Cookies is one of the best (or at least most famous) cannabis brands California has produced, but stepping inside a giant Cookies product isn’t quite as dank as you’d expect. Even though the Cookies Sacramento dispensary is packaged in the exact robin’s-egg-blue hue as this brand’s legendary products, we expected to see a little bit more representation from other producers, or just more products in general. Our budtenders were amazing, though, making this dispensary well worth a visit if you’re passing through Sacramento or live in the area.


  • Parking: 4/5
  • Budtenders: 5/5
  • Selection: 3/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.4/5

What is Cookies Sacramento?

Cookies Sacramento is the California cannabis brand Cookies’ retail location in the Sacramento area. Featuring a wide selection of Cookies products and not much else, this hard-to-miss dispensary is relatively small and hard to get to.

If you were high enough, you might think Cookies Sacramento was the latest Cookies product. They did a great job with the exterior facade and interior decor, we’ll give them that. Cookies aesthetics have always been a bit too monochromatic for our tastes, but this brand certainly does color-matching well.

  • Great source for Cookies products
  • Small downtown dispensary

Where is Cookies Sacramento located?

Cookies Sacramento is located in downtown Sacramento at 1716 J Street. Due to its bright blue color, this dispensary was very easy to find, but being in the busy downtown area, parking near Cookies was somewhat sparse.

  • Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento
  • 1716 J St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Is Cookies Sacramento a good dispensary?

We probably wouldn’t go back to Cookies Sacramento. Some brand-owned cannabis retail outlets go out of their way to fairly represent products from a wide variety of different producers, but this dispensary is quite transparently just an outlet for Cookies products. Sure, there are some products from other producers, but not enough to provide a compelling illusion of fairness.

  • No, we aren’t big fans of this one
  • Try something else downtown

What products does Cookies Sacramento carry?

If you’re looking for Cookies products, you probably won’t be disappointed by a visit to Cookies Sacramento. Don’t expect to find anything else there, however. For a wider range of products, you’ll need to choose a different dispensary.

  • Big focus on Cookies products
  • Not much of anything else

What is the best thing to get at Cookies Sacramento?

Cookies products are the best cannabis items you can buy at Cannabis Sacramento because that’s pretty much all you’ll find on the shelves. A popular producer of pre-rolls and flower, Cookies products are in the middle of the road when it comes to pricing.

  • Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

Is Cookies the most popular dispensary in Sacramento?

With more than 300 reviews on Google, Cookies Sacramento has certainly achieved a significant degree of popularity in the area. There are a few other Sacramento dispensaries, though, that are quite a bit more popular.

  • It’s one of the more popular Sacramento dispensaries
  • There are dispensaries with more reviews, though

Is Cookies the best dispensary in Sacramento?

No, we would say that there are a lot of dispensaries in Sacramento that offer quite a bit more value than Cookies Sacramento. If there’s a particular Cookies product you can’t seem to find, this might be the place to go, but otherwise, there are bigger, better dispensaries in Sacramento to try.

  • We think Cookies is mid-tier at best
  • There’s nothing offensive about the dispensary, though