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Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies
Written by Chad W

Charlotte's Web Is A Great Brand!

Overall, our main takeaway from the 3 products we tested was similar to those of Charlotte’s Web’s thousands of satisfied customers- they work, and they work well. 


Every great company usually has an origin story worth listening to, and this definitely applies to Charlotte’s Web. The founders are the Stanley Brothers, and their mission to provide accessibly, high-quality CBD became a worldwide sensation. So what, or who is Charlotte’s Web?

Charlotte’s Web is a high CBD, low THC cannabis strain developed and produced by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. The strain was named after Charlotte Gigi, a young American girl who suffered up to 300 seizures a week due to a rare disorder. Desperate for anything that could help their daughter with severe side effects, Charlotte’s parents were willing to try alternatives to improve her quality of life.

By the time Gigi’s parents and the Stanleys crossed paths, the brothers were well known for their efforts within the legal cannabis industry already. As a result of their combined efforts, the newly named high-CBD strain Charlotte’s Web became a hit both to its namesake and to CBD users around the world.   

Even with their strain of CBD doing so well, the Stanley brothers knew their work was far from over. Alongside Charlotte’s mother Paige they created the Realm of Caring Foundation in 2012, a non-profit organization to help patients who can’t afford CBD based supplements and medication. They’re even planning on moving their hemp research to Uruguay to allow them to continue studies without the current restrictions imposed by the US Government.

An impressive start, and we haven’t even begun to talk about Charlotte’s Web CBD range. True to form, the selection on offer is some of the most high-quality CBD products we’ve tested. Each one is rigorously tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure consistency and quality. Transparency seems to be Charlotte’s Web’s primary watchword, from independent testing to encouraging customer feedback.

Now we know what they’re about, let’s check out Charlotte’s Web CBD range, and see how one CBD hemp plant strain led to one of the most successful CBD companies in 2020.


CBD Gummies: Sleep

Strength: 10 mg CBD, 3mg Melatonin per gummy
Size: 60 gummies per pot
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As the name suggests, these CBD gummies were formulated to aid with sleep. Each gummy contains both Charlotte’s Web’s premium CBD and melatonin, which is well known as a natural sleeping aid.

They’re sweet and tasty, but contain only natural ingredients and are gluten-free. The effects take around 30 minutes to set in, and the results are fantastic. The 3mg of melatonin aids restful sleep, freeing up the 10mg of CBD to work on your stresses and pains.

If you use CBD for sleep then this melatonin infused CBD gummies are the smart choice. Charlotte’s Web is so confident you’ll absolutely love them that each product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Below we rank all three gummies from first to third. 


#1: Sleep

Charlotte's Web Gummies Sleep


#2: Calm

Charlotte's Web Calm Gummies


#3: Recovery

Charlotte's Web Recovery Gummies

CBD Topicals

Charlotte’s Web also produces a CBD cream and a balm that both shine in slightly different ways. The cream comes in a 2.5oz tube with 1500mg of CBD, and again the quality is apparent here.

All necessary information is clearly displayed on the bottle, and the screw-top lid means less mess. Its ingredients include shea butter, arnica, aloe, coconut oil, and vitamin B5- all welcome additions for a skin-care product.

We found the cream especially useful for dry and cracked skin- the absorbent and non-greasy formula really helps with application.



While the cream is perfect for is skin, the balm is for targeted pain relief. Whether that’s for chronic pain or post-workout is down to the user but one thing is for sure- this balm works. It comes in 0.5oz and 1.5oz tins, at 300mg per ounce, which is more than enough for topical application to problem areas.

One thing that many chronic pain sufferers struggle with is uninterrupted sleep, and using these in tandem with the Sleep gummies is effectively a free pass to sleep town.

The balm is formulated with apricot kernel oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil to help moisturize the skin, but what made us fall in love with this is the ability to soothe those aches and pains on demand.


CBD Oil Liquid Capsules

Strength: 25mg
Size: 30, 60 or 90 capsules per pot
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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Capsules are a simple, effective, no-nonsense CBD supplement. Each capsule contains just 2 ingredients- full-spectrum CBD and organic extra virgin olive oil. Designed to support a demanding lifestyle, these liquid capsules offer easy, consistent servings of high-quality CBD, just when you need it.

Charlotte’s Web is clearly dedicated to spreading the CBD message- the capsules are also gluten-free, kosher, 100% vegan and allergen-free. This makes them one of the most accessible CBD products we’ve seen in a while, CBD capsules, or otherwise.

The higher 25mg dose of CBD is a welcome decision, and customer reviews back this up. As one customer put it: “Great full spectrum CBD by Charlotte’s Web. 25-30mg is my perfect daily amount. High quality. Nice packaging. Good service and fast shipping. Both my wife and I love it. Will buy again”

Glowing reviews, a full 3rd party lab report, and our resounding approval- all that’s left is for you to try them yourself.


Original Formula CBD Oil

Strength: 50mg per serving
Size: 30ml per bottle
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Original can mean many things when it comes to branding, but in this case, Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil truly is an OG. You could even argue the point that if it wasn’t for the Stanley Brothers tireless work in getting this CBD oil to the masses, the CBD industry wouldn’t be where it is today.

Touted as ‘ the flagship formula that started an industry’, Original Formula CBD oil contains just Charlotte’s Web premium full spectrum hemp, carrier oil, and flavor. The 50mg of CBD per serving should be more than enough, even for those of us with higher tolerances, and the naturally occurring terpenes give the subtle flavor an earthy note.

Overall, this is the CBD oil that launched a thousand imitations. When it comes to high-quality CBD oil, Charlottes Web Original CBD Oil sets the standard

CBD Starter Bundle

Strength: Varied
Size: Varied
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If you’re new to CBD, or just new to Charlotte’s Web, you may be unsure which CBD product is best for you. Luckily, the forward thinkers at Charlotte’s Web have solved this problem for you with their CBD Starter Bundle.

The bundle showcases a range of Charlotte’s Web products, all of which contain that one important ingredient, Charlotte’s Web’s full-spectrum CBD. Each Bundle includes the high strength Original Formula Oil, a Lavender Infused Hemp Roll-On, and two separate types of CBD gummies- Recovery and Sleep.

There’s enough here to keep you occupied for some time, and the variety allows you to explore different options for your own personal CBD routine. Each product is tested by 3rd party labs as standard, ensuring consistent, premium CBD in three distinctly different forms. This CBD Starter Bundle may be aimed at new CBD users, but there really is something for everyone here.

Final Thoughts + Recommended Dosages

As Charlotte’s Web put it themselves, ‘This Company wasn’t started as a company. It was started as a Mission’. We rarely see such dedication to exploring the potential benefits of CBD, both socially and pharmaceutically. 

This level of enthusiasm is clear in all aspects of Charlotte’s Web’s business, extending to their high level of service. Check out is quick and easy on both phone and desktop, with an intuitive UI that gives you all the information you need without being overwhelming. Delivery is secure, prompt, and for orders over $75, completely free. 

For more information on the inspirational story of the Stanley Brothers, be sure to check out their about section. Once you’re done there head over to their shop to see what makes Charlotte’s Web one of the best CBD producers in the USA. As always, make sure you use our coupon code ‘Bestdosage’ for 15% off at checkout. 

1. 100mL Mint Chocolate Chip CBD Tincture

Recommended Dosage: 1/2 Dropper (0.5mL)

Servings Per Day: 2-3 times per day

2. 25mg CBD Liquid Capsules

Recommended Dosage: 25mg 

Servings Per Day: 2 times per day

3. 100mL Mint Chocolate Chip CBD Tincture

Recommended Dosage: 1/2 Dropper (0.5mL)

Servings Per Day: 2-3 times per day

4. 10mg Raspberry Sleep Gummies

Recommended Dosage: 20mg CBD + 3mg Melatonin

Servings Per Day: 2 gummies 30 minutes before bed

5. 750mg CBD Cream

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 tsp

Servings Per Day: Apply throughout the day or night as needed

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