CBDistillery 200mg Vape Pen

CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen 200mg Review

The CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen comes with 200mg of CBD suspended in MCT oil, as opposed to having a PG/VG base. With the low cost of this brand, and knowing their other high-quality products, we were excited to review it. Turns out, we had a lot to say about this vape pen.

Company Info:

Started by a trio of CBD users from Colorado, they’ve been around since 2016 and are still based out of Denver. The CBDistillery has an activist side, intent on spreading the word about CBD while producing high-quality products. They also put an emphasis on what they describe as “fair” pricing.


Product Info:

The CBDistillery offers a nice variety of vape options. You can pick up one of their disposable CBD oil vape pens, buy a CBD oil vape cartridge, or just grab a bottle of CBD vape juice. The most convenient is the disposable vape pen, which contains 200mg of CBD and is simply tossed when it runs out. You don’t have to deal with recharging batteries nor refilling cartridges. CBDistillery uses triple distilled MCT, which is fractionated coconut oil, as their base. That means there is no PG/VG. It comes in five flavors: Grape, Lavender Vanilla, Strawberry Lemonade, Grand Daddy Purp, and a natural terpenes flavor called GG#4.

First Impression:

To be honest, the CBDistillery CBD vape pen didn’t actually make a great first impression. As opposed to some sleeker looking brands, theirs came in very basic packaging. Basically, it was sent in a thick ziplock bag with their logo on it. Not impressive at all. Perhaps that’s part of their strategy in keeping prices so low? Thankfully, it got a lot better from there. The vape pen itself, while still barebones in terms of branding, was clearly produced at a high quality and felt that way.

Taking a puff lent more credence to this being a CBD vape pen of a high quality. All of the flavors here were impressive, and we were split between Grape and Grand Daddy Purp as our favorite. The draw on this vape pen was easy and it produced a reasonable amount of vapor, especially for having an MCT base (no PG/VG).


As with all CBD vape pens, the dosage is a little tricky. It really depends on how long a draw you take on your puff. So no two hits are really exactly alike. That being said, it’s vapor so it hits you a lot quicker. Our advice from experience is that you should take 1-2 puffs on the CBDistillery CBD vape pen and wait half an hour to see how you feel. Dose additionally if it isn’t providing enough relief, and then simply use throughout the day in that amount.


We felt the effect of this particular CBD oil vape pen almost immediately. For those using CBD for anxiety, it instantly brought that down. The effect on pain was a little more hit and miss, with it working better on sore muscles rather than an injury. You’ll have to try it yourself to target whatever you need relief from. Safe to say it will help, the question is how much. Expect the effect to start waning every 3-4 hours, which is when you’ll need another puff.



High-quality CBD, triple distilled MCT (fractionated coconut oil) and natural flavoring (strawberry lemonade, grape, etc.).

Customer Support:

The CBDistillery offers email and live chat as ways to reach them. We didn’t have any problems with the product, but we’ve heard they are very efficient in swapping out something that doesn’t work.


Free shipping on domestic orders over $75.


$25 per disposable vape pen or vape cartridge

Cost per mg of CBD:

12.5 cents per mg of CBD

Final Review:

CBDistillery strives to put out a high-quality product and at a reasonable price, which is why they are so popular. We did really enjoy the CBDistillery CBD vape pen we tried, which had some amazing flavor. It took a little bit of trial and error to find the right dose, more than we expected, but once we did that part was great too. They truly do offer great value for your money, even with their free shipping threshold being a little high. You can’t go wrong picking up a CBD vape oil pen from this company and giving it a try.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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