Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

written by Samuel Popejoy
Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

written by Samuel Popejoy

Now this is a product you don’t see every day. THC topicals are often creative, and this triple-cannabinoid Dragon Balm is among the most interesting (and the most natural) cannabis topicals I’ve ever seen.

I’m so glad to see products that contain high concentrations of terpenes. Right on the back of the tastefully gilded bright-red box is a colorful pie chart detailing the exact terpene concentrations included in Dragon Balm.

The label also lists this topical’s (extremely simple) ingredients:

  • Cocoa Butter, Camphor Oil, Menthol, Cannabis Extracted Oil

I applied some Ceres Garden Dragon Balm when I started writing this review. Let’s see how I feel by the end.


Ranked 1 of 5 in Topicals for Pain Relief

Available in

  • Spokane

Good for

  • Highly concentrated balm for pain relief


  • Roll topical stick across desired area
  • 300mg THC + 300mg CBD + 20mg CBN


Convenience: 5/5
Aroma: 5/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Best Dosage Score: 5








Head High Strong

Body High Strong

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I’ve been experiencing some soreness in my neck and upper back from working out, so I picked up the Ceres Garden Dragon Balm since it looked like the best item on the Liberty Lake Cannabis & Glass topical menu.

I was extremely pleased by every aspect of this topical — from the aroma to the activation time to the effects. I wrote this section about an hour after applying the Dragon Balm, and I have to say it has completely loosened up my back and shoulders while simultaneously heading off any potential pain at the pass.

The Ceres Garden Dragon Balm was:

  • Easy to roll on
  • Impressively aromatic
  • Fast-activating in stages
  • Powerfully effective
  • Reasonably priced
  • As a Sinophile, very cool packaging
  • I love the dragon aesthetics
  • Based on the effects, evoking the dragon also seems very appropriate
  • Be very conservative with how much you apply
  • Too much will burn
  • Combined effects of CBD, THC, and CBN seemed psychologically calming
  • Even though it’s a topical


I’m usually not a fan of roll-ons, but that might change after trying the Ceres Garden Dragon Balm. This balm is so easy to apply to the back of my neck, and it doesn’t ever touch my fingers.

Camphor has a warming effect (that also sometimes feels cooling) while menthol has a cooling effect. Combined, these two natural, medicinal ingredients create a hot-and-cold-pack sensation that’s accompanied by two of the best aromas nature has ever devised.

  • Extremely convenient to apply
  • More convenient than a cold pack when you want relief

Aroma Profile

I love the aromas of natural essential oils, so it’s no surprise I loved the way my Ceres Garden Dragon Balm smelled. Camphor and menthol combined brilliantly to deliver an overall bouquet that smelled like it was just snorted out a dragon’s snout.

Conspicuously missing was any aroma of cannabis. Perhaps it was simply drowned out in the cacophony of Yang energy.

  • Absolutely delicious aroma
  • No cannabis scent noticeable

Activation Time

The Ceres Garden Dragon Balm activates in very interesting increments. When you first rub the roll-on topical stick across your skin, you might feel a slight warming sensation.

This warming feeling will intensify over the next few minutes, and it might start to almost feel uncomfortable right before it transforms into blissful cooling. If you apply more balm within the next few minutes, you might experience an uncomfortable mixture of cooling and burning that dissipates within a few minutes.

  • Warming activates within 1 minute
  • Cooling within 5 minutes
  • Cannabinoids kick in after around 15 minutes

Effects & Duration

Dang, this stuff works. And it works in stages, so the relief you feel seems denser and lasts longer.

First (1), you feel a warming sensation that loosens up your muscles. Then (2), you feel a cooling sensation that provides blissful relief. Next (3), the effects of CBD, THC, and CBN begin to kick in, taking your relief and relaxation to a whole new level.

I applied my topical mostly to my spine. Maybe I’m imagining it, but it’s possible some of the cannabinoids absorbed through my skin and into my spinal fluid. That’s a pretty far-out explanation, but I definitely felt some degree of psychoactive effects after around 15 minutes.

To be honest, the hot-and-cold sensation can get somewhat uncomfortable. But, so is a sauna, and so is working out. Lots of things that are good for you are a little painful, and the mint, camphor, and cannabis in the Ceres Garden Dragon Balm are amazingly effective even if they’re a little rough.

  • Powerful triple-cannabinoid effects
  • Effects lasted 3+ hours


Nearly $50 might seem like a steep price to pay for a cannabis product. Keep in mind, however, that many vape cartridges cost the same, and I believe my Ceres Garden Dragon Balm will keep blazing my back whenever I need it for a year or even longer.

It’s a tall, thick tube with lots of topical inside. Plus, you don’t want to use too much of it since the dragon’s breath burns when laid on too thick.

  • $45

About the Product

Ceres Garden Garden (not to be confused with cannabis SPAC Ceres Group Holdings) is a small Seattle producer of topicals and edibles. Not a lot is known about Ceres Garden, but I’m a big fan of their ingredients, aesthetics, and attention to detail.

Target Audience

I would heartily recommend the Ceres Garden Dragon Balm to anyone in the Spokane area dealing with any sort of soreness or pain. This stuff kicks in quick, it doesn’t contain anything bad for you, it smells wonderful, and it comes in a really cool red package.

All in all, this must be my favorite cannabis topical ever. I’m so glad my Dragon Balm is in a big container since I expect to use it a lot for workout fatigue throughout the summer.

Best Dosage

Definitely don’t overdo it with this one. The dragon will kick your ass if you slather it on too thickly, and a little goes a long way.

With roll-on topicals, it’s common to accidentally use too much. Roll your Ceres Garden Dragon Balm on very carefully and slowly, and if you start to feel an uncomfortable burning sensation, spread the balm across your skin or remove it with a cloth.

Ceres Garden Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm FAQ

Why don’t we wrap up by answering some miscellaneous questions regarding Ceres Garden Dragon Balm.

1. Does Ceres Garden use pesticides?

Finally, a coherent and simple pesticide info page. Yes, Ceres Garden uses pesticides on its plants, but they also strive to “use the minimal amount of pesticides in the cultivation of our flower” and mainly rely on “plant health as a preventative shield for their immunity.”

Ceres Garden is very kind to clearly list the pesticides it uses:

  • Suffoil – X
  • Bio Ceres WP
  • PFR-97 WDG 20%
  • Sil – Matrix
  • RootShield Plus WP
  • Cease
  • Kaligreen

2. When was Ceres Garden founded?

Ceres Garden products first started appearing in WA dispensaries in late 2019. Since then, this Bellevue brand’s Dragon Balm and assorted edibles have become staples of the Washington recreational cannabis market with placement in almost every major city and town throughout the state.

3. What is Ceres Dragon Balm good for?

In my experience, Ceres Garden Dragon Balm is especially good for alleviating soreness, aches, and pain — just make sure the dragon’s camphor breath doesn’t burn you!

  • QualityExceptional
  • PackagingExceptional
  • StrengthExceptional
  • ActivationExceptional
  • ExperienceExceptional
Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm
Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm Product Information

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Light roll



Recommended For

Strong relief

Target Age Group



300mg THC + 300mg CBD + 20mg CBN

Activation Time

About 15 minutes

Other Products

Chocolates and Salves


  • Convenience
  • Ingredients
  • Activation time
  • Effects
  • Price
  • Packaging


  • Too much product can feel uncomfortable
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Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm
Ceres Garden THC:CBD:CBN Dragon Balm

written by Samuel Popejoy

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