.

Both mod options were designed specifically for use with CBDfx vape juice to create an ideal CBD vaping temperature, consistency, and experience.

Ready to buy one after reading our reviews? Don’t forget to grab the BestDosage CBDfx vape kit coupon to save on your order!

Let’s start with the original CBDfx Vape Kit specifications. This CBD vape mod was designed for use with the standard 510 threaded cartridge-style (and the company also offers extra/replacement CBDfx vape kit v2 cartridges on their website).



Here’s a step-by-step list on how to use the CBDfx Vape Kit:

1. Open the box and read/follow all CBDfx Vape Kit instructions for charging, refilling, and use

2. Fill the included CBDfx vape cartridge (and any extra cartridges you have) with the CBD vape juice of your choice

3. Pop your vape kit onto the charger to ensure power. Wondering how long to charge? A full juice-up takes about 45 minutes or so, but you may not need that long when you first open the box.

4. Screw the cartridge onto your charged mod, and start vaping CBD! Not sure how long to inhale? It’s up to you — taking the ideal-sized hit is more art than science, and figuring it out is part of the fun. A 2 second inhale is a good starting point for beginners.

5. Refer to the vape kit manual for any issues you might have. CBDfx vape kit not working? Contact their industry-best customer support for a quick resolution to your problem

The best thing about the original CBDfx Vape Kit is that it was designed to heat CBD vape juice specifically to its ideal temperature. Buying a random vape mod from a local vape shop might result in burnt CBD oil, leaving you with a nasty taste and none of the effects you were hoping for. By purchasing a CBDfx vape kit, you’re ensuring you get the intended experience.



The new Mini vape by CBDfx doesn’t use 510 threaded cartridges anymore; instead, it’s using the smaller “pod” style carts that are “NCT compatible” (ie, the same as a Juul).

We found the CBDfx Mini Vape Kit to be more reliable, more compact, easier to charge, and superior in every way to the original. It’s definitely one of the top options out there for vaping CBD, and we can’t think of a better starter bundle than grabbing a Mini Vape Kit and a couple of CBDfx vape juices.

We recommend using our 15% Off CBDfx Coupon Code [Bestdosage] on the original vape kit. 


Recommended CBDfx Bundles

Speaking of bundles, it’s time to start analyzing the best ways to use CBDfx products to improve your quality of life.

CBD can be a bit tricky when it comes to dialing in the ideal effect right away, so it’s worth experimenting with different products, different delivery methods, and different bundles to see how their combined use makes you feel.

Many people have a morning/night CBD routine, versus once-daily, and feel that at least 50mg daily is the best way to reap the benefits of CBD. 



Instead of a standalone CBDfx capsules review, we’re going to cut right to the chase and tell you that these incredible little hemp soft gels are high dosage, easy to swallow options to take 25mg of full-spectrum CBD at a time.

With a whopping 750mg in each bottle of CBDfx hemp capsules, you’re getting a powerhouse serving of CBD to pair with other methods of administration at your preference. For that reason, we’ll be recommending CBDfx Softgels as the cornerstone of our CBDfx bundles. Let’s start with some CBD Capsule FAQs. 

Q: How long do they last?

A: With 25mg of pure, full-spectrum CBD in each capsule, you’re getting a long-lasting baseline of CBD goodness to build your daily or nightly regimen. Expect a solid 6+ hours of effects from a capsule – 25mg is the dosage recommended for a fairly strong experience. 

Q: What’s the activation time?

A: As with any ingested CBD product, it can take between 30-60 minutes for the effects to set in, depending on your tolerance/experience with CBD, your body mass, what you’ve eaten so far that day, etc. 

Q: How do they taste?

A: We found the CBDfx capsules to be virtually tasteless, so these are a good option if you love the effect of CBD, but aren’t a fan of its herbaceous flavor.

Today, we’re recommending two main bundles for our readers: CBDfx Capsules + CBDfx Tincture, and CBDfx Capsules + CBDfx Vape Pen.



Bundle #1 – CBDfx Capsules + 1500mg CBD Tincture

For people with chronic pain, serious symptoms, or who are looking to get the maximum effect possible from CBD usage, we recommend the one-two punch of hemp capsules and high potency tincture.

You’ll be combining ingestible CBD with sublingual CBD that quickly and efficiently enters your bloodstream.

The tincture should be felt after just a short delay, while the CBD softgels will slowly rise in effect after about 30-40 minutes. In our opinion, this combination is the recommended dosage for those looking for a highly noticeable, effective CBD dosage.



Bundle #2 – CBDfx Capsules + Strawberry Lemonade CBDfx Vape Pen

Have you heard of “microdosing?” It’s the idea that you don’t always need a big dose, spaced out over the course of several hours. Instead, continuously using smaller amounts can provide a constant low-level effect that some people find more preferable.

In this bundle, which we recommend for the average person interested in using CBD, you’ll get the option to combine an ingested dose (via capsule) with microdose puffs on a vape pen throughout the day to get just the experience you’re looking for.

With this bundle, you can take a capsule in the morning with your coffee or as you leave for work/school, and then supplement with puffs as needed to keep you at the level you want. Then, one more capsule in the evening around 7 pm should take you right through to bedtime.

By bundling CBDfx products together in this way, you can start to see how thoughtfully building a CBD lifestyle and routine can provide you with the optimal experience to feel amazing each and every day.

Of course, don’t forget to use the exclusive BestDosage 15% off coupon code to make these bundles an even better deal!


CBDfx Products To Avoid

Even great companies sometimes miss the mark, especially when you’re dealing with such a huge variety of products as CBDfx offers.

Although all of their products are safe and lab-tested, some of them are not popular, hard to use, or simply not suitable for an experienced cannabis user. We’re here to help you understand which CBDfx products are a slam dunk purchase, and which you should probably just avoid (and instead, buy oils or soft gels).

Let’s start with the CBDfx Chill Shot, a grainy, not effective, and disappointing product that was among the company’s first efforts. These 20mg CBD drink options come in lemonade and berry flavors that both leave something to be desired. Instead of chugging a sub-par preserved drink when you need 20mg or more of CBD, we recommend simply swallowing one of their excellent CBD soft gels instead (for 25mg total). 

Another product you should probably just not bother with is the 300mg CBDfx Wax, or “raw dab” product. Have you tried wax? It’s an overly complicated, unnecessary method of experiencing CBD that requires a specialized “dab pen” to use. Of course, because CBDfx adheres to strict quality standards, you could theoretically eat some of this highly concentrated CBD wax… but why would you, when there are so many other fantastic options from the same company, like their insanely pure and powerful 1500mg CBD tincture?


Best Way To Buy CBDfx + Coupon Code

Now that you know CBDfx is one of the best CBD brands in existence, you’re ready to slam Google with searches like “where to buy CBDfx near me.” Although the brand is carried at some brick-and-mortar stores, their website is truly where to buy CBDfx products for the best experience.

In an age where you can buy CBD online with a few quick button presses, you should simply take advantage of CBDfx’s easy to use the website, fast shipping, and tracking, and secure payment portal.

It’s ridiculously easy and convenient to place your order at CBDfx using the Mastercard/Visa of your choice, no matter what state you live in.



With over 8,000 reviews from satisfied customers, you have every reason to trust that CBDfx is an industry-leading brand that isn’t just relying on fancy packaging or marketing.

Their sheer variety of product offerings, trusted/lab-tested CBD formulations, and incredibly effective products make them a company we’re truly excited to recommend.

Don’t forget your exclusive discount and coupon code, use BESTDOSAGE at checkout to save an extra 15% on your CBDfx order!


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