Every once in a while, a cannabis innovation comes along that’s so simple and effective that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been done before. The Dablicator isn’t the world’s first dab applicator, but it might as well be.

If you have any negative preconceptions about dab syringes, the Dablicator will flip them on their face. We’ve never taken an easier or more accurate dab, and with accurate dosing an increasing concern for THC consumers, the Dablicator puts a much-needed professional face on cannabis concentrate.

In this review…

  • Learn what the Dablicator is
  • Find out how to use it
  • Discover brands that offer concentrate in Dablicators
  • Hear about how Dablicator helps the cannabis community
  • Get answers to common Dablicator questions

What is a cannabis oil applicator?

A cannabis oil applicator is a device you use to apply cannabis concentrate. Most cannabis oil applicators are designed to be applied to dab rigs or flower, but you can also use some applicators under your tongue or in drinks.

Cannabis concentrate applicators vary significantly in complexity and quality. At the low end of the spectrum, there are cheap metal implements called “dabbers” that you stick into a concentrate jar to remove a small amount of extract. High-end cannabis oil applicators, though, feature accurate dosing and mess-free designs.

What is the Dablicator?

The Dablicator is the industry’s most advanced and accurate dab applicator tool. Offering pinpoint dosage control and a completely mess-free experience, the Dablicator combines professionality with luxury to deliver cannabis dabs that look cool, feel good, and provide safer, more consistent highs.

The Dablicator consists of a syringe with a clear end and metal tip. Accurate dosing is provided with a measurement stick that comes out as you turn the tip of your Dablicator. The exact amount of cannabis concentrate you specified on the measurement stick then emerges from the Dablicator’s metal tip.

What is a dab syringe?

A dab syringe is a syringe-shaped container for dabs. These dab containers vary considerably in terms of accuracy, reliability, and safety. The majority of dab syringes consist of average medical syringes repurposed for cannabis and therefore suffer from frequent leaks, clogs, and dosing issues.

While technically a “dab syringe,” the Dablicator is just as much a revolution in dab tools as the internal combustion engine was in transportation. Finally, it’s simple and reliable to carry dabs in a syringe, and you have the additional benefit of knowing exactly how much cannabis concentrate you just inhaled.

How to use a dab syringe

Let’s get a basic idea of how dab syringes work before we dive into how to use the Dablicator:

  • Remove any protective packaging from the dab syringe
  • Heat up your dab rig or otherwise get it ready for use
  • Squeeze a small amount of concentrate out of the end of your dab syringe
  • If your dab syringe has a plastic end, don’t apply the concentrate directly to your dabber with the syringe (the tip will melt into a toxic mess)
  • Apply the concentrate to your dab rig’s nail, and inhale
  • Depending on the type of dab syringe you use, it might be easy or difficult to determine how much cannabis concentrate you just used

How to take a dab with the Dablicator: step-by-step

Figuring out how to dab can present a significant learning curve for beginners, but the Dablicator makes the process much easier, and everything becomes simpler when you break it down step-by-step. Making dabbing more accessible to newbies and more precise for connoisseurs, you can learn how to use the Dablicator start-to-finish in 5 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Identify your dab tools

Regardless of how you’re planning to take a dab, any dabbing experience must include the following components:

Dab rig

Your “rig” is the device you’ll use to apply heat to your dab and inhale the resulting vapor. There are three main types of dab rigs:

Each type of dab rig works differently. Practices that are appropriate with one kind of dab rig might be inappropriate or even dangerous with other types of rigs.

Dab nail

Every type of dab rig includes a heating element of some kind, usually called a “nail.” Conventional nails consist of pieces of steel or glass that you heat with a torch. Electronic nails or “e-nails” use electricity instead and are considerably safer.

Dab applicator (Dablicator)

You have to apply your dab to your rig’s nail somehow. The type of applicator you use is just as important as the dab rig you choose, but even cannabis connoisseurs can overlook the integral part applicators play in the dabbing process.

Dablicator Activated THC Review

Step 2: Set up your equipment

Once everything is in place, start your engines. However your rig works, heat up the part that needs to be heated, hold or place your rig in the right position, and add water if applicable. Get everything ready for the moment your dab hits the nail.

Step 3:  Pick the right dab dosage

Use your applicator to pick the amount of cannabis concentrate you want to vaporize. The Dablicator makes this process easy with clearly marked dosing on an innovative measuring stick.

Step 4: Take the dab

Use your applicator to apply your dab to your rig’s nail. Deeply inhale the resulting vapor, optionally hold it in your lungs for a few moments, then exhale.

Step 5: Break down your equipment

Stow your cannabis concentrate somewhere safe, and wait for your dab rig to fully cool before packing it up. 

How to use the Dablicator: 6 methods

As the best dab syringe we’ve ever used, using the Dablicator is so easy it almost doesn’t bear explaining. To fully equip you for any situation in which you might want to take an accurate, perfectly dosed dab, though, we’ll provide instructions on how to use the Dablicator with every common type of dab rig.

Let’s not forget that the Dablicator is the most versatile and easy-to-use dab applicator we’ve ever tried. To widen your horizons, we’ll even let you know how to use the Dablicator to add cannabis concentrate (“twax”) to flower or joints or infuse a drink with dabs.

#1. How to use the Dablicator with a tabletop dab rig

  • Fill your tabletop dab rig with the appropriate amount of freshwater
  • Insert your nail into the end of your rig
  • With an electric nail, activate your nail before dosing your dab to allow adequate time to heat up
  • With conventional nails, wait to heat your nail until the last moment
  • Calculate a dose using the stick that comes out of your Dablicator when you turn it
  • Apply your dab directly to your dab rig’s nail, and inhale
  • The tip of the Dablicator is metal, so it’s fine to touch it to your nail briefly
  • Remove your Dablicator once the concentrate has fully vaporized
  • Exhale, and turn off your nail if it’s electric
  • If conventional, allow your nail to cool on its own

#2. How to use the Dablicator with a portable dab rig

  • Activate the nail or vaping chamber on your portable dab rig
  • Since portable dab rigs have electric nails, activate your nail first to allow it to heat properly
  • Choose a dosage using the measuring stick on the end of your Dablicator
  • Once it has reached its ideal temperature, apply the tip of your Dablicator to your portable dab rig’s nail
  • Make sure your portable dabber is cool before packing it up

#3. How to use the Dablicator with a dab pen

  • Make sure you’re using a cartridge-less dab pen
  • Do not try to use the Dablicator to add concentrate to a disposable vape cartridge
  • Turn your Dablicator’s tip to push out your desired dose
  • Take the mouthpiece off your dab pen, and apply the your dab to the dab pen’s concentrate chamber
  • With most portable dab pens, it’s recommended to only add the amount you’ll dab in a single session
  • For ideal maintenance, hit your pen until all the concentrate is gone

#4. How to use the Dablicator with flower

  • Grind your buds
  • Choose a dose with your Dablicator, and add extract to the top of your bowl
  • Light your bowl and inhale as usual
  • Your cannabis flower will be boosted by concentrate
  • For ideal efficiency, prevent any extract from touching the edges of the bowl
  • Center it in the middle of the flower instead. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Dablicator with flower:



#5. How to use the Dablicator with a joint

  • Hold your joint horizontally
  • Choose a dose with your Dablicator
  • Apply your cannabis extract to the outside of the joint in a spiral shape
  • The concentrate will vaporize as you burn your joint
  • Hold your joint at a slight upward incline while it burns to keep cannabis concentrate from dripping off. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Dablicator with a joint. 



#6. How to use the Dablicator in drinks

  • Only use the Dablicator with hot drinks
  • Make tea, coffee, or another type of hot drink
  • While the water is still hot, calculate a dose with your Dablicator, and add concentrate to your drink
  • Avoid completely submerging the tip of your Dablicator
  • Allow cannabis concentrate to disperse throughout your drink, then take a sip

Dablicator in Drink

Which brands offer concentrate in Dablicators?

Jetty Extracts is the main cannabis concentrate brand that Dablicator has partnered with in California, and Dablicator has quite a few brand partners throughout the rest of the country as well. The list of cannabis brands that offer oil in Dablicators includes:

  • Columbia Care
  • Ancient Roots
  • Neta
  • Cold Creek Extracts
  • Surterra Wellness
  • Green Xtrax
  • Liquid Gold
  • Sozo
  • Oakland Extracts

Learn how cannabis brands can partner with Dablicator on the Dablicator website.

About Dablicator

Dablicator is a cannabis technology company that provides innovative concentrate containers to a variety of notable cannabis producers. Distinguished by its uniquely simple design and unprecedentedly accurate dosing, the Dablicator features a metal tip for safety and a reliable, mess-free extrusion mechanism.

About the Shelter Project

An active member of the cannabis community, Dablicator is known for its Shelter Project, which has donated more than $1 million in free THC and CBD products since 2014. Originally inspired by cancer patients using RSO with Dablicators, Shelter Project now helps people from all walks of life access cannabis products they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Dablicator dab applicator FAQ

1. Is there a Jetty Extracts Dablicator?

Yes, Jetty Extracts is one of Dablicator’s biggest partners since the Dablicator is owned and designed by Jetty Extracts. California residents can get their Jetty Extracts THC concentrate in Dablicators, and the popularity of this unique dosing mechanism has led to partnerships with some of the nation’s most high-profile cannabis brands.

2. What is a dab pen high like?

Dabbing with a dab pen generally doesn’t provide the same intense high you’ve experienced using a tabletop or portable dab rig. While the high a dab pen provides might be somewhat weaker, these portable cannabis concentrate rigs truly shine in terms of convenience.

3. Is twaxing a waste?

Twaxing, or adding cannabis concentrate to flower or joints, can be a waste, but only if you do it wrong. Applied correctly, adding cannabis concentrate to a joint or bowl can dramatically increase the potency of your flower while also offering enhanced flavor. Twaxing with a precise tool like the Dablicator is the best way to avoid wasting extract.

4. Can you dab RSO with the Dablicator?

Yes, while Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is often too fluid to use with other types of dab applicators, it’s ideal for the Dablicator’s innovative syringe design. Just use the Dablicator to add RSO to your dab rig’s nail the same way you’d apply any other type of cannabis concentrate.

5. Can you apply cannabis distillate sublingually using the Dablicator?

Some Dablicator users put the tip of their dab syringe under their tongue instead of applying it to a hot nail. Sublingual administration offers reduced bioavailability compared to inhalation, but if you’re going to put cannabis concentrate under your tongue anyway, there’s no simpler or more accurate way to do it than with the Dablicator.