CBDfx Blue Raspberry Bundle (Video Review)

CBDfx Blue Raspberry Bundle
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CBDfx Blue Raspberry Bundle

Whether it’s the flavors, delivery system or strength, CBDfx has all bases covered. With their level of expertise, high-quality ingredients, and loyal customer base, you could argue that CBDfx has earned the right to rest on their laurels.

When it comes to buying CBD, two main factors drive our purchases- quality, and trust in the company you’re purchasing from. Luckily for us, CBDfx is known for both of these things. Since 2014 they’ve been at the forefront of the CBD surge, and if their 4000 plus positive product reviews are anything to go by, they’re not going anywhere soon. We covered their incredible terpenes range previously, but today we’re going back to basics and focusing on one of their newest products- the CBDfx CBD Vape Bundle. We’re loving this collection at the moment, and we want to share that with you- keep reading to claim your 15% off coupon on your first purchase!

Before we get to the kit, however, let’s take a step back and take a look at the company itself. Over the past five years, they’ve gone from strength to strength, and not at the back of the pack either. It seems every time we look their way, CBDfx is leading the charge when it comes to setting the standard on what quality CBD should look like.  They’re well known within the industry for premium products at affordable prices, but how have they achieved that? 

It starts from the first seed. According to CBDfx, they have “one trusted CBD manufacturer that produces all (their) CBD. They are one of the biggest companies in the industry and the only CBD company in the world that passes U.S. Federal Regulatory requirements on all processes associated with manufacturing.” Once extracted, this high-quality CBD is shipped directly to CBDfx in California to be turned into the fantastic CBD products they’re famous for. These products are then tested by 3rd party labs– it’s only after they’ve received the lab’s seal of approval that they’re deemed good enough for consumption. From seed to bottle, CBDfx is actively engaged with the process, resulting in some seriously good consumables that keep us coming back for more.

Interestingly, CBDfx’s founder also owns Vape Co., which is known for producing high caliber vaping materials in its own right. When these two are combined, you get something that is unmatched in quality and backed by some of the most experienced players in the market. Their CBDfx CBD Vape Bundle is proof that with the right experience and passion for excellence, great things are possible. But is it right for you? We’re confident that it is, so read on and let’s check out what CBDfx has to offer.

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The CBDFx Products

The CBDfx Blueberry bundle comes in three parts- a CBD tincture, a CBD vape pen, and CBD vape juice. They’re all available in a range of flavors, and we chose the Blue Raspberry for its tart, sweet overtones. The blue raspberry CBD vape pen and blue raspberry CBD vape juice contain the same four ingredients- vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural flavorings, and CBD. No additives or unnecessary fillers- just organic, non-GMO ingredients made to the highest standards in the industry. Both the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are responsible for thick clouds that carry the CBD to every available surface, increasing its absorption rate and allowing it to take effect quicker. It’s fast, effective and really brings out the flavors-  it should come as no surprise that many e-liquid manufacturers are also beginning to adopt this mix. This kind of attention to ingredients is another nod to the expertise that has gone into making this range.

CBDfx Blue Raspberry Vape JuiceThe build of each individual product is good quality as expected- the CBD pen is sleek and convenient, the 30ml juice bottle has a mess-free, easy-pour tip and the Blueberry pineapple lemon CBD tincture comes in a 30ml glass pipette bottle. The branding is easy on the eye and consistent- while you can buy each of these separately, when they arrive in the bundle they definitely look like they belong together. If you’re anything like us, this uniformity goes further than just the label. We found that when taken together, they all but eliminate the need for any other products in your daily CBD routine. This is another this bundle is in our bags at the moment- everything you need in one great looking, great tasting kit.

And it really does taste great! The CBD pen produces smaller clouds with a subtler hint than the e-liquid, but you definitely get a sweet, juicy blueberry blast with each puff either way. Previous customers think so too- one happy spouse writes “My husband uses this and says great flavor! Definitely would recommend and purchase again!” A first time user loves it too- “1st time buying and using CBDFx and all I can say is WOW. The flavor is on point and the cloud it produces is amazing.” High praise that’s well earnt- these juices have had a lot of love put into them, and it shows. 

CBDfx Blue Raspberry Vape PenEach product has a different amount of CBD, making it a perfect combination pack. The CBD pen is the lowest at 30mg, so great for discrete top-ups at a moment’s notice. The CBD e-liquid bottles range from 250mg to 1000mg, which we found most useful as our go-to throughout the day. The tincture contains 300ml, and it’s what we’ve been using for our morning dosage. Another brilliant feature with the CBD tincture is that it’s vape friendly, so feel free to mix things up and add it to your CBD e-liquid for an additional hit.

Overall these are fantastic products on their own, let alone as part of a bundle. We’re all unique when it comes to consuming CBD, with varying tolerances and reasons for using it. With this in mind creating a range of products that work so well together, yet have something for everybody, is no mean feat. We’re glad to say that this is exactly what CBDfx has managed to do, and not for the first time. If you want to see these products in action, check out our review video as well. As always make sure to like, comment and subscribe for more great content!

CBDfx Blue Raspberry CBD TinctureCBDfx Blue Raspberry Bundle Final Thoughts

We said at the beginning that there are two main factors that drive our CBD purchases- trust and quality. That’s definitely still true, but we missed a big one- choice. Whether it’s the flavors, delivery system or strength, CBDfx has all bases covered. With their level of expertise, high-quality ingredients, and loyal customer base, you could argue that CBDfx has earned the right to rest on their laurels. Thankfully for all of us, they haven’t. Even when they’re not developing new ways to interact with CBD, they find the time to revisit tried and true methods and find ways to improve upon them. This passion for constant improvement in all areas is what took CBDfx to the top, and if this most recent CBDfx Blue Raspberry Bundle is anything to go by, they’re showing no signs of slowing down just yet.

CBDfx 15% Off Coupon Code

Now it’s time to see for yourself, and their website is a brilliant place to start. It’s full of useful information, including a great ‘What is CBD?’ section for first-timers, a CBD Glossary, and handy contact information for their customer services. CBDfx also has its amazing Military and First Responders discount- verify your status and receive a permanent 20% discount as a thank you for your service.

Right now orders over $100 receive free shipping and a trial size CBD face serum, not to mention our own 15% discount. Head over to their website and use the code ‘Bestdosage’ to claim yours!

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