The Best CBD Salves of 2019

CBD Salves Review Chart
Overall Score for Salves
  • 92%
    First Impression - 92%
  • 90%
    Aroma - 90%
  • 92%
    Effect - 92%
  • 90%
    Price/mg - 90%


After careful review, we believe these are the best CBD topicals for sale online. Endoca, Sisters of the Valley, DaCrema Botanicals and MaryJanes Medicinals. Learn more.

For CBD users who may be somewhat reluctant to take products orally, salves can be a great way to explore the wonders of CBD-infused products.

CBD Salves vs CBD Balms

“The jury is definitely still out on all the similarities and differences between CBD balm, salve, and ointment – because they overlap in so many ways.” Skin care expert, Apothecarymuse said: “In a nutshell, it seems that most people would agree that balms sit on top of the skin while salves absorb into the skin.

Salves generally seem to be softer than balms and are applied with the fingertip. Yet, they are firmer than an ointment or lotion, which share similar functions and ingredients albeit different ratios.” states that balms and salves are synonyms. Yet, most health blogs state that balms tend to possess a thicker and harder consistency due to the high ratio of beeswax they contain. Since it is thicker, a balm will need to be rubbed in with more force than a softer salve. This makes them really nice for sore muscles.

While salves may contain a lower ratio of beeswax since they tend to be of a milder and softer consistency. Being a softer consistency will allow them to penetrate the skin more deeply, and makes them great choices for wound healing.

Also, just to be clear CBD creams, CBD lotions vs CBD salves/balms/ointments:

– Creams and lotions use water and moisturizing agents in their bases

– Salves and balms only use fatty oils and wax as a base

What are the benefits of CBD Salves?

1. CBD Salve for Menstrual relief: Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Rub has been specially formulated for menstrual relief

2. A recent study showed that CBD salve is great for arthritic joint pain/inflammation

3. Muscle pain/soreness, a great review on PopSugar: “After using this salve for about a month, I found that it does help me, due to a cooling effect followed by heat. The salve soothed my muscles quickly, and 30 minutes after I massaged it into my shoulder, I was able to stretch properly before my workout.”

4. CBD Salve is great for Post/Pre-workout “With the all the benefits from CBD, you can also use it as part of your pre/ post workout routine”

How I selected the four CBD Salves I tested

1. I ordered lab tested products only 

2. Every product has a minimum of 50 reviews over the last 12 months

3. Every product has little to no THC

4. CBD salves only, no balms. Read the difference between CBD salves and balms here.

5. Different price points: $10 to $100

6. Different strengths

BrandMy Score and PriceUses
Endoca Salve € 65 for 750(mg)
  • Deep muscle relief
  • Anti-Aging
  • Antioxidant
  • Anit-Seborrhoeic
Sisters of the Valley $10 for 14(mg)
  • Minor pain relief
  • Pain on the go
  • Dry Skin
  • Chapped Lips
DaCrema Botanicals $35 for 120(mg)
  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Minor Joint and Neck pain
  • Damaged Skin
MaryJane's Medicinals $36 for 400(mg)
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-anxiety

My Personal experience with each CBD Salve and the benefits each has to offer

Endoca CBD Salve

Organic ingredients smell amazing, and very soft substance. My skin loved it. It was absorbed immediately and I could feel instant relief. The relief lasted for about 45 minutes externally.

Internally my muscles felt relaxed for hours after a hard workout. I would recommend using the Endoca salve after a workout, and ideally right before bed. I am a lifetime user of Endoca now. This is the first time I’ve felt instant relief with a product that doesn’t numb my entire body. The salve is natural and effective. 

If you want my recommendation for only one product I would get the all-in-one powerful Endoca Salve.

Sisters of the Valley CBD Salve

I bought the sisters of the valley product because of their strangely likable YouTube videos. Also, their product only costs $10 to test. I primarily used the salve for chapstick. It’s hard to have a small tin and not use it for chapstick… So, as far as chapstick goes, it’s a skin rejuvenating product.

My normally chapped lips are soft thanks to the sisters lightly tasting coconut oil infused salve. I would recommend this product only to people that do not want to spend a lot testing a CBD salve.

But, if you want to rub the salve on your muscles, this tin is too small. I did rub it on my thighs after a 10k run, and it felt great. But I had to use a lot of the tin for just one recovery session. 

DaCrema Botanicals CBD Salve

Smelled great and worked best at night if you want to soften your calloused feet. I didn’t like the product as much as Endoca. Endoca was stronger, longer lasting, and hit me faster. 

All in all, Decrema is not worth testing, I would go for Endoca. 

MaryJane’s Medicinals CBD Salve

The hardest of the four to buy, but definitely won for uniqueness. This product won a ton of awards for product and design. If they had a better online store I would recommend this product.

I felt it just as fast as the Endoca, within 5-minutes. MJ Medicinals also smells great and only requires a small amount to feel its effects.

The Endoca lasted longer and hit my internal pain harder. A very beautiful designed product would be perfect for a gift.

Endoca CBD Salve Testimonials

Endoca Salve testimonials


Endoca Salve testimonials


Endoca Salve testimonials

Endoca Salve testimonials

Sisters of the Valley CBD Salve Testimonials

Sisters of the valley testimonial Sisters of the valley testimonial Sisters of the valley testimonial Sisters of the valley testimonial Sisters of the valley testimonial

DaCrema Botanicals CBD Salve Testimonials

DaCrema Salve Testimonials

MaryJane’s Medicinals CBD Salve Testimonials 

MaryJane's Medicinals CBS Salve Testimonnials


Hit Me FastestSmellLongest LastingRecommendation
Endoca MaryJane Medicinals Endoca Endoca

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